This mod was created with the intention of improving the game's weaknesses, such as fixing small bugs, adding more visual graphics, and making it a bit more complete. It can also be used as a basis for creating other mods in the future. It's not a total conversion, it's just a patch of improvements.. Here is a list of changes in the game:

- Fixed bug where siege workshop and castle are not improved in the imperial age;
- Added Imperial Age building sets and castles of WE and CE to Castle Age;
- Added and fixed graphics of Junk, Broad Swordsman, Axeman, Composite Bowman,
Cobra, Trireme, Juggernaught, Royal Camel, Hostile, Relic Cart, Vamo Dale,
Infiltrator, Sea Tower, Sinking Boats, Pile of Stone/Gold/Wood/Food, Church 4,
Bamboo and Giant Oak stump;
- Added stone and gold mine graphics;
- New snow terrain;
- Added 9 eye-candy relics;
- Added techs Reforming/Expanding for transport units to university;
- Removed techs Careening/Dry Dock from dock;
- New graphics of burning buildings;
- Forage bush with smaller berries;
- Fixed some units graphics;
- Two new rocks added to the map editor;
- War Wagon replaced by Hwacha;
- Transport unit Wagon added to Stable;
- Huns houses are replaced by nomadic tents;
- Price/Hit Points of the houses of the Huns decreased by 50%.
- Now the Huns build houses with twice the population.
- 12 Custom Trees with small colision on Map Editor;
- Fixed position of the icons on the construction page;
- Sea Wall and Sea Tower added to the map editor;
- Palisade Gate added.

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