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DE Balance - Allied Vision

by everaoc - 5104 downloads

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This mod allows you to play AoC with an updated balance.

  • You need to play this with UserPatch v1.5 RC or AutoFarmQ. Otherwise you might get errors.
  • If you want your custom hotkeys just copy and paste your player#.hki files to this mod folder.
  • Try disabling your visual mods if you notice anything weird (e.g. missing icons or wrong descriptions).
  • Spanish translation: Overwrite the language.ini file with the one found in the Spanish language folder.
  • Direct links: Version 5.8.2 in english or spanish if the automatic download does not work for you.
  • Read the full changelist if you want to know all the existing changes in this mod.

Allied vision enabled. Standard Cartography edition available here.

Barbarian AI by II2N
DE Architecture & v1.6 Game Data by Pancrol
DE Buildings thanks to hujianshi
DE Constructions, Mediterranean/Eastern Euro/Central Asian set thanks to Narjana
DE Eastern European Wonders thanks to Balam Ajaw
DE Farms thanks to GorLeon & Asen
DE Short Walls by _Sm1le
Fixed Wall Foundations by JustTesting1234
Modding tools by Keisari Tapsa and Ruralist
Promi AI by Promiskuitiv
Resource editor by Angus Johnson
Steppe Lancer and Xolotl Warrior graphics thanks to fknabyss
The Forgotten Empires team

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