Voobly now offers support to stream your games live. Live streaming often allows for exciting commentary and the opportunity to discuss and learn new strategies. By offering live streaming, Voobly hopes to connect gamers around the world by allowing them to broadcast, watch, and chat while playing online.

When your personal stream is set up and activated, it will appear under the live stream tab (only present when streaming), found directly on your website profile. This broadcast allows other Voobly members to watch your game play live as it is happening. When in a game lounge, any game rooms with live streams available will be denoted with a red ((*)) icon. You will just have to go to the player's profile who is streaming in that game to watch. For your convenience, there is also a complete list of all games being streamed on Voobly that can be found under the live stream tab on our homepage.

Streaming on Voobly is achieved by using a screen capturing program (such as FFSplit or Xsplit) to stream your game through a service (Voobly only supports Twitch.tv), which will broadcast the stream directly on your Voobly profile. In other words, FFSplit/Xsplit is a program used to take a live video of everything happening on your computer screen, while Twitch.tv is a website that displays that video stream, which will directly broadcast the stream on your Voobly profile after linking your Voobly account with your Twich tv account. Although this may sound complicated, it is very easy to set up using the steps found below.


Getting Started

To begin streaming you will need to create a Twitch Tv account, link your Twitch TV account to your Voobly account, download and setup a streaming program, and correctly configure your game room settings. This is much easier than it sounds if you follow the easy steps below.

Setup a Twitch TV Account

Once you have your Twitch tv account set up, you will need to link it to your Voobly profile. Follow the 3 steps below to do so.

Set up your stream

After setting up a Twitch tv account and linking it to your Voobly profile, you will need to set up your stream. The stream set up requires the use a streaming program that you will have to download. Voobly recommends using either FFsplit or Xsplit. Guides for both method are provided below. You can decide which method you prefer, but it doesn't matter which one you chose as they both work with Voobly.

Using Open Broadcaster Software

It is recommended to use OBS, as it's technically superior to other available streaming software. It requires a DirectX 10 compatible graphics card.

Getting started:
The settings here just serve as an example, please read the annotations in brackets behind.


It's a good idea to create a new profile in OBS, so that you won't overwrite your old settings. Just type in a new profile name and select "Add".

Use CBR: yes
Quality Balance: - becomes irrelevant by checking "Use CBR".
Enable CBR Padding: yes
Max Bitrate: use www.speedtest.net to find out about your upload speed + remember to close everything else that could cause traffic (torrent, skype, spotify); then take 85% of that number as your bitrate; max bitrate twitch allows: 3500. Example: 1.0 Mbps -> Bitrate: 850 )
Custom Size Buffer: No
Audio: AAC + 96 Bit (or more, if your upload can handle it, max: 160)

---Broadcast Settings---
Mode: Live Stream
Streaming Service: Twitch / Justin .tv
Make sure you're using the server with the lowest average ping - JTVPing is a good tool for that
Play Path / Stream Key: http://en.twitch.tv/broadcast/dashboard/streamkey & click on "Show Key"
Minimize Network Impact: No (only if your bitrate is less than 900)

Resolution Downscale: 1.5 (i.e. 1280x720; faster upload: factor 1.25)
Filter: Bilinear - Fastest
FPS: 20 (as I mostly play AoC and it's limited to 20fps in multiplayer so far)
Disable Aero: Yes (Areo creates an ugly bug while you're in the waiting window of AoC).

Use Multithreaded Optimizations: Yes (only if you have a duo-core cpu or more)
Process Priority Class: Above Normal (as long as it doesn't inflict on your mouse movement or gives you command lag)
Scene Buffering Time: 700
Disable encoding while previewing: No
Allow modifiers on hotkeys: Yes
x264 CPU Preset: veryfast (superfast/ultra for older/slower pcs; faster/fast for stronger pcs)
x264 Encoding Profile: main
Key Interval (seconds): 2
Use CFR: Yes

Custom x264 Encoder Settings: Yes (this enables the blank line below where you can add the following settings:)

1) Encoder Settings you can definitely add regardless of your cpu or upload speed: (seperated by spaces)
8x8dct=1 aq-mode=2 colormatrix=smpte170m deblock=0:0 direct=auto ipratio=1.41 keyint=40 level=3.1 min-keyint=1 mixed-refs=1 no-mbtree=0 psy-rd=0.5:0.0 qcomp=0.6 qpmax=51 qpmin=10 qpstep=4 ratetol=10 rc-lookahead=20 ref=1 scenecut=40 threads=0 trellis=2 weightb=1 weightp=2

2) Choose a profile that suits your setup and add the code to the one above (make sure you leave a space between!)

2.1) Encoder Settings you should add, if you have a strong cpu(quadcore and above) and a fast upload speed (above 1200 kb/s).
subme=9 me=hex merange=16 chroma-qp-offset=2 b-adapt=2 bframes=1 partitions=all

2.2) Encoder Settings you should add, if you have a strong cpu(quadcore and above), but a slow upload (less than 1200 kb/s).
subme=9 me=hex merange=16 chroma-qp-offset=2 b-adapt=2 bframes=1 partitions=all

2.3.a) Encoder Settings you should add, if you have a weaker/older cpu(duo-core and older than 2012), but a fast upload(1200 kb/s and above).
me=hex subme=6 merange=16 chroma-qp-offset=1 partitions=i4x4,p8x8,b8x8 profile=baseline

2.3.b) Encoder Settings you can try, if your cpu is not the most powerful one, but you can handle the settings from 2.3.a) without any problems:
me=hex subme=6 merange=16 chroma-qp-offset=2 bframes=2 partitions=i4x4,p8x8,b8x8

(skipping "Audio")
Bind To Interface: Make sure you select your LAN ip here
Allow low latency mode: Yes (only if your bitrate is less than 900)

Credit to Lillsjon's tutorial

Using FFsplit

If you would like to use FFsplit as your streaming program, you will need to download and install it. After doing, you will need to follow the 8 steps below to set up your stream using FFSplit.

*Note*: To find your Twitch Stream Key.

Using Xsplit

If you already downloaded and set up FFSplit, you will not need Xsplit. If you chose not to use FFSplit and prefer to use XSplit, you will need to download XSplit and create an account on their website. Follow the 5 steps below.

Configure Voobly game room settings

Before streaming and launching your game, you will need to confiure your game room settings to complete the set up process for streaming. Follow the two steps below to set up game room settings.

Bridging Twitch Tv and Irc chat with in-game chat

Now it is possible for you to send chat messages to your viewers while in-game!
Chat Moderation

It is also possible to use Twitch Tv chat commands through Voobly and Age of empires to moderate your chat and help keep those annoying users at bay.
Extra help (optional)

System Requirements

System Requirements
Minimum 3 Ghz quad-core CPU. (Intel Core 2 Quad, i5/i7 1st and 2nd generation, AMD Phenom II 955+/1055+, Bulldozer)
Windows Vista, 7 or 8

VC++ Runtime 2010 (x86)
.NET Framework 4.0

Make sure both VC++ and .Net Framework are installed before running FFsplit.

The minimum requirements are:

Microsoft Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista, or Windows 7
.NET Framework 3.5
Adobe Flash Player for Windows Internet Explorer
DirectX 9
Graphics Acceleration must be enabled.

FFSplit download
Xsplit download

Stream Rankings

The purpose of stream rankings is two fold:


The intent of the live streaming feature is for the purpose streaming games being played on Voobly only. Please activate your stream for these types of cases only. Voobly explicitly prohibits the use of live streaming for the purpose of advertising or displaying adult content. All material listed under our Terms of Service that you agreed to upon creating an account at Voobly, applies to live streaming. Voobly reserves the right to disable any stream at any time as they feel necessary. Continued abuse with streaming may result in even further action.

If you have something you think would be beneficial for the community to stream that doesn't meet this criteria, please get permission from the moderation staff.

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