Gigadude wrote:
TTM is the only CBA I play, nice quick games. Everyone in NPL plays TTM, but noow that I'm booted from NPL, nobody plays it in the rated lobby and people take their ratings too seriously. I can't get back into NPL, so no more TTM which means no more AOE2 for me, absolutely sucks

You can always move TTM community to the New CS Arcade Lobby. In this lobby, there is always a real possibility of holding a TTM League. There are a lot of alternative style maps and mods that are currently being played, so why not group all of the alternative mappers (or players that will and want to play anything) into one lobby. I think if these types of players move into the Arcade Lobby, there will be a lot more like-minded players to play with rather than having them play in multiple lobbies and waiting longer for games.

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