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Voobly Balance Patch 3.0

by The Voobly Balance Team - 2997 downloads

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A balance patch for Age of Mythology: The Titans, sanctioned by Voobly's and RTS-Sanctuary's administration, and created by a group of high level players. Please note that recorded games that originate from this (or any other) patch can only be viewed by opening the game through the Voobly client, and using the appropriate patch.

Voobly Balance Patch 3.0
Released November 12th, 2018


- Previous nerf of doubling wall costs removed. All walls now cost their original prices. This change applies to Atlanteans, who now have cheaper walls.
---: Wall column - 3 (from 5)
---: Wall segment short - 6 (from 9)
---: Wall segment medium - 6 (from 9)
---: Wall segment long - 15 (from 23)
---: Gate - 15 (from 23)
- Former Titan Gate research time nerf partially reverted; Titan Gate is now +80 seconds instead of +90 seconds (originally 60).
- Counter archers (Slinger, Peltast, and Turma) gain +1 range upon having Heavy/Champion upgrades researched. Turma already receive +2 from Champion, so that remains as +2.
- Midgard's fish has been modified to be more random. They no longer spawn in the same spot every game.
- Former map edit to push gold mines away from towers partially reverted. Gold mines can now spawn slightly closer to towers.


Hades - All archers now move 5% faster.
Hades - Chiron's speed increased to 5.5 (from 5.3) and his track rating increased to 6 (from 5).
Hades - Perseus' special attack range increased by 3 (total of 10).
Hades - Sentinels now spawn slightly farther from the Town Center, and their track rating increased to 5 (from 3.5).
Hades - Vaults of Erebus now costs 100W instead of 100F, and its trickle rate increased to 50G/minute (from 45G/minute).
Hephaestus - Former Forge of Olympus nerf to research time partially reduced; the technology now researches in 45 seconds instead of 60 seconds (originally 30).
Hephaestus - Former Colossus cost nerf reduced to +50G (from +100G). They now cost 350G and 25F.
Ares - Cyclops favor cost reduced by 3.


General - Raiding cavalry LOS increased by 1, and Medium Cavalry now increases LOS by an additional 1.
Loki - Hersir and Hersir technologies have been reverted to their original state.
---: Loki's Hersir start with their full speed boost (.4 speed).
---: Eyes in the Forest costs 50 Gold, 2 favor - gives 3 LOS to infantry)
---: Hall of Thanes for Loki gives its full speed bonus (+1.10).
Heimdall - Safeguard can be researched in towers or walls, and it now increases building HP by 10% (not town center).
Heimdall - Undermine now damages all buildings, except for the titan gate. Its damage against Town Centers has also been buffed.
---: Does approximately half damage to most buildings (at full effect).
---: Now does approximately 730 damage to Town Centers (up from 630) and 1000 damage to Wonders.
---: Does approximately 1300 damage to Age 3 Fortresses (not a change, just listed for info)
---: Instantly kills towers and walls (not a change).
---: The UI for undermine has been modified to be less confusing. Undermine moves from the mouse pointer (yellow lightning bolt) in a straight line through the nearest building. It invisibly continues on that path, damaging buildings in its way, until the timer runs out. The invisible undermine is approximately as wide as a Manor. Do not cast Undermine on top of a building.
Bragi - Former Flaming Weapons nerf to Ragnarok Heroes partially reverted; they now receive +8 attack (from +6).
Tyr - Fenris Wolves' have their special pack boost increased to 1.18 (from 1.16), meaning each wolf boosts speed and attack an additional 2%.


General - Former +5% Camel pierce armor buff is now reverted (back down to 30%); former training time buff of 2 seconds reduced to 1 second (now 8 seconds).
Ra - Rain's farm bonus reduced by approximately 5% (exact numbers will vary depending on which farm techs are researched).
Isis - Former Eclipse nerf to minion attack partially reverted; Eclipse now improves minion attack by 37% (from 25%, originally 50%).
Anubis - Feet of the Jackal has its cost reduced to 100G 5Favor (from 200G/10F).
Bast - Both Sphinx technologies now research 50% faster (from 40 seconds to 20 seconds).
Ptah - Shaduf now reduces farm build speed by only 25%, instead of 50%.
Hathor - Locust now spawns one, larger locust swarm, instead of four randomly spawning swarms. The one swarm has its attack and radius increased - overall this is a nerf.


General - Previous buff to Atlantean Hero cost (-30%) removed. They now cost their original prices.
Gaia - Channels now costs 100Wood instead of 100G (retains its food/favor cost). Remember that Channels was previously buffed to give +20% speed to fishing ships and trade caravans.
Gaia - Economy Upgrades in the Economic Guild and Dock receive an additional 5% discount (now 35%).
Gaia - These same Economy Upgrades now research 25% faster.
Prometheus - Previous nerf of -1 charge to Valor removed; it has 3 charges again.

Bug Fixes:
(some slight balance effects)

General - Reduced Gate repair rate by 65% (this is to match the previous wall repair nerf).
General - Harter's Folly relic no longer affects the Hipocampus, Raven, Oracle and Pegasus twice.
General - Automaton, Promethean, Dryad, and Minion now have the mythunitinfantry tag, so they are now affected by some Myth Unit special attacks, like gore (Minotaur).
General - Sphinx, Phoenix, Phoenix from Egg, and Stymphalian Bird now have a proper bounty resourcetype (giving favor for Norse).
Zeus - Myrmidon receives its bonus against Priest.
Norse - Kraken cannot use its special attack against Leviathan (resulting in Out of Sync).
Anubis - Sea snakes can now attack the Water Carnivora and Argo.
Sekhmet - Citadel Center has its stats improved so that in some areas it's no longer worse than normal Town Centers.
---: Garrison limit increased to 25 (from 20).
---: It benefits from the Masons hack improvement (previously no effect).
---: Its accuracy matches that of normal Settlements.
Hathor - Crocodopolis tech gives an additional 2 LOS to Petsuchos, so that their range is no longer greater than their LOS.
Thoth - Phoenix from Egg now has .25 attack vs heroes (instead of .5) to match that of the normal Phoenix.
Thoth - The crush attack of Phoenix no longer damages ally units.
Osiris - Mummy has its unit tag switched from infantry to archer, so it no longer gets affected by special attacks that don't work vs ranged myths.
Osiris - Atef Crown now properly improves the ranged attack of Mummy (previously no effect).
Atleantean - Hero Citizen can no longer be the target for certain myth unit special attacks (Chimera, Nemean Lion, Satyr, Manticore, Centaur, Fire Giant, and Avenger).
Atlantean - Hero Katapeltes does 2.5x (instead of 2x) bonus damage against siege, to match that of a normal Katapeltes.
Atlantean - Hero Citizen has its bonus against Carnivora properly coded so it doesn't get reduced.
Atlantean - Oracle Hero now affected by Hera's Thundercloud Shawl relic.
Atlantean - Cheiroballista now gets a x4 bonus vs Hero Destroyer instead of x5 (to match its bonus vs non-hero Destroyer).
Oce**** - Carnivora (land) has its obstruction radius reduced to make it easier to cast effectively in land battles.
Oce**** - Water Carnivora can no longer one-hit kill The Argo with its special attack.
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