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Age of DOOM

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IMPORTANT: ONLY use the "Manual Download Link" for this mod. Don't use this mod's other voobly related links. Because this is only a single-player and stand-alone mod. So you need to make a manual installation from the "Manual Download Link".

This mod is a stand-alone mod. So you can't install this mod along with the "Voobly Client". Stand alone (manual) installation is required. After downloading this mod from the manual link you need to read and apply the information of "READ THE DOOM MANUAL.pdf" file for an easy and quick installation.

COMMUNITY CONTENT: If you want to make your own single-player maps you can make them from this stand-alone mod's own Map Editor. If you want to make your own multiplayer maps you can make them from "Vampire Revenge" mod instead of my mod. Because this mod's file organization is not suitable for the Voobly client.


DO YOU WANT TO PLAY DOOM INSIDE OF AGE OF EMPIRES?: Players will play new 3 Doom based campaigns inside of the Age of Empires 2 game engine. This is a tactical shooter game with an isometric camera angle. Player attacks the enemies with "point and click method" like Diablo games. Players will encounter with all Doom 2 or Doom II monsters and much more as the enemies. Players can control the Doomguy or an Arachnotron. Also this mod has some elements that are inspired from Half-Life and Doom 3 games due to its atmosphere and storytelling.

EASY INSTALLATION: After downloading this file you need to read and apply the information of "READ THE DOOM MANUAL.pdf" file for an easy and quick installation. Downloading this stand alone mod is enough to install. You don't need to obtain any games to be able to install this mod. Because this mod has a special file organization with "Compatibility Patch" support. However you can't do anything except playing the mod's 3 Doom based campaigns.

BACKGROUND: As a scenario designer for the Age of Empires 2 community I always wanted to make Doom based campaigns for the Age of Empires 2 game engine. I wanted to resurrect the original Doom for the Age of Empires 2 game engine. This was my dream. I achieved to make Doom based campaigns with the Age of Empires 2 game engine. This campaign uses many sound effects and sprites (along with Doomguy sprites) from original Doom games.

MOD'S MECHANICS: I added original Doom's some mechanics to this mod. Marine can use his "Sprint" ability. Marine can interact with switches, elevators and teleportation devices. Also he can use "Standard Shotgun", "Double Barreled Shotgun", "Rocket Barreled Shotgun", "BFG" and "Soul Cube" items. Also there are some extra new mechanics in the "Spider" campaign.

NEW STORY: My "Doom" campaign's story is totally unique. However its story has common aspects with Doom (1993) and Doom III (2004) games in some aspects. Even the main villain (Betruger) was inspired totally from Doom 3 (2004) game.

Tutorial Video:

TUTORIAL CAMPAIGN: A tutorial episode is available for newcomer players. It has an open map design with natural eye candy and more hellish areas. It has "Text to Speech" voice support. It aims to teach players basic gameplay mechanics and system.

Doom Video:

DOOM CAMPAIGN: This campaign has 4 episodes with a chronological order. It is my fan fiction Doom campaign that was inspired by Doom (1993) and Doom 3 (2004) games. But despite the inspiration its story is totally unique.
EPISODE 1 (The Martian Civilization) shows players that how did Demons destroy the ancient Human Civilization of the Mars.
EPISODE 2 (The Union Aerospace Corporation) is about UAC's history and the Demon Invasion against all UAC Mars Bases. Players will see that how did Demons start to invade all UAC Mars Bases.
EPISODE 3 (Phobos Teleportation Portal Gate) is similar with "Knee-Deep in the Dead" episode of original Doom to destroy the Phobos Demon Portal. This is a "John Romero" style scenario. There are many varied enemy units in polished areas. Also players will fight against Vampire Units along with Demon Units.
EPISODE 4 (Deimos Teleportation Portal Gate) is similar with "The Shores of Hell" episode of original Doom to destroy the Deimos Demon Portal. This is a "Sandy Petersen" style scenario. There are less enemies and action than the previous scenario. However this scenario tries to implement many new gameplay ideas like Sandy Petersen did in his own Doom maps.

SLOW START: This campaign has a slow start like Half-Life's intro. Because first episode's cinematic sequences are more intense than its action sequences. Second episode has also intense cinematic sequences at the beginning. After the Demon Invasion starts second episode becomes much more action packed. Episode 3 and Episode 4 are greatly action packed like id Tech 1 Doom wads.

Spider Video:

SPIDER CAMPAIGN: This campaign is inspired from the "Super Mario Bros" game. This campaign also uses some "Super Mario Bros" sound effects. Player will control the Spider (Arachnotron) that is a special Cyborg war machine of Demons to rescue the Mancubus from the Vampires. Because the Vampires abducted the Mancubus.

This is an isometric tactical shooter episode along with the "Super Mario Bros" style gameplay elements. Spider will fight against melee and projectile user Vampire Units. Spider can jump, warp and use several war abilities. It can collect new oil from "craters" for its abilities. This episode has 3 stages. Each stage has new enemy units and a different map design.

ModDB Page:
You can also download this mod from there. Also there are more detailed information.

SUPPORT: I need your support for the advertisement about this mod to more people. If you announce this mod from your social media account(s) and/or your other available resources you support this mod to reach more people. But this is only a suggestion. Regards...

CREDITS: HELLKNIGHT61 (Me), Guyza (Doom Sprites) and Gallas (Vampire Revenge mod). There are also some minor contributors. More detailed information available in the "READ THE DOOM MANUAL.pdf" file.
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