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S vs W - Small Trees

by Gallas - 735 downloads


- Working for both SvsW1 and SvsW2
- size radius is not changed
- building fires and projectiles may floating
- non-listed buildings are not changed

If somebody would like to see only few buildings as small, you can delete the unnecessary slp files from your \Age of empires II\Voobly Mods\AOC\Local Mods\S vs W - Small Trees\drs\ directory:
374.slp - Reeds 375.slp - Reeds 1587.slp - Lightning Tower 1589.slp - Mega Lightning Tower 1660.slp - Market 1 1661.slp - Market 2 1662.slp - Market 3 1666.slp - University 1710.slp - Small Fruit Tree 1711.slp - Greater Fruit Tree 1712.slp - Large Fruit Tree 1713.slp - Wonder 1714.slp - Keep 1715.slp - Wolf Killer 1717.slp - Watch Tower 1718.slp - Guard Tower 1719.slp - Outpost 1720.slp - Outpost Tower 1721.slp - Town Center

If you changed your mind and wanna use again all files, just re-download this visual mod.

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