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Sheep vs Wolf 3 is a random map based hunter / prey game with unique UP v1.5 RC mechanics. Hide in forest and build a fortress, or hunt for animals and search for Sheep as the Wolf!



New features compared to SvsW2

  • Custom Random maps with middle start and new features
  • New resource system, similar to Vampire Revenge
  • Wolf berserking-regeneration
  • New host options and game rules
  • Team technologies, which you share with your allies
  • Negative technologies, which affect the enemy team
  • Wonder Power, to show your dominance
  • New Sheep Ai, which follow some commands and Flare X
  • Two new Wolf Ai - Aggressive and Tactical
  • New Wolf skins
  • New animals
  • Fixed building hotkeys and locations
  • New Ui for Sheep and Wolf civs
  • New game lobby background
  • New sounds and musics

Example random map

(a giant map with 8 players)

About the default map

Every players starts in the middle, where Sheep players cannot build. Other areas are semi- forested open fields, which separated by little rivers and connected by shallows. There are 4 gaia buildings for Wolves: Yurt at North, Stable at East, Blacksmith at South and Mill at West (more info). The number of animals and type are random, like golds. Map's size and number of players have effect on this, so make sure you have the correct-one. 5 Wolf skull, one Iron Bear, one Iron Boar and an Iron Elephant always spawn.

Other map options
  • S vs W 3 - Easy Night - Your LoS looks same as explored areas.
  • S vs W 3 - Hard Night - Your LoS looks same as explored areas, but explored areas without LoS on it will turns back to black.
  • S vs W 3 - No Mega - Mega Wolf and Mega Tower research is not allowed
  • S vs W 3 - No Skull - No Wolf skulls on the map.
  • S vs W 3 - No Wonder - Building Wonder is not allowed.
  • S vs W 3 - Team Start - Players in team starts closer to eachother, instead of spread equally. This effect greatly change the map's terrain.
  • S vs W 3 - WvsW - Special rules Wolf vs Wolf. Everyone starts at random position without a timer. All gold and wolf skulls are removed. The number of fishes, deers and boars significantly increased, but all rare animals are removed. Resource settings won't change the Wolf extra lives, instead will adjust the number of animals. In addition, in King of the Hill mode, the Monument generate 1 food every second.

Renamed civilisations and roles


Current civ tree

How to Host

Important settings


0. You MUST use UP v1.5 RC, or sheep resources won't work with many other map-elements!
  1. You have to select custom random map, then Sheep vs Wolf 3 - this is not a scenario
  2. Each civ shows it's Sheep or Wolf civ. This is important, because map will decide by this your starting unit.

Optional settings

3. Map size not just make the map bigger, it will increase the number of the golds and animals.
4. Ai difficulty adjust how the Wolf Ai will play and Sheep Ai will react to threats. Also indicates gaia animals' attack range.
5. Wolf difficulty (starting resources) makes the early game much faster, also indicates the Wolf's Cave health as:
  • Low resources (hard wolf) - 2 lives -20% food from sources
  • Default resources (standard) - 3 lives normal food amount
  • Medium resources (easy wolf) - 4 lives +10% food from sources
  • High resources (beginner wolf) - 5 lives +25% food from sources
6. If you don't want Wonder or Wolf skull win option you can set Conquest.
7. Player's colors don't have to be in numeric order!
8. Host can turn off or on the "Team together" to decide spawn points. When Team together is off, the starting points makes the map terrain greatly different.

Other game types


All game types are supported! Defend your King (turkey), rush for Monument or play in Deathmatch! In addition, in King of the Hill mode, the Monument generate 1 food every second!

Ai options

In Sheep vs Wolf 2 you could pick two Ai: Sheep ResignAi and Sheep NoResignAi. In Sheep vs Wolf 3 these Ais can follow Flare X marks and it sends the Sheep to that location. In addition, there are 3 new Ai:
  • Sheep AdvancedAi - A sheep Ai which build buildings, make army and research. If can also try to make Wonder. It follows some commands, also can send resources if have a market. It may not the best vs Wolves, but can be a great slinger.
  • Wolf AggressiveAi - A Wolf Ai which supposed to rampage and attack what it find. Research and makes army, but it depends on settings how fast it can do it.
  • Wolf TacticalAi - A Wolf Ai which supposed to be more careful. It retreats on low hp, should avoid and micro the projectiles and look for other attack positions. Research and makes army, but it depends on settings how fast it can do it.

Gameplay video

Nobody made a gameplay video yet. You can be the first!

Guide for beginners

How to play with Sheep

1. As Sheep you will start at the middle of the map at the Wolf's beach. Try to go to a destination as fast as you can to find a safe place, or you will be an easy target! Do not take attention now to the 4 gaia buildings, those are used by Wolves only, but later it can be a critical tactical point who owns it. Important difference in SvsW3 is, if all your Sheep is dead, you LOST the game!


2. Once you found your place you can start cut some trees for your base. You can try focus on gold at an open area too, but then you will be easy to spot by Wolves. Best if you can find gold near a forest and you can close your entrances. Your Forest trees have leaves under it, makes it harder to Wolf to detect your location, but you can't build trees anymore on shores and beaches (still can wall there).


3. Build a Town center and 3-5 Bushes. Forage Bush and Trees are generating your resource by time. The more you have, more resource you get, but each building increase the cost of the next one. This price is reduced ofc when the building is destroyed.


4. In addition (similar to SvsW2), your bushes generates wood and you can harvest it by right clicking on it with your Sheep. If a bush is overused it will be less effective, then switch to other bush which have more wood for the best performance.


5. In University you can research to be able to build the next tree. This is the most important research for you.


6. You can build all type of trees and mix them as you want. Keep in mind, the bigger the tree, the more resource it makes, and have more wood to harvest, but also cost a lot faster. As the prices of them goes up, you can use it smart to get the most effective result based on the costs.


7. In Town Center you can research Hole. You get stone from your holes like in farm, but you have to rebuild it when it is gets empty.


8. The hardest resource to get is gold. Gold can be found randomly at map in different amount. Try to not get caught by Wolf while gathering it!


9. ... or get killed by a wild boar.


10. Try to locate Wolf skulls. Wolf skulls can be used to Garrison inside the Town Center to generate gold by your Sheep. Also indicates Wolf Skull win if you collect all 5, same as Relics.


11. Extend your base in a safe way and use your available resources in your best. Do not have idle Sheep or trees under use with 0 wood. You can also do special researches in Outpost, like the new Team and Negative technologies, or Ultimate Tower upgrades. Be familiar with your a civ and team bonuses!


12. Once you and your allies are ready, start to make a defense with Towers and try to survive the Wolf attacks! If you have a Wonder or all 5 Wolf Skulls, then you just have keep it up.


Rest of the Sheep gameplay is mostly similar to Sheep vs Wolf 1 and 2. Good luck!

- Bushes and trees make resource, build as much as you can, also:
- Extra Wood: from bushes
- Extra Stone: from holes
- Extra Gold: around map

Sheep can win by:
- kill all Wolves
- building Wonder
- collecting all Wolf skull

How to play with Wolf

1. As Wolf you will start without buildings or units. You can see the 4 gaia buildings, but that's all. Your Cave (this is an indestructible building) will be visible after 6 ingame minutes! You can create your units and research here. Your Wolf Cave's health shows how many lives you have (can be set by starting resource). Each time your Wolf die it loses one. If your Cave lost all health and collapsed, you lost the game. When your Wolf is weak you can garrison in and restore health.


2. Once your Cave and Wolf is spawned, you can start your game. It's recommended to hotkey your Wolf and Cave to Ctrl+1 and 2, so you not have to search for it. Also if your Wolf is idle, the idle military units button (,) works too.


3. Your first task is to find food. The easiest way is search for water and fishes.


4. Once you have enough food you can upgrade in Cave. Cave also location for some useful technologies, including self-regeneration, team and Negative Technologies and Spies.


5. When you have enough speed you can try hunt some deer. Hunting deer is not hard, as it not attacks back, but may can run away. Try to lure it to a trap where it can't escape!


6. You may run into some deadly animals, so always pay attention and know who is the hunter and hunted! If you are not sure about the animal, better avoid it while you are weak.


7. When you go close to an gaia building, you are able to research in it.
- Yurt: Special technologies, like Faster eating, Line of Sight, Blast increase, Atheism or Faster research.
- Stable: Extra health and Movement speed.
- Blacksmith: Extra damage and armor.
- Mill: Train Crocks, Wargs, Flying dogs and meat animals which cost gold or can gift to the other Wolf.


8. Try to explore the map as much as you can and find undefended Sheep bases. Razing and killing Sheep leaves Pile of food, also Sheep is eatable, which is great source to grow faster.


9. It's possible you will find a too strong defense, be careful! Try not to die with your Wolf and come back only when you are enough strong.


10. Most of the other Wolf gameplay is similar to the Sheep vs Wolf 1 and 2. Good hunting!

- Find food and eat whenever you can
- Research in Cave and the other buildings
- Explore as much you can and find Sheep bases
- Attack defenses when you are enough strong, don't risk to die

Wolf can win by:
- kill all Sheep before it's too late

Sheep vs Wolf - RATED

Sheep vs Wolf 3 won't be rated during early versions.

DOWNLOAD Sheep vs Wolf 3


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Is there any video of someone playing this? Sounds rather complicated, but fun!
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Indeed it is complicated at first look, but no gameplay video made yet :S
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if you lose track of where your wolf is on the map - how do you find it again? I was color grey , and the mini-map shows dozens of dots , couldn't find, create new wolf wont work because there is already one out there. I want to see a) click on villager and it goes to your wolf, and/or b) click on cave to recall wolf to cave.

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