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AoC Custom Scenarios Unrated

by Voobly Team - 1311 downloads

Age of Empires II: The Conquerors
Custom Scenarios Unrated

Downloading and installing through the Voobly mod system is easier and more convenient. You will automatically receive updated maps as they are released. Please see a complete map list below.


Blood Maps

=VNR= Alpha Blood.scx
=VNR= Archers Mount xz V2.scx
=VNR= BloodOfAges--Version 5 FINAL-vNBv3.scx
=VNR= Capture Blood-vNBv3.scx
=VNR= Chaos Blood Remix-vNBv3.scx
=VNR= DIY Blood-vNBv3.scx
=VNR= Eternal Blood III final.scx
=VNR= Evolution Blood.scx
=VNR= Fast Blood v1.2-vNBv3.scx
=VNR= Fortress Blood v3.scx
=VNR= Pyramid Blood Unlimited !!!!.scx
=VNR= Ram Blood V1.1.scx
=VNR= Sorcerors Blood v09.scx
=VNR= Squad Blood Final 1.0.scx
=VNR= Unique Blood - V2,3.scx

RPG Maps

=VNR= Bandit Rpg.scx
=VNR= Bandits Extended v2,1.scx
=VNR= Dark Crow RPG Final one.scx
=VNR= Diablo 2 DimX1 DgenerationX.scx
=VNR= Fallen Empire v4.scx
=VNR= Harry Potter II .scx
=VNR= Harry Potter III version 8.50.scx
=VNR= Masters RPG 2009.scx
=VNR= Matrix III v1.0.scx
=VNR= Scooby Doo v1.scx
=VNR= Shogun PoKe v4.6.scx
=VNR= Shogun PoKe v4.9 XX.scx
=VNR= Simpsons RPG.scx
=VNR= The Dark Evil v1.3.scx
=VNR= Vampire RPG!.scx
=VNR= Warriors Odyssey II-.scx
=VNR= Warriors Odyssey-vNBv3.scx
=VNR= Xande's Reign (TAC2).scx

PTO Maps

=VNR= Blank Leaves v1,4.scx
=VNR= Cliffs and Waters v6,1 Original.scx
=VNR= DoMination v.4.13.scx
=VNR= Empires v9.scx
=VNR= Gold Maze Krim edit.scx
=VNR= Gold Rush Gold Edits+.scx
=VNR= Matt.scx
=VNR= Mayan Adventure vIV.scx
=VNR= Micro beta27 Fix.scx
=VNR= Mini.scx
=VNR= Mini Dual.scx
=VNR= Paradise (GOLD).scx
=VNR= PR Auto 3,9.scx
=VNR= Random v2 Blank Fix.scx
=VNR= Random v2.scx
=VNR= Seas 0 v2,8.scx
=VNR= Seas II v2,4.scx
=VNR= Seas v6,2.scx
=VNR= Trees II v1,8.scx
=VNR= Trees v4,1.scx

U Da Prey Maps

=VNR= Alcatraz 3,4.scx
=VNR= Arctic MyTh Fix.scx
=VNR= Bad Boy Killahz Final.scx
=VNR= Battle Remasterd 1,7.scx
=VNR= BF_Basse - Mazebuilders.scx
=VNR= Blade Runner.scx
=VNR= Blizzard Isle - Unlock teams.scx
=VNR= Bloody Mountain Fix.scx
=VNR= Camp HaVoC v12 Fix4 - Chooser.scx
=VNR= Celtic Green 1,7.scx
=VNR= Celtic Tiger 5v2.scx
=VNR= City of the Damned Fix2.scx
=VNR= City Razor - Green & Red.scx
=VNR= Death Trap.scx
=VNR= Deception III - Chooser, 2 hunters.scx
=VNR= Devil Traps Tricks.scx
=VNR= Ermelo 2,0.scx
=VNR= Extermination - Red.scx
=VNR= Fable Fix - Chooser.scx
=VNR= Fang 2006 Fix.scx
=VNR= Fishbowl Fix3.scx
=VNR= Forbidden Forest - Yellow.scx
=VNR= Fruities 2 - Blue.scx
=VNR= Funco Land Fix6.scx
=VNR= Great Empire.scx
=VNR= Happy Action.scx
=VNR= Hidden Sheep 1v3 Fix.scx
=VNR= Highlands 1,4 Fix.scx
=VNR= Hunter.scx
=VNR= Ice Age - Red.scx
=VNR= Ice Maze.scx
=VNR= Jungle Of Death v12.scx
=VNR= Jungle run and run.scx
=VNR= Killer Bay.scx
=VNR= Kill on sight III.scx
=VNR= Lakes.scx
=VNR= Lastman standing v6.scx
=VNR= Last world of death 6.scx
=VNR= Lone Wolf 2006.scx
=VNR= Lord of the Rings Final - Red.scx
=VNR= Lost City.scx
=VNR= Lost World 0907.scx
=VNR= Lost World Ultimate.scx
=VNR= Mini.scx
=VNR= Middle earth.scx
=VNR= Murder in the Woods v1.2.scx
=VNR= Myth 1,7 Fix7 - Chooser.scx
=VNR= Naruto Shippuuden Final.scx
=VNR= Odysseh Fix4 - Blue.scx
=VNR= Outback.scx
=VNR= Outbreak - Red.scx
=VNR= Reborn - Yellow.scx
=VNR= River Run 7 - Yellow.scx
=VNR= River Run New - Yellow.scx
=VNR= River Run v1,2 - Yellow.scx
=VNR= River Run v6 - Yellow.scx
=VNR= River Run v12.scx
=VNR= Riviera Coast v2006.scx
=VNR= Runner.scx
=VNR= S2K Killer 2006.scx
=VNR= S2K Xtreme 2.scx
=VNR= Saints Stand.scx
=VNR= Sea Monster Fix - Chooser.scx
=VNR= ShipWrecked - Chooser.scx
=VNR= Snowy Prison.scx
=VNR= StarWars.scx
=VNR= T version - Red.scx
=VNR= Thunder 10-07.scx
=VNR= Toilet Paper 7.scx
=VNR= Total 1,2.scx
=VNR= Total Annilation Fix.scx
=VNR= Tropics v6,5.scx
=VNR= Unforgiven.scx
=VNR= Twin hunters - Blue & Red.scx
=VNR= Utopia II M1V5 Fix.scx
=VNR= Utopia Fix 2 - Blue.scx
=VNR= Utopia M3V8.scx
=VNR= Vampire Reincarnation v1.6
=VNR= Vampire Resurrection 12.scx
=VNR= Vampire Resurrection 16.scx
=VNR= X Men Final.scx
=VNR= You're The Prey Final.scx
=VNR= Yucatan.scx
=VNR= Zombies Awakening III Fix 7.scx

Defense Maps

=VNR= AgeMania_TD_32.scx
=VNR= Ancient TD.scx
=VNR= Art Of Defense 2HourXtraHard.scx
=VNR= Art Of Defense Plus Island Defender.scx
=VNR= Battlefield Team Tower Defense.scx
=VNR= BM Atomic TD v22.scx
=VNR= Brasil TD Final Fix.scx
=VNR= Dome 22.scx
=VNR= Dragon TD 2,2.scx
=VNR= Fast Villagers Defense Build.scx
=VNR= Heavy Armor Final.scx
=VNR= Hobo Tower Defense Beta 1.4.scx
=VNR= Marathon TD V20 Beta.scx
=VNR= Mt Relic Defense Improved Version -.scx
=VNR= Pyramid 1-2.scx
=VNR= Pyramid TD by BGComputer.scx
=VNR= Rambit TD 6 Player 2,5k.scx
=VNR= Rambit TD 7 player game.scx
=VNR= Rambit TD Extension 2007.scx
=VNR= SDM Tower Defense 7 player v5.scx
=VNR= Snake TD 2,1.scx
=VNR= Spiral TD Fixed--2 vill extra.scx
=VNR= Star TD.scx
=VNR= TDII V22.scx
=VNR= TDIII Beta 3.scx
=VNR= Teams TD 4P Fix.scx
=VNR= Teams TD 8 Player.scx
=VNR= Tsunami TD v1,0.scx
=VNR= Ultimate Rambit 5-4.scx
=VNR= Uruk Hai TD V cruz_51X.scx
=VNR= Vicious TD 0-57.scx
=VNR= Vicious Team TD v0-1.scx
=VNR= Warriors Defence Autobootv32.scx
=VNR= Warriors Defence Autobootv43.scx
=VNR= Xero 3D Survival 1500 - no bugs.scx
=VNR= Xero TD 1500k 7 Player.scx
=VNR= Y-TD vFB.scx

Game Mod Maps

=VNR= Jurassic 4-5.scx
=VNR= Jurassic 4-5 better towers.scx
=VNR= Jurassic Blood Final II.scx
=VNR= Jurassic Blood Final III.scx
=VNR= Jurassic Blood Final IV(Porus).scx
=VNR= Jurassic P-Arctic.scx
=VNR= Jurassic Park v6-1.scx
=VNR= Jurassic Park II 9-4.scx
=VNR= Mod-TDI-Solo-V1.scx
=VNR= Mod-TDI-v20.scx
=VNR= Mod-TDI-v32=5k= X-tra Gold&Forage.scx

Miscellaneous Maps

=VNR= 7 Hill Extreme - 2 vills.scx
=VNR= A Pirate's Life.scx
=VNR= AoC Dota 2,01.scx
=VNR= Aoe II Football deer.scx
=VNR= Artisin The Blood Moor v109.scx
=VNR= Attack Them Now Final - By Centrion.scx
=VNR= BattleBots 5.scx
=VNR= Battle Bots Revolution.scx
=VNR= BoarBall II.scx
=VNR= BoatRace v790x.scx
=VNR= Castle Wars Final.scx
=VNR= Cat and Mice - The Wall Builder v. CAM.scx
=VNR= Cat and Mice P1 Huntz.scx
=VNR= Chess AoK.scx
=VNR= Chess V2 Advanced.scx
=VNR= CityBuild.scx
=VNR= CityBuildGold V9.scx
=VNR= CTF BB's Edition VI.scx
=VNR= CTF Green 1,5.scx
=VNR= Dodge Ball Arena VII Fix5.scx
=VNR= Dodgeball FFA v2.scx
=VNR= Dodgeball - Nicks wicked sick.scx
=VNR= Dodgeball starcraft.scx
=VNR= Europe Random (DM).scx
=VNR= Flag Assault v26.scx
=VNR= Football Auron Fix4.scx
=VNR= Forest Race.scx
=VNR= Forest Wars v3.scx
=VNR= Fortress Attack, Def.scx
=VNR= Gladiators Arena 2012 v0,4.scx
=VNR= Helms Deep Multiplayer Fixed v14.scx
=VNR= Hide and seek.scx
=VNR= Hitman Dark 3-6.scx
=VNR= Hitman Warlords Style v3.scx
=VNR= Hold The Flag - No bonuses 10.scx
=VNR= Ice Hockey Final fix38.scx
=VNR= Jail Break-vNBv3.scx
=VNR= KI - The Banning Game Beta.scx
=VNR= King Warz III - Allied Kingdoms.scx
=VNR= Laser Tag.scx
=VNR= Mason Massacre v1.0.scx
=VNR= Massacre Fair v2.scx
=VNR= Maze Race Fix.scx
=VNR= Maze CB 1-9.scx
=VNR= MCB Crusades.scx
=VNR= Mini Games Beta 56.scx
=VNR= Mini Pair CB v1.scx
=VNR= Monk Race 79th Fix2.scx
=VNR= Monk Race Fest Survival fix.scx
=VNR= Monk Race Fix.scx
=VNR= Monk Race Water.scx
=VNR= Nations at War v53.scx
=VNR= NBA All-Star 2009 Update 1.scx
=VNR= Paint Baller v4,2.scx
=VNR= Paintball l3LooD S33k3lz v1.scx
=VNR= Paintball Maze of EviL.scx
=VNR= Paintball Real 2.scx
=VNR= Paintball Super Paintball v11.scx
=VNR= Prefose.scx
=VNR= Pyramid Destruction 8 player AOK.scx
=VNR= Race of war Gold Island fix5.scx
=VNR= Race of War Ice.scx
=VNR= Race of War.scx
=VNR= Random CB-Fix6.scx
=VNR= Relic Rampage.scx
=VNR= Slender Survivor Complete Fix.scx
=VNR= Sniper Warz 1,2.scx
=VNR= Soccer Sheep Nichokiu Fix3.scx
=VNR= Strike DM v1,1.scx
=VNR= Treasure Island-vNBv3.scx
=VNR= TTF 2.scx
=VNR= TTF 3 Xtreme Xperts.scx
=VNR= TTF Extreme Short Fix2.scx
=VNR= Valar Morghulis Beta 049 Fix.scx
=VNR= Wallball Philat Fix 2.scx
=VNR= Wall Builders Dual.scx
=VNR= Wall builders R FIX 109.scx
=VNR= Wallball Fix2.scx
=VNR= Warrior Wars.scx
=VNR= Warriors Defense 2007 No rams.scx
=VNR= Warriors Defense CentEdit Edit.scx
=VNR= Warriors Defense Ram version.scx
=VNR= Wonder Defense BETA 3-3.scx
=VNR= World Risk 64 Monuments xcm.scx
=VNR= X Survivor.scx
=VNR= Xtremez Snowboarding Competition.scx
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