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Community Patch Developer

Posted 13 October 2022 - 9:32 pm
I would suggest throwing the voobly installer completely and sticking with manual installation links all the way
If we were to do that, people would complain that it's too hard to install. This happened all the time with the WololoKingdoms installer.

If you have a decent internet connection, and I guess enough RAM for the decompression, the automatic installation works fine.
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Community Patch Developer

Posted 14 October 2022 - 12:52 pm
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Posted 20 October 2022 - 5:06 pm
I said multiple time that it looks ugly for me (to the point i thought it was a bug), but apparently i'm not only one, can't you keep the normal AOE2 graphics but with all other changes? I think would make the mod a lot more popular and people would appreciate your work more.

It's possible to download v1.6 Game Data with the original graphics of AoC. Here it is:

I have recorded a video in Spanish and one in Portuguese teaching how to download the mod, its patch (1.6 RC), how to setup it, and how to change its hotkeys, take a look and share with your friends:

[You must login to view link] (Spanish)

[You must login to view link] (Portuguese)

As u can see in the videos, I play with the old graphics, they look amazing. Take care!
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Community Patch Developer

Posted 21 October 2022 - 11:37 am
I've created a poll to decide which of the graphis should be the default. Please, make sure that everyone you know that plays the mod answers it so that I have a convincing result:
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Posted 25 October 2022 - 3:30 pm
Noone is playing this mod, even when host a room for hours noone joins

Im talking about normal 1vs1 arabia. And when looking for rooms noone is playing this mod.

Voobly should do more so people know about this mod.

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