Top 5 players of all time (R6)


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BadboyAl wrote:
BadboyAl in the house!!! I was a part of and a leader of multiple rank 1 clans on cwn and was ranked 1 on UGC singles. My clans won many Saturday night tournament ladders. You guys remember friends and clans begging for a match to help them get in the tourney before the closing time? The entire Zone would be waiting for the tournament matches to end, then everyone would be messaging you to find out who won and who is playing next... Fun times... I remember playing for hours on Sat night to complete the CWN tournaments. I also created the famous room called boot-the-newb... The worst player of each round would get booted until 1 man was last standing...

Some of the names you guys mentioned were newbs.. not even close to top ten...

Best clan was easily TSG.. BBK, RK1 stayed together and played well together but they weren't close to be the best, they were consistent.

Nightmare was one of the best players...

and the worst admin and the biggest jerk of R6.. TNLKC Apogy (spelled something like that).

Fun to see I'm not the only one nostalgic this week lol.
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McCoyBoy wrote:
R6 was for sure a pioneer in PC multiplayer FPS games. It lasted many generations.

the one thing that always bothered me was after r6, there was no more tom clancy franchise games that had the same feel/mechanics as the original. they instead chose to go down the realism path, which is just fine if you want that.

any games out there that somewhat resemble the best the fps game ever made?

and to my haters, **** ya'll. I've been rocking out leather jogging pants since '06.

And you refused to stop using single shot till the bitter end.
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Posted 6 May 2014 - 6:06 am
lol, yeah im going down memory lane..

Just think R6 was the first real online shooter game and pretty much invented raping :)

The whole squad would come over and rape a dead guy.... kids are still doing that today...

One thing is for sure, the new games like Call of Duty dont have the precision to do strafing and slow back walk pre-firing, i tried to use r6 tactics on these joystick games and you just cant... the games these day are basically spray and pray, no precision is needed...

I found some old screen shots.. check out Cheat Buster !!!
reaper cheat.bmp (file size: 2.25 MB)
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Posted 14 May 2014 - 7:38 pm
I think currently oriin or maybe smoka. GG BTZ
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you are so right - watched people who cheat all my life. the prob is, like drinking to much, they become addicted to winning and will take advantage in any way they can. Does not make any difference how good they really are, they can't stand to loose. LOL - remember, it is only cheating if they get caught, and many don't.
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ADPMcDeath wrote:
Hey guys! I was [ADP]McDeath and mcdeath_tds. Had some epic matches against RoC, AoD, OTN, TFR, HYK, MyM, Sr6, GBA, etc. [ADP] was very solid, not many teams could beat us. TDS was on another level though, we destroyed everyone.

Going to name drop in case old buddies look up their names:

[ADP]Carnage (Ronnie?)

Googled TDS pirate and it landed me hear... thanks for the shout out! It's nice to see familiar screen names on here.

Bullseye and I started TDS after a brief stint in SWAT. We were a solid 2v2 team until we started expanding. Like mcdeath said, we were on another level, beating everyone and at times we stopped playing matches and just started bull****ting during games.. I think that's when shrapnel and jaydeezd started RoC and went back to competition (I think bullseye was Gonja)

my bro and terminator started MYM, which was a pretty solid team (I played a few matches with them and we hit #1 on zone and mp). we then went to CS and hit #1 there too. Some top clans that come to mind are AoD, OTN, HYK, TDS, MYM, RoC

modern games like CoD/halo/etc are just too massive where they can't retain a community like we had for r6... i remember all of the tournament ladders and forums, jumping in random games with other users you know. def. had a good time playing with you all.

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Wow, can't believe this forum exists! I mainly went by BloodyMurda and the clan I was in the longest was probably MM (manner machines)? After that I was pretty much a clan hopper... even joined ^aRa^ at some point.

Some of what I remember... King of the hill and pistols only with SSBO_Juggernaut, LEON, air scitch (if anyone saw that flash video scitch made for his buddy nautica), someone picking airport for clan match (wtf), crashing game and huhu-ing, wondering why rayfezie used M-16? (always CAR for me), Nato mod and slowly more coming back to me.

Many of the player and clan names bring back memories. I'm glad I ran into this forum, pretty crazy.

^^ ^_^ T_T huhuhuhu make love not war
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Reading through this thread = good times remembered.

IMO Grimm-OTN was hands down the best player I ever played with, and I played 10 hours a day from the beginning of the Mplayer league and then when we OTN guys formed "CnB" - **** and balls, yes, Grunt and Grimm were basically children at the time, hence the name - and went and mowed the Zone league over. I played with both OTN and CnB, as well as Sr6 for a while when I got bored after everyone pretty much drifted off from CnB. Lot of nice guys, Tremorz (even though his gay T3 hosting my cable from Canada would often give me a yellow bar and 250 ping - ****), Marine when he was just starting up and begging to play and practice with us, and so on. Aries, many others listed here - lots of good guys and times, IMO there has never been a game or community to match that original Rainbow6 online group of people - all on P200s at first, and then P2 450s at the time being the fastest machines at the start. Hilarious.

One thing I would clear up - the whole OTN getting kicked off the Rumble ladder. How that came to happen wasn't cheating, it was "lying". The lie was as follows - the clan we were playing, had this little punk that would fill up the chat box in the after game score screen with exclamation marks - like this (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). If you put enough in, it would crash the guy who was hosting's program. As I had worked for Redstorm for a period of time in QA, this was well known to some, not so much to others. Anyhow, every match we would win, he would do this, and crash us all out. He did it at least 8 times that match, and the final time locked up our hosts PC.

So, we all agreed to re schedule the match (this was prior to us discovering what he was doing, as the final time he tried the exclamation trick, he left off 2 !!'s, and it came up as chat in the box, instead of crashing us, and I screen shotted it). Well, working as a pistol instructor at the time for SigARms Academy, I got called out on a weekend course as an adjunct instructor, and when Grunt tried explaining what was happening in that match to the Rumble league officials, I was away, and hadn't sent the screen shot. So Grimm and Grunt, again, the children thing, just made one up to match what I had told them was on the screen shot proving what the little ****s were doing to crash us out. They got caught, as the offending player always used a female, not male alias picture in the game. Even when I got home, and sent the actual screen shot in to Rumble, damage was done and it was over, although the offending squad did admit to it, as I had them cold, and having worked for RS, had enough credibility as well that they did believe me, although they also were pissed that the rest of the clan with help from other sympathetic clans recreated a fake screen shot of the incident, which was enough to expel us.

I lost track of everyone in OTN. I know Grimm joined the Army just pre 9/11, I'm assuming he probably deployed throughout the various conflicts.
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Haha, GMan. I remember you, as well as Grimm and Grunt. The OTN guys were probably the first good R6 players I came across when the game first came out. The main thing I remember was you guys calling noobs "tards" :-)

What's it been, 16 years now? I remember being top 5 on the Mplayer (or was it zone?) ladder for a while, and winning some gear (sound card? Voodoo2 graphics card?) in tournaments.

I was a freshman at Duke at the time, so also wound up doing some work with Red Storm on subsequent games. None of them captured my imagination like the original R6 did, though...
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Posted 14 January 2015 - 11:26 pm
all i hear is still lists of cheats or gsa people.. if u aint on the tribute video go **** yourself cause thats all that matters after all the years of cheating.. so anyway.. who wants to play 1.04 games
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Yo Guys come back and PLAY! getting the community back! [You must login to view link]
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Ugh, I don't remember what name I was using then. I do remember a few though. commie, reaperthree, rapexthree, and kobra. I think that's it though. I remember almost every name in this list! (I went out to eat with snipesman at johnny rockets [we both lived close by] and I remember talking to derek (jester) on aim. I remember talking to kurupt on vent too. I also remember someone, can't recall the name right now, but he lived in South Carolina and his name was wade I think? He had a super southern accent. Ohh, the good ol days.
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Not sure if anyone is still viewing this very animated and entertaining post, but if anyone is still PC gaming, I'm sure you've heard about Rainbow Six Siege coming out in October. I just finished building a new rig specifically in preparation for this game - anyone else have plans to get into this?

Trailer -


DP's Rig
Processor: Intel® Core™ i7-5930K Processor
Power Supply: CORSAIR AXi series AX1200i
OS: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium
Tower: COOLER MASTER COSMOS 1000 RC-1000-KSN1-GP Black/ Silver Steel ATX Full Tower Computer Case
CPU Fan: CORSAIR Hydro Series H100i
Motherboard: ASUS X99-A
Video Card: ASUS STRIX-GTX980
Memory: CORSAIR Vengeance LPX 16GB (4 x 4GB)
HD: 1 Western Digital WD Black WD1002FAEX 1TB, 1 Western Digital WD Blue WD2500AAKX 250GB, 1 Patriot Ignite PI480GS25SSDR 2.5" 480GB
CD/DVD Drive: 2 Sony Optiarc CD/DVD Burner 24X
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getting it, but for ps4.
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All aboard the nostalgia train.


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