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About Voobly

Voobly is a free online gaming network with built-in social features designed to allow you to play multiplayer games and interact with your friends online. Some of the core features for Voobly include news-feed+friend system, detailed profile interface, advanced team ladder support, multi-ladder rating system, built-in anticheat software, NAT Traversal for easy connections to players, live game streaming, and many more. » View full feature list...

Voobly is a free, easy to use application which requires no more than a few simple steps to start playing your favorite games with thousands of players online. These steps include: Download VooblyCreate a free accountLoginChoose your game.

What are you waiting for? Start making friends and playing your favorite games online right now!

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Supported games

Voobly offers support for a variety of Strategy, Board, Racing, FPS, and Simulation CD-ROM games along with classic arcade games. A small sample of Voobly's 50+ games includes:

aoesmall.png aoe%20rorsmall.png
Age of Empires I

aoksmall.png aocsmall.png
Age of Empires II

aoe3%20adsmall.png aoe3-v2%20small.png aoe3wcsmall.png
Age of Empires III

aomsmall.png aomtsmall.png
Age of Mythology

Fifa '11

Microsoft Ants

» View all games...

Monster Truck Madness II

quake2small.png QuakeIIIsmall.png
Quake II & III

rainbowsixsmall.png rainbowsixblackthornsmall.png rainbowsixroguespearsmall.png
Rainbow Six Partial Series

swgb%20ccsmall.png swgbsmall.png
SWGB Partial Series

Warcraft III

xwingbopsmall.png xwingsmall.png xwingvstiesmall.png
X-Wing Series

Voobly Exclusive: ★Game Updates

Age of Empires I HD

Age of Empires HD and Rise of Rome HD are massive updates to the original Age of Empires game and its expansion Rise of Rome. Both of these updates are FREE and are created and hosted by Voobly. Join the Age of Empires Lobby for Age of Empires HD or the Rise of Rome Lobby for Rise of Rome HD and Voobly will automatically upgrade your game. » More info...

Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings 3.0p

The staff at Voobly are excited to announce the release of a major update for Age of Empires II: Age of Kings. Voobly's new Aok 3.0 patch will greatly improve the balance and game play of the Age Of Empires II: Age of Kings. The updates of Aok 3.0 are focused on creating a better overall gaming experience for all of the Aok community. » More info...

Age of Empires II: The Conquerors 2.0

Since the closure of CD-Rom game support on MSN Zone, Voobly has been dedicated to providing the best online matchmaking service for Age of Empires II: The Conquerors. During these years Voobly released The Conquerers 2.0 update, which has added features and improvements to enhance the game play and stability for the game. » More info...

Live Tournaments

Voobly Committee (VCOM) is an official committee created by Voobly. The committee is responsible for organising all tournaments, leagues, ladders, clan wars, and more. Meet and challenge players from all over the world, live on Voobly!

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