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This is more than a 2 years old idea (2011), but only in last months (2013 september) got enough experience in modding to do this map.
(I only made the [You must login to view link], but this is just a small mini-game). This map is based on Warcraft 3 Tree tag map, if somebody know it:) But what is this Sheep vs Wolf:


This is a hunter / prey map, with other 6 game modes. Features new civ bonuses, units, buildings, graphics, sounds!




(click on image for bigger picture)


(click on image for bigger picture)


(click on image for bigger picture)


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(click on image for bigger picture)


(click on image for bigger picture)




(click on image for bigger picture)

Renamed civilisations for bonuses



Hunter / Prey game

Suggested game settings:
- age always standard
- map unexplored
- diplo unblocked
- conquest if don't wanna allow wonder winning

Host can choose 1,2 or 3 hunter. All player can be hunter, and host allowed to put random wolves. When it was decided who will be the hunter, next step is set the difficult:

- Easy sheep: Starts with 800 wood, 300 gold and 500 stone. FREE cartography, wheel barrow and Feudal age. All buildings and units cost -25%
- Normal sheep: Starts with 500 wood, 150 gold and 300 stone. FREE cartography.
- Hard sheep: Starts with 200 wood and 100 stone. All buildings and units cost +25%

- Easy wolves: +20% extra wood and gold from food. 5 lives
- Normal wolves: No extra wood and gold from food. 3 lives
- Hard wolves: -20% extra wood and gold from food. 1 life only

Sheep starts at middle of map. Run away, and find good place in forest, where you can defend yourself.
If you lose all your sheep, then your buildings and units will destroy, and you will get a captured sheep front of Wolf cave. The other sheep can set you free. But be aware that there are no nearby wolf!
To win, kill all wolves, even before they capture all sheep on map.

Wolves will come out from cave 5 min (real time) later.
Find all sheep and catch 'em all for win!


Sheep vs Sheep game

Suggested game settings:
- you make your own rules

Starts with 500 wood, 250 gold and 500 stone. Sheep spawns at random place on map. Random map style.

Wolf vs Wolf game

Suggested game settings:
- you make your own rules

3 lives to everyone. Wolves spawns at random place on map. Random map style.


Mixed game mode

Suggested game settings:
- you make your own rules, but you cannot create birds and research spies

- Team1 Sheep and Team2 Wolf OR Team1 Wolf Team2 Sheep OR choose your own unit!
Same rules as the previous one, but you can ally as sheep with wolf, or vice versa.

Deathmatch game

Suggested game settings:
- you make your own rules

Similar to Sheep vs Sheep, but starts with 20 000 wood, 15 000 gold and 10 000 stone.

King of the Cave game

Suggested game settings:
- you make your own rules, but only ONE can win (ffa)

Similar like king of the hill. All wolf will have infinite lives.
The Wolf cave is a monument, when somebody capture it, the flag next to the cave will lose 1 hp every 2 sec for all enemies. The last standing flag owner will win.

Skull hunt game

Suggested game settings:
- you make your own rules, but only ONE can win (ffa)

Starts with 500 wood, 250 gold and 500 stone. 5 Wolf skull spawn on map: 1 at bear lair, 1 near Iron boar and 3 at the middle. First sheep who collect all skull wins the game!

What the Wolf see...


...and what the Sheep.


Guide for beginners

How to play with Sheep

(for more videos visit Your_momma's youtube channel)

1. Your first task is find a good place for your base in forest, cut tree in a row (to make easier rebuild it) While you are not enough deeply in it.


2. 3. and 4. Build back the trees, and nobody will know you are here...




5. Build Forage bushes (after 25 it's not generate more ress) and an Outpost.


6. Your most important research is:


7. Make more space for your other buildings, and start build walls.


8. Upgrade your technologies, and build towers


9. Create new Sheep and make bigger walls, towers.


10. Build a Wonder and more Wolf killers (or Lightning Towers) if you are ready to win.


How to play with Wolf

(for more videos visit Your_momma's youtube channel)

1. Your first task it try find water, then start looking for fishes. For a Wolf cub it's too difficult a deer hunting.


2. When you are ready try find deers.


3. Don't forget eat it too!


4. and 5. When you go close to an gaia building, you are able to research in it. Your building spawn at top of map. Do not leave building with your wolf till not finished your researching, because your building lose 1k hp / sec if your wolf is move away from it.



6. At the mill you can create Stormy dog, Warg, Crocodile for helping you and domestic animals for some extra food.


7. If you are enough powerful, check inside the forest and look for Sheep.


8. It's possible you find a strong defense, be careful!


9. If you have low hp, go inside your cave, it's regenerate 15 hp every sec.


10. and 11. Return to your enemy, and crush him!



For more tips read Hints and Scouts

Example match by Nhoobish

Map editing Guide

At the 1.9.0 patch I added the editable version to the mappack. Official maps are still not editable! Please only make your S vs W map if you have enough experience in basic scenario editing, or your map can have gamebreaking bugs! Here some useful informations:

Grass lands are supposed to edit, rest of the map should not be touched or can cause unfixable problems (reload scenario if it happens)!

Terrain list what you want to know:
  • Grass 1 and Snow Grass - buildable (except Walls and Forest trees)
  • Grass 2 and Snow - non-buildable (place where animals are spawning)
  • Forest and Snow Pine Forest - buildable after cut
  • Leaves - buildable
  • Hole 3 (or Farm 3) - non-buildable Leaves (used under Iron Boar and Bear)
  • Dirt 1 - non-buildable (used near Cave)
  • Dirt 2 - non-buildable (used to connect Wolf buildings to Cave)

Most of the Triggers are hidden to prevent false editing, except:
  • Welcoming message 1 (75) and 2 (647) - displayed message after map started
  • RND Placing Sheep and Wolf (426-553) - make sure all have different location
  • Animal packs (1220-1227) - which animal spawner should be in the pack
  • Animal spawners (1228-1257 and 1347-1361 and 1471-1473) - spawn timer, locations and paths
It's your duty to make it balanced and bugfree!

Sheep vs Wolf - RATED

You can play it rated in CAL - Sheep vs Wolf II at CS - Arcade lobby!

Rated rules

Due to Sheep vs Wolf 2 is being a .rms based map, the map list needs to remain open in order for it to be rated. Any type of abuse related to this ladder will result in point deductions and/or an account ban.

Since this ladder is the first of it's kind in the CS lobby we have set specific rules related to this map. I will not tolerate abuse of any kind related to this League/Ladder.
  1. Playing any other maps on this ladder other than SvW will result in a temporary account ban. No exceptions. Don't like this rule? Then go play on the Madness ladder please.
  2. Only SvW 1 & 2 Mods may be used.
  3. Using any other mod with the map is not allowed.
  4. Abuse of unreachable terrains as islands and full cliffed areas is forbidden
  5. Sheep noCrashAi uses allowed for Sheep to gain team bonuses.
It's your duty to keep play with fair settings. Once you click the "Start the game!" button you are agree with Host rules!

To report a player, please post in the CS Complaints section.

DOWNLOAD Sheep vs Wolf mod

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