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Crash when voobly sends system messages to chat while ingame [linux]


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Edited 8 August 2021 - 1:55 am by PaladinPrenex
I made voobly work on my arch linux work laptop, previously played on dad's or bro's PCs at an other house, finally at home where I only have linuxes.

As title says when I am in a game and voobly systems automatic chat messages appear I crash out from the game.

Is it possible to do something with this? Like turn off these messages? I am talking about those messages that look just like when someone message you - but these are voobly informations only.

Very annoying when I am midgame and get a voobly-message and crash out from a team game or such...

PS.: Some workaround would be good - like if it is possible to turn off ALL messages and if that would turn off voobly's system messages from chat too or something.
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Posted 8 August 2021 - 5:24 pm
Change your Messenger Settings, so your status will be changed to Do Not Disturb when playing. You cannot be messaged when DND is turned on. :)

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