Empire Wars 1v1 Scenario


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EMPIRE WARS is a new game mode in AOE2 DE. All players start in feudal age with 27 villagers already working on farms, wood, gold.

This scenario tries to imitate that game-mode.

Right now it is made only for 1v1. Can be used in Any mods ( WK-DE/DE BALANCE /PCM /CHIVLARY/ REALMS/ AG3/ TOME/..)

Credit to PlusNomad ;thumbup

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MAP from TriggerStudio:
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Join discord for everything: [You must login to view link]
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Posted 26 September 2020 - 12:03 pm
Cool! I'll try it as soon as possible.
By the way, is the map always the same? I'd thought myself about porting this to Voobly, but I think you cannot make a scenario's map random. Empire Wars is not a scenario on DE, it's a game mode, just as Deathmatch. It works with any rms there. I tried to find out if it were possible to create a rms where the players would start with those settings (so that you could have Empire Wars Arabia, Empire Wars Black Forest, etc.), but it's impossible. The scenario way should be the only possible one, but the map would be always the same unfortunately.
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Posted 26 September 2020 - 9:38 pm
It is a single scenario, which means every time the map is the same. I used copy-paste terrain, so that both players have equals maps & resources.

It is possible to make 20-30 copies after this scenario and just alter it a bit the locations of players, then make a random scenario loader.

FINOGBYE made a huge rms that has tons of different maps in it ( land+water). He shared it on discord and it was in beta back then. The map would not place lumbers/mill/mining camps at proper location and he said was working on it.

I noticed that even in DE mills aren't at proper location.

My thoughts on this is that can be done with land id. Create a land id and spawn for example gold+ miningcamp only on that land id.

RMS Docs: [You must login to view link]
Land ID example: [You must login to view link]
Example Random Scenario Loader: https://www.voobly.com/gamemods/mod/1376/24-Random
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Posted 30 September 2020 - 5:00 pm
how to get it to work ?
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am11r wrote:
how to get it to work ?
Find where you have your aoe2 installed and Paste the map into the folder Scenario

The easiest way to find where your right folder is for the game, is to start game in singleplayer and then make a random scenario and give it a unique name. Then just search in your pc after that unique name file.

For DE Balance - Allied Vision mod the path will be

.....AOE2/Voobly Mods/AOC/Data Mods/DE Balance - Allied Vision/

How to start in singleplayer :

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Posted 2 October 2020 - 5:10 pm
me myself got bored of rn for doing same thing in dark age all over and over, now it perfect ;newrmote ;lul ;gwpinkukittyhehe

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