I just bought a bunch of my friends copies of Dark Forces 2 Jedi Knight and mysteries of the Sith, with the hope of trying to figure out a way of playing them online.

I found voobly off of a Google search and it looks like they host lobbies so I was pretty on board with this. Except that for both games it has no idea that I've installed them, and when I click on the game diagnostic tool it says the tool is not supported, presumably because the games are so old.

I reinstalled using the default installation path from when the game was first released, thinking that maybe that was the default path. No such luck. This is a little baffling to me, because seemingly the whole thing is completely useless. There absolutely must be a way for me to either look at what gamepath it's trying to use or edit the game path.

Again, the diagnostic tool doesn't work, and I've seen reference to a game data folder, which I don't have either. Please help.