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AoK CBA Hero

by Pine - 744 downloads

Cba Hero v6 is a mod for the Age of Kings, it changes the Bombard Towers attack so it no longer destroys rams, adds the Heros, Harold Hardraade and Charles Martel from Aoc, allowing Cba Hero to have the same gameplay as Cba Hero for Aoc. You will need to use the mod with the - =V= AOK CBA Hero map.

Units Changed:

  • Harald Hardraade - changed from the AoK Hero to the AoC Hero. haraldaok.png haraldaoc.png
  • Charles Martel - changed from the AoK Hero to the AoC Hero. charlesaok.png charlesaoc.png

Map Included:

  • - =V= AOK CBA Hero V8

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