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Emperor Patch

by dontstayafk - 23 downloads

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Allied Vision Version
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This mod was created with the intention of improving the game's weaknesses, such as fixing small bugs, adding more visual graphics, and making it a bit more complete. It can also be used as a basis for creating other mods in the future. It's not a total conversion, it's just a patch of improvements.

Here is a list of changes in the game:
- Updated buildings shadow transparency;
- Fixed bug where siege workshop and castle are not improved in the imperial age;
- Added Imperial Age building sets and castles of WE and CE to Castle Age;
- Released skinking boats graphics;
- Added stone and gold mine graphics;
- Added techs Reforming/Expanding for transport units to university;
- Removed techs Careening/Dry Dock from dock;
- New graphics of burning buildings;
- Forage bush with smaller berries;
- Fixed some units graphics;
- War Wagon replaced by Hwacha;
- Huns houses are replaced by nomadic tents;
- Price/Hit Points of the houses of the Huns decreased by 50%;
- Now the Huns build houses with twice the population;
- Fixed trees position (centralized);
- Fixed position of the icons on the construction page;
- Buildings: Palisade Gate, Fortress, Sea Tower, Sea Wall, Monument and Wood Fence;
- Units: Wagon, Junk, Broad Swordsman, Axeman, Composite Bowman, Cobra, Trireme, Juggernaught, Royal Camel, Hostile, Relic Cart and Emperor;
- Objects: 12 Small Colision Trees, 9 Artifacts, 2 Rocks, Pile of Stone/Gold/Wood/Food, Cathedral, 2 new Stumps, Dead Body, Barrel, Grass, Desert Mountain, Desert Rock, Fountain, Jungle Rock, Ruins, Statue, Pots, Sea Rock, Snow Mountain, Waterfall, Wreck Wall, Bridge, Wood Bridge, Flames and Bonfire.

yakko - Bonfire
Achesun - New King Unit
gag2000 - Conquerors Shadow Fix
LordGood - Fortress (Castle)
blk_phanter - Sea Wall
Ryan Addariy - Sea Tower
TriRem - WE Castle
AbeJin - CE Castle
danielpereira, Saint_Michaels_, Dynasty_IV and RedKirby - WE Buildings Set
danielpereira and yakko - CE Buildings Set
Omarr_gg, AbeJin and Emperor Jaco - EA and NA Buildings Set
Warsmithy - ME Buildings Set
Mahazona and chiruscan - Idea of Hwacha and Buildings Set
Jenara Hodayc - Heavy Camel
julianbaba4 - AOE1 Axeman and Composite Bowman
Peter88 - Hwacha and Emperor Sculptures
Bothorth - GoodKingsFix
TheReporter - Mameluke (Fixed Shadow)
WAIFor - Rocks, Trees, AOE1 Ships and Fountain
korbalb - Transparent New Fire
Silent Ape - Enhanced Berries, Sinking and Blood
Gallas and Carmelious - Palisade Gate
Keisari Tapsa - Advanced Genie Editor
Hawk_Ruralist - Turtle Pack
Angus Johnson - Resource Hacker

Changelog v2.0 BETA
- Fixed Huns house burning graphics.
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