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Death Match Guide for new players



Death Match is a game type which is played in post Imperial Age and the starting resource is quite high.
You start with 20000 Wood, 20000 Food , 10000 Gold and 5000 Stone.
Game Settings
Map Style: Custom
Location: Any Custom DM map
Population: 200
Reveal Map: Explored
Starting Age: Post-Imperial Age
Victory: Conquest
Speed: Fast

You can vary the game settings to suit. Here I will try to cover all important things for Starters.


You start with a Town center , a hussar and 3 villagers. As the game starts , quickly queue villagers in your TC then start building a house and military building with your initial 3 villagers. Then in a fraction of second send your hussar to the enemy and try killing his villages to slow him down.
With the initial three villagers start making a house and two military buildings. Always keep 1 villager on each building.
For example : If you are Celt then 1 villager will make a house and the other two will make two barracks. After your first new villager is produced queue more buildings to be built.
Also queue required units in each building and set a gather point in front of the base. Make up to a certain number of buildings (Covered in building section).
After your build finishes your base will look like this:


After the main military building is finished make a castle in front of your base and also start making town centers on your main gold pile. Set the gather point of TC on your gold. In THE whole game you should have at least 7 Town Centers. Now you will have a good number of units to start fighting.

Buildings | Units Specifications

Below are the initial buildings which you should make with your initial three villagers according to civilisation. Aztecs: 1 House, 2 Barracks and then more barracks. with archery ranges to make Arbalests and Eagles.

Britons: 1 House, 2 Barracks then Archery ranges. use mass combos as well as rams and onagers from siege workshops.

Byzantines: 1 House, 2 Stables then more stables to make camels. from castles make cataphracts .

Celts: 1 House, 2 Barracks then more barracks making champions. stables for paladins. Make a castle for woad raiders.

Chinese: 1 House, 3 Stables then castles and sieges. make elite chu-ko-nu archers from your castle and camels with a few onagers

Franks: 1 House, 2 Stables then followed by more stables and castles. Axeman+paladins

Goths: 1 House, 2 Barracks and then more barracks. Goth flood

Huns: 3 Stables followed by barracks as well as archery range. make paladins+halberdier+CA

Japanese: 1 House, 2 Barracks followed by more barracks and castles to make samurais (massed) also some rams.

Koreans: 1 House, 2 Barracks followed by castles and siege. make elite war wagons from the castle and more onagers

Mayans: 1 House, 3 Barracks followed by more barracks and castle to make Plumed archers+Eagle warrior.

Mongols 1 House, 2 Stables followed by more stables to make camels and castles to make elite mangudai horse archers.

Persians: 1 House, 2 Stables followed by castles to make elite elephants. siege workshops to make scorpions.

Saracens: 1 House, 2 Stables then few more stables to make camels. then castles to make marmulakes with a tiny hels

Spanish: 1 House, 2 Stables then followed by more stables to make paladins. then castles to make Conquistadors

Teutons: 1 House, 2 Stables then followed by more stables to make paladins. then castles to make Teutonic knights.

Vikings: 1 House, 2 barracks then follow with few more barracks to make champions. then archery ranges for archers. a few siege workshops and castles to make berserker's.

Combat Tips

After a sufficient number of units are produced add some siege to it and move in patrol to unit base. use combination of units like Plal+ CA or Paladins + halberdier and other.. When you see you are loosing battle come back with your group near your castle so that you can get an edge over the opponent.
While you are fighting try to make a forward castle. Always get ready with your rams or trebs so that if your enemy loses its unit you can directly roll your siege on his base and put him in distress. Either you can be aggressive or stand back and wait for opponent. But never loose pop always keep reinforcing and raiding enemy.

Territory Expansion

This is most important part. As you will develop your base and make your TC then you should try to expand through sideways. It has many advantages. if you will not do it then you will have a chance to be surrounded by enemy and he can roll on you. So always after making your base send some unit along with your villi to side gold piles and make a TC and castle there. then start expanding from sides and try to gain as much map you can. Then make a few units from your outlying bases and try to raid his territory. try to kill his villi and keep expanding your base.


Raiding comes as a result from map control, explained just above, which when done constantly and well, can really make or break a game.

Raiding in not only DM, but RM and every other sort of game in AoC, has the target of destroying, or at least crippling, the enemy's economy which means the game is lost for them. You raid by creating units like hussars or if you can afford it - paladins, from stables, with the gather point near the enemy's economy like the open farmers or lumberjacks. When the units finally get to the gather point, they will freely kill the enemy's villagers; and fewer villagers mean a weaker economy.


After a few time in game your resources will start to recede away. Regarding economy you would have already started making TC in starting and pumping them on golds. So the gold flow would have been normal if you would have sufficiently made the TC around gold pile. but after some time your food will start to recede away. When you find that your food hitting to 2500 then start making farms. produce villagers from the TC as well as get some villagers from Gold to make farms. Put farms somewhere safer place so that you wont get raided. Also at the same time start giving villagers to Wood. After a certain time you should have around 35 farmers, 20 lumberjacks and 25-30 Gold miners. Also some stone miners. the proportion might vary according to units you are making.


Late Game

After some time in game your all gold and stone pile would have been lost and the time would have been for Food and wood. Till then all your villagers have been moved to Food and wood.
Around 50 on food
Around 35 on wood.
Now its time for Hussar raiding and halberdiers+skirmisher fight.
Relics are important now. Player having them can add gold unit at intervals and can have an edge over it. Always keep raiding his farms and try to cut him out of resources.

Hope you will have fun. I will add more things later.

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