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HD and Compatibility patch users: if your [You must login to view link], rename or delete the compatslp folder from your Age2HD directory. To transfer hotkeys to the mod, copy player.nfz from Age2HD to Age2HD\Voobly Mods\AOC\Data Mods\Realms.

Age of Kings: Realms is a project to consider more of the medieval world. Built on Forgotten Empires, it brings the total number of civilizations to 40:

·Armenians- From Yerevan to Cilicia, defend your lands from a multitude of foes.

·Balts- Form a mighty commonwealth to subdue the encroaching crusader.

·Bamars- Command the rise of Pagan, Ava, Hanthawaddy, or Taungoo.

·Bohemians- Forge an invincible army powered by innovative tactics and the fervor of your people.

·Bulgars- Carve out a domain under the hooves of your armored cavalry.

·Burgundians- Raise a varied army from Europe's finest mercenaries.

·Chimus- Challenge the Inca for supremacy of the Andes.

·Dutch- Protect your economic interests with powerful militia armies.

·Helvetians- Revive the discipline of the phalanx in battles once ruled by mounted knights.

·Jurchens- Contend with the Han, Khitai, and Mongols for a Golden Dynasty.

·Khmers- Dominate Southeast Asia with vast armies, cultural strength, and mastery of war elephants.

·Malays- Establish a grand thalassocratic state across the islands of the Southeast.

·Mandinkas- Build an empire upon gold and salt.

·Moors- Strive with foes all across the Mediterranean.

·Muisca- Lead the armies of the Zipa or the Zaque to victory.

·Tufans- Descend from the Himalayas to forge an enduring empire.

·Viets- Drive out would-be conquerors with relentless guerrilla tactics and subterfuge.

Civilization Bonuses can be seen on the mod's [You must login to view link]

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In addition to the new teams, a few other features are included:

Custom random maps with capturable locations and respawning wildlife.

New architecture for many civilizations.

Balance updates based on the latest DLC updates.

Wonders are a bit more useful. Building a wonder will increase your population limit by 50 (65 for the Goths) and increase the amount of relic income slightly. Additional wonders increase your population by 25 and also offer more relic income. Be careful, though! Losing a wonder will nullify its bonus.

Many new editor objects are added.

Check out the Readme in the support folder for more information and detailed credits

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