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SPANISH: Saludos Tengo problemas de DELAY en el AOE2 Conqueror... Tarda segundos en responder la accion al realizar movimientos dentro de la partida, (ej. envias un aldeano a hacer una casa y tarda hasta 2 segundos y nose si aveces mas inclusive) es imposible micrear y mi internet es bueno y mi pc es una Gamer. Que puedo hacer para poder corregir un poco este problema? Espero me puedan ayudar... Muchas gracias!!

ENGLISH: HELLO!! I have DELAY problems in the AOE2 Conqueror ... It takes seconds to respond the action when making movements within the game, (eg you send a villager to make a house and it takes up to 2 seconds and I don't know if sometimes more inclusive) it is impossible to microgame and my internet is good and my pc is a Gamer. What can I do to correct this problem a little? I hope you can help me... thank you very much !!
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Por favor copianos los resultados de tu diagnóstico de red.

Para realizar el diagnóstico por favor unite a cualquier lobby y anda a Opciones > Diagnóstico de Red.

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Ahi esta. Muy amable por la pronta respuesta!
diagVoobly.png (file size: 88.72 KB)

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Hello there,

Multiplayer games will usually involve some form of lag, especially when playing against a lot of players (4v4 and sometimes even 3v3 games). Depending on the geographical location there might be higher latency. What is more important for you to check is to ensure no players are FP (fast proxy) in your game room (not just to you but every other player as well). This means if p3 is fp to p4, you will be experiencing the lag too (although p3 and p4 are not fp to you). If you want to make sure the lag is minimal, here are a few suggestions:

1. Make sure no player in your game room is fp to any otehr player in your game room (not just with you)
2. Try playing with fewer players, if possible (1v1 and 2v2 games will have minimal lag)
3. Check in game ping of all players. Ask other players too if they see any player with high ping. Avoid playing with such players

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