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Vanilla Fan Patch 1 Blind Pick

by Boit, AoL_Iron_Maiden, GrandMonster, Jester, SnL_NoMercy, Hagrit, and Ippert. - 97 downloads

Vanilla Fan Patch 1 Blind Pick

Hi there,

We're happy to present to you the first fan patch made for Age of Mythology Vanilla! We hope you will have fun playing on this patch ;good . For more information click the link on the right hand side of your screen.
This is the Blind Pick version of the patch. Meaning that you can't see what god your opponent is picking!

Please go [You must login to view link] to read about how observing works. All the maps that you can select in this patch are observeable.

Non Gameplay Related Features:
• A change to the main menu, the campaign button is replaced by a second multiplayer button. (This will fix the issue of players getting stuck in the campaign menu. You can still access the campaign via single player)
And the top button is changed into a recorded games button to make it easier to view recorded games.
• The menu which you open by pressing F2 (default) where you can see all the units & gods & upgrades now displays the correct costs.
(This menu has been bugged since 2002 (ES...) and since modding can fix that and nobody wants their costs to display incorrectly it is included in the patch)
• You can no longer open the "Other Settings" menu to prevent people from enabling cheats etc.
• All the maps which you can play by default are swapped out with their observeable variants (for actual map balance changes read below).

Map Changes:
• All maps from the standard random mapset have their starting resources adjusted so they dont spawn on top/against each other (gold mines can no longer be surrounded by berry bushes for example).
• Alfheim cliffs are now closed (you can no longer drop units on there).
• Fish on Mediterranean/Midgard adjusted to be a bit more balanced.
• Added slightly more forest to Ghost Lake which will prevent one player getting all the forest.

Balance Changes:
Zeus - Bolt can no longer be used on enemy Villagers / Dwarves. Bolt now deals 900 damage to the Nidhogg (instead of instakill). Bolt now deals 242 damage to Son of Osiris, without armory upgrades. (instead of instakill)
Egypt - Mercenary Infantry training time increased from 1s to 4s. Mercenary Cavalry training time increased from 3s to 6s. Both their lifespans reduced from 40s to 35s.
Bast/Isis - Eclipse no longer increases Minions' movement speed by 20%.
Ptah - Shifting Sands can no longer be used on enemy Villagers / Dwarves or Ox Carts.
Norse - Initial Ulfsark is replaced with a Skraeling. This Skraeling is the same as a regular Ulfsark apart from that it can't be bolted and can use the stand ground (alt-s) function.
Norse - Flaming Weapons no longer needs to be used on a unit to be activated.

Balance Related Bug Fixes:
General - Town Centers under construction will now receive damage from Earthquake and Tornado.
Zeus - Myrmidons receive their damage bonus against Priests.
Poseidon - Lure no longer has a variance. (was 15%)
Athena - Mummy's unit type switched from mythinfantry to mytharcher so that the Minotaur can no longer use his special attack on him. (he can't use it on any ranged myth apart from Mummy)
Egypt - Laborers build wall medium pieces at the same speed as other wall pieces (previously they built them slower).
Anubis - Sea Snakes are now able to attack all land and naval units.
Nephthys - Leviathans now use the aggressive stance.
Sekhmet - Citadel Center has its stats improved so that it's no longer worse than normal Town Centers.
---: Garrison limit increased from 20 to 25.
---: Accuracy increased from 0.8 to 0.9.
Hathor/Osiris - Units with lightning attacks will no longer sometimes be stuck between attack animations (affected units are Petsuchos & Son of Osiris).
Horus - Tornados can't be manually controlled anymore. (you needed a special hotkey for that)
Odin - Great Hunt no longer has a variance. (was 25%)
Skadi - Frost accuracy increased from 90% to 100%. Animals of Set & converted animals & neutral animals are no longer unaffected by the god power.

Bug Fixes:
General - Changed the Caravan and Fishing Ship unit stance to aggressive to fix the drop-off bug.
General - Meteor & Shifting Sands & Pestilence & Restoration & Lightning Storm now display their real range.
General - Trees and gold mines will no longer reward 1 less resource than they're supposed to. You would for example only get 9 wood from a tree that had 10 wood left due to a rounding issue.
Hades - Perseus will no longer walk to the target of his special attack after petrifying it, he will now instantly fight on just like other units who have a similar special attack.
Hades - Researching Vaults of Erebus and then garrisoning the relic Ring of Nibelung will no longer result into you actually losing gold income.
Poseidon - Lure is now deleteable.
Set - Converted Caribous now convert nearby herdables.
Ra - Rain no longer creates an effect above Fishing Ships. (since it doesn't affect fish gather rate)
Thoth - Phoenix's crush damage no longer damages other allied Phoenixes flying nearby.
Norse - Sphinx & Phoenix now have a proper favor bounty (giving favor for Norse).
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