Hello Voobly Community..
We have been waiting for this moment, for too long...
Turkish cup 2018 is upon us! Starting from February 16th!
Pro Turkish players such as [Eycofcu]Ekimku, [Eycofcu]Loiveyoaeu, [UykusuZ]Marvelous, [Alliance]BaDreaM, [UykusuZ]Eray_ will be battling each other in this epic brawl! All matches and the offline final will take place in the Eycofcu Community Lobby in Voobly. The Finalists will fight to the death in an epic best of 7 match for the grand prize!
Feel free to join us in the matches as spectators anytime, and also follow us at www.youtube.com/eycofcu and www.twitch.tv/cosmostv . Also post any questions or suggestions you have here or [You must login to view link]. Hope see you in the matches :)
Teaser: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iFstk3yVvNg

Bracket: [You must login to view link] [You must login to view link]