Top 5 players of all time (R6)


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Posted 20 July 2015 - 2:43 pm
WOW.. great thread. I dont remember a lot of players but I do remember clans like TFR, ICE, DFA, Banshee ... Played mostly on mplayer. Of course my buds from CARCASS were pretty good... CAR-Wolfe, CAR-Mustafa, CAR-Red and CAR-NICCO..... I remember the MXL ref Trinity I had met up with her in Daytona one time .. HA!
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Posted 22 July 2015 - 8:27 pm
Hi fun to se som atlest on forum read about Rougespear.

i play on game zone and whas in under name sixpack.

Many swedish clan rockxs there like snaps swefor balsafitta c9000 some one still here ? or play whid us? bomberman dwd clan to any lots moore i rember
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Wow, I'm mainly on here to try to link up with some people again - especially with r6 siege coming out for ps4, and frankly I just miss some people. We had so many years of our youth on this game, and teamspeak/vent lol. Good days. I was obviously Arize, thought i was pretty damn good for a 56k player, not to be confused with the poser I had who claimed he was me after I had stopped playing r6. Some great players have gone unmentioned, but man I was around for years. I remember getting trained by HYK Aries way way wayyyY back when I first hopped on the game. Some top players that I remember were anyone I gamed with really, so many clans lol. Other than that though, names that come to mind are

McDeath, McCoy, Terminator, Decko(smunchy) - clanned with him when we were both brand new to r6 and were doing co-op, Sub-Zero, Pivot, Format (justin sounded like the biggest nerd), Ganja, NuggDogg, Scythe, Hades, Pirate, Bullseye, Rayfezie, Chulo, Aries, Pretorian, Nightmare, Caustiko, Nautica, Defkon, Kitana, Tragedy, Silent, Dashiva - (who was Dashiva btw?) idk man there are just so damn many. OTN, RoC, TDS, ADP, TFR, TU, HYK, D2R (even tho short lived scabber clan) definitely some of the best clans.

Man I miss so many people, need to get reconnected on facebook or something!!

JT - Pistol, Gixxer - Brandon, Hydro - Eric?, Leety - Chris, Blood-r4l, Whack-DFA, Russ (rampage, darkstrafe - prob one of the most entertaining kids on the mic aside from Strider.

I've lead, scabbed, and joined so many clans, many of which were tops - good times and yet so many wasted hours of life lol

Anyway - hoping to revive this thread a bit! I feel like im forgetting some good players from Mr, MIN, and T$G also, just so damn long ago.
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Posted 12 September 2015 - 11:43 pm
^ thats like a hall of shame cheat list rofl
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Posted 21 September 2015 - 7:11 am
datachilds wrote:
Ugh, I don't remember what name I was using then. I do remember a few though. commie, reaperthree, rapexthree, and kobra. I think that's it though. I remember almost every name in this list! (I went out to eat with snipesman at johnny rockets [we both lived close by] and I remember talking to derek (jester) on aim. I remember talking to kurupt on vent too. I also remember someone, can't recall the name right now, but he lived in South Carolina and his name was wade I think? He had a super southern accent. Ohh, the good ol days.

I remembered! The southern guy from South Carolina's name was instinct. :)
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Just stumbled on this page, but brings back alot of memories. Shout out to friends from way back in Ruthless & sLt clan!

gerfen at [You must login to view link]
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Posted 30 November 2015 - 10:06 pm
I wouldn't mind playing a few games, to bring back memories of being a 15 year old kid. My EMAIL is [You must login to view link] .. I barely remember any other names, but I know I was in MYM with the original name of Corey
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Posted 5 January 2016 - 4:35 pm
all time are very few bucause they are all time its been many years since this saga started many came and gone :P only heads who created this are here
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Posted 25 February 2016 - 1:06 am
an+h rwr here.. holding down the R6 Elite - LEGIT legacy in RS.
still down to play some 1.04 funs.. PM me!! Pimpin aint easy!! [You must login to view link]

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Posted 2 April 2016 - 10:41 am
tds_pirate wrote:
Googled TDS pirate and it landed me hear... thanks for the shout out! It's nice to see familiar screen names on here.

Bullseye and I started TDS after a brief stint in SWAT. We were a solid 2v2 team until we started expanding. Like mcdeath said, we were on another level, beating everyone and at times we stopped playing matches and just started bull****ting during games.. I think that's when shrapnel and jaydeezd started RoC and went back to competition (I think bullseye was Gonja)

my bro and terminator started MYM, which was a pretty solid team (I played a few matches with them and we hit #1 on zone and mp). we then went to CS and hit #1 there too. Some top clans that come to mind are AoD, OTN, HYK, TDS, MYM, RoC

modern games like CoD/halo/etc are just too massive where they can't retain a community like we had for r6... i remember all of the tournament ladders and forums, jumping in random games with other users you know. def. had a good time playing with you all.

I google old R6 stuff every now and then, which brought me here.

I was a part of TDS when we hit #1, and it was definitely the best group I was a part of. I remember that at our peak nobody could really come close to beating us, so after a while we just sort of got bored and stopped playing.

R6 was great since the community was pretty small, which meant that everyone knew each other and that the skill level needed to be competitive wasn't too high. There aren't many games out there like this now. I play Eve Online nowadays, just for pvp and (mostly) the alliance tournament (if anyone knows what that is). It's the only competitive gaming that I've found that gives me a similar feeling to what R6 was.
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Valthognir wrote:
lol, I can vouch for you Ace...SSBO_Variable here

I could hold my own against Marine, Nugg, Otherhalf and the others, but you were a pain in the butt (except for when we were playing together)

Haha, thanks man. I loved that game to death. Its good to see some familiar names from the past. I never did get the guys from that Black Ops server to look at any proof. They're just so certain that anyone above the level of "good" is a cheater, that they won't even take a look at evidence that says otherwise. I was actually banned from a few more servers after coming here initially. Here's the video I was going to have them watch.
But anyways, if anyone wants to play, I'm playing Counterstrike: Global Offensive now. It reminds me most of r6 out of any games out now. There are no rockets or anything crazy. Its purely down to tactics, aim, and reaction time.
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Posted 21 April 2016 - 4:12 pm
Fox Elite
EX Hope
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Posted 4 June 2016 - 3:52 am
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Posted 10 June 2016 - 10:10 pm
All of this RoC vs TFR stuff is great. I remember when Jester and I and a few others created 187 on zone and played RoC. I died pretty quickly on airport and watched Jester run into (through) the wall and lay down and pick off all of the RoC guys to win us the match hahahha he definitely cheated, it was great.
Also, Crimson Empire clan on the original zone ladder, someone (me) stole the password when CE was ranked like 3 or 4 and gave a bunch of wins to a fake clan hahaha. Sorry Swausey and McCoy (if you're out there) I so did that, i was a giant pos.

Add me on ps4 if any of you guys play console, froman_og or on steam - froman_og
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Posted 15 June 2016 - 10:54 pm
bouldah wrote:
There is no such thing as a "very good player who cheated" If they truly were "very good" they would not cheat. The fact that they cheated means they were not winning enough times and thus resorted to cheating to feel better. Nobody cheats if they are winning, there is nothing to gain, duh.

Nobody cheats if they are winning???. Get out of fantasy land.

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