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v1.5 Game Data

by AOK Heavengames, FE Team, WK Team, UP Team, AI Team, WK DE Team, DE Balance Team, Voobly Community - 1094 downloads

Our new v1.5 Game Data mod aims to simplify the use of the 1.5 User Patch, the standard way of playing Age of Empires 2 prior to the release of Definitive Edition.

The v1.5 Game Data mod doesn't have anything new but simplifies the game in several ways:
  • It implements the original Age of Empires II HD balance, civilizations and graphics, as left by the Wololo Kingdoms team.
  • It is free to use. No need to own the expansions in Steam, only a copy of AoC to be able to play on Voobly.
  • It downloads and installs automatically. No need to use the Wololo Kingdoms installer.
  • It occupies less space, so it's easier to download.
This mod will not be updated. For new civilizations, updated balance or new features, use the 1.6 Community Patch.

This mod is intended to be played alongside the v1.5 RC patch.


The mod comes in english by default. You can change the language to spanish by doing the following:
  1. Go into the mod's folder, "Age2HD\Voobly Mods\AOC\Data Mods\v1.5 Game Data".
  2. Delete "language.ini".
  3. Rename "language_es.ini" to "language.ini".

The mod uses the default hotkey file located in your root AoE 2 folder. In case you need a preset for the hotkeys, you can find it in the file "player1_1.5.hki", in the mod's folder.

See the [You must login to view link] of the 1.6 Community Patch for more information. It uses the same implementation of the hotkeys.

Manual instalation
If you are experiencing an error where the download gets to 99% and then crashes, you can try to do a manual installation for the mod:
  1. Download the mod from .
  2. Navigate to the folder "Voobly Mods/AOC/Data Mods", located in your AoE II folder.
  3. Create the folder "v1.5 Game Data", exactly that name
  4. Extract the contents of the zip file you downloaded into the new folder.

Visual Mods
The mod comes without any visual mods. If you want to add some of the usual ones, we recomend you use the following. None of these mods use Definitive Edition ported graphics.
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