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How to play standard version - not wk / HD


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Sorry, complete noob here. Couldn't find this info anywhere, but I finally managed to install voobly and AoE2tools. I'm only interested in playing single player for now. But I don't want to HD version with all the new civs. I would like to play just the standard Aoe2 + Conquerors version. Where can I find such a mod or how can I play that?
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Posted 24 November 2019 - 2:49 am
you don't need a mod for playing the standard conquerors version with cd's...
you also don't need AoE2tools for that...
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Hi mate,

You were using a third-party tool, which you use at your own risk and which we do not support. The tool was written by player(s) of the AOC community, but it is not affiliated with Voobly.

After saying that, for the "non-HD" old version of the game you will need the physical copy of the CD, you could consider purchasing the game from an online store like Ebay/ Amazon etc..., or a local store if you have any.

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