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Sheep vs Wolf 3

by Gallas - 65 downloads


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Example random map

(a giant map with 8 players)

Current civ tree

Technical informations

Possible changes at next update

(listed here to discuss before it goes live, feel free to comment it)
3.0.8 - Forage bush tooltip typo with housing
3.0.8 - Appetite move to Cave from Yurt
3.0.8 - Crock can't eat sheep (thanks to 1s_Rookie for report)
3.0.8 - by nhoobish: Add a Gold Pile for the dead Wolf, based on the Wolf level

Version log

Current version 3.0.7:
3.0.7 - Wolves should not get stuck while cutting trees (thanks to Jack__Reacher for report and bug explain)
3.0.7 - Bushes and trees generate wood in higher rate
3.0.7 - Fixed Sheep tooltip about v3 changes
3.0.6 - Several Ai fixing and other stuffs, maybe last beta version
3.0.5 - Gold/stone mining is faster
3.0.5 - Raft move sound is no longer sounds scary
3.0.4 - Bushes and trees generate resources faster
3.0.4 - Bushes and trees have extra starting wood in it
3.0.4 - Sheep carry +30 resource by default
3.0.4 - Fixed predator's sheep eating (thanks to yololo_ for report)
3.0.3 - Sheep price is reduced to 1000 gold from 3000
3.0.3 - The number of gold piles is increased
3.0.3 - WolfAi also track Flare signals by allies
3.0.3 - Fixed missing skins and animals
3.0.2 - Gathering resources with Sheep is greatly increased
3.0.2 - Fixed an Ai load issue
3.0.1 - Fixed Wolf timers
3.0.1 - TC cost 50 wood instead of 100
3.0.1 - ResignAi and NoResignAi got update too
3.0.1 - Default Ai is the NoResignAi to prevent crashes in some situations
3.0.1 - Fixed buildable trees to make leaves under it
3.0.1 - Fixed Tiger graphics targeting (if need I can do same fix with other units/mods)
3.0.1 - Trading fish can be directly send to other Reeds
3.0.0 - Beta testing (thanks to Blood_Drainer, JohanbMadforce, mf_, PinkTroll, yololo_)

Known and not fixable bugs.... yet

- Placing a resource-maker building's foundation is increasing the price of the next one, even if canceled.
- Sheep cannot auto-send after it's created (due to hidden counter)
- The Ai is not perfect and never will be.
- Technologies cannot be stop at Wolf Cave and Wolf buildings
- Atheism cannot be mixed or edited
- Player made forest tree is distinguishable by some way
- Player made forest tree not cutable by owner, have to delete it like other buildings
- Random map may place unfairly the terrain or objects
- Sheep can't right click TC/Market to drop resources
- Hole cannot be remade as Farms
- Hole need a non-blocked tile at left, due to farming movement is made for 3x3 area, not 2x2
- There is a "hidden stance change" for units after collecting food from corpses, have to retarget enemy.


You MUST use UP v1.5 RC, or sheep resources won't work with many other map-elements!

This mod not compatible with the following Visual mods:
- Blue Berries
- HD Units re-skin
- Pumpkin Patch
- Pro Mod
If you will use these Visual mods, you will get the "black box bug" or wrong text lines.

You don't want to see gaia chat messages as spectator? Use the Silent Tribute!

Sheep vs Wolf - small trees


Sheep vs Wolf - RATED

Sheep vs Wolf 3 won't be rated during early versions.

Offline game support

Not done

Credits and special thanks

- Matt LiVecchi and Pulkit Karwal's LoRD mod - trees and Warg graphics
- Keisari Tapsa's and DiGiT's aoe tools
- UserPatch team for the excellent job on v1.5 RC
- JustTesting1234 and Mantis for new aokTS
- Zetnus for Black Forest Rivers as [You must login to view link] map
- danielpereira's PCM III for "Levy trick" and other awesome ideas
- Sheep AdvancedAi - based on Alevo's Ace AI
- Peter88 for Sabretooth Tiger
- Khan Ivayl's Age of Vampires - yurt + wolf graphics
- Cysion's AoFE - Wolf icon
- WBC3 for nest graphics
- Silent Ape and Ozhara for gold graphics
- Vardamir117's Realms mod for some Rocks, Horse, some Wolf skins, Lama, Cow and birds
- Jorritkarwehr for black sheep
- Possidon's Natural Wonders Mod Pack
- Rambit - for some help
- Sudipta for sheep dieing sound
- won1 music - The Wolf and the Moon by BrunuhVille (link)
- won2 music - The Singing Sheep - Baa Baa Black (link)
- lost music - Full Moon by Brandon Fiechter (link)
- Everyone who helped and played this mod to make it awesome!


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