Rainbow Six turns 22 year old.


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Hello old friends as per usual from time to time I get really nostalgic and look back fondly on the the time I played R6. From Mplayer to Zone to Gamespy then eventually Voobly it seems almost like another lifetime when we all gathered together talked ****, created clans and much more. Back then we had a since of community which has been lacking in video games in this era.

I hope everyone is doing well I had thought of jumping in a few games but it seems the lobby's are all but dead these days. Maybe we can all get together sometime and play some games like old times. If anyone is interested please add me on Battlenet (Blizzard Launcher) PaulJones#11242 or just drop by my stream @ Twitch Stream-- I usually stream several times a week playing various games. It would be great to catch up with some of you guys drop a follow if you can so I can reach out and maybe we can make something happen. Take care friends!

Update We have over 200+ people on discord putting games together join us!
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Full Game Patched with all maps follow instructions inside folder
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Cypher -D2R-
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Posted 20 February 2021 - 4:33 pm
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Posted 2 April 2021 - 2:18 am
Yikes. I seem to remember about this forum every 5 years or so. Memories. Perhaps it's nostalgia, but these were the halcyon days. i suppose it was the cross over from the consoles to pcgaming at a time the internet was still raw... the glory days. These modern games with an anonymous enemy and superior graphics and realistic game play can do one! I'm old enough now at 38 to declare that the kids of today have no idea. It's boring. My dad probably said the same thing about pong tbf.
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lmfao dan .. facts..
do you have 1.04?
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Posted 5 September 2021 - 5:36 am
You should post your stream on [You must login to view link] dude I will give you the content creator role :)

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