Fast proxy problems with Fritzbox, 1 und 1


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Posted 7 March 2019 - 3:48 pm

This case is currently solved, but I thought I'd post it here if anyone in the future has the same problem.

I could only connect to players through a fast proxy on Voobly, and when running the Network Diagnostics Tool, I always got:
"Test Result: Not Forwarded
Network Health: Warnings found but probably OK"

I talked with Hassan (I think it was) in Voobly Tech support and he was very helpful. He concluded that the port forwarding settings in the router and PC were correct, and the problem was on my ISP's side.

Turns out, since 2017, 1&1 uses DS-Lite (instead of Dual Stack) for its IPv4. This causes some IPv4 devices/programs to not be able to function properly (like Voobly).

The solution is to set up the appropriate port forwarding stuff, and then call the ISP (1&1) and ask them to disable DS-Lite, which should be done in a couple of workdays. They sent me a confirmation that it was done, but I had to ask them again for it to work properly. After that, all was good and Voobly is now functioning without problems.

Keywords: port forwarding, 1und1, 1 und 1, 1&1, Versatel, Fritz, Fritzbox, Fritz-box
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Posted 7 March 2019 - 11:38 pm
thanks for that.
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Posted 8 March 2019 - 10:28 pm
Hi mate.

Thanks for your feedback and this valuable information. I'm glad it is solved for you. I hope other people in your case shall find this thread to easly solve a similar issue.

If you have any other questions/issues, feel free to create a thread in the forum again. :)

Please if anyone is facing the same problem and read this, then still have any question, feel free to create your own thread and we'll be glad to help.

Thread closed.

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