I'm not able to watch full recorded games


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Posted 2 October 2019 - 4:23 pm

i was watching some of my recorded games and when i reach like minute 15 the game always stops and it tells me game over click quit to continue... although it was like a 50 minutes game it always stop on minute 15 or 20 and tells me it's over

i tried downloading recorded games of other players and runs it to see if the problem is me but it was the same ....in minute 20 or something like that the game stops.

please help cuz i want to see full recorded games...

thank you
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Posted 2 October 2019 - 7:28 pm
When you are watching a recording for a game that was played on Voobly you must ensure that you use the exact same patch and mods (if any) that was used while playing that game.

So in this case, a game that you played using 'Allied Vision' mod on 'v1.5 RC' patch must be replayed using the exact same combination (patch + mod).


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