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Ultimate Intermediate Action

General game rules and regulations for `Ultimate Intermediate Action- UIA`

Registration: Registrations are open now and the deadline for registration is 21.01.2018 (24:00 GMT).
Who/How to register: Players rated (RM 1v1) 1450-1750 can register by sending an email to [You must login to view link]. Please do not forget to send a link to your Voobly profile.

Platform: Voobly

Tournament format: Single elimination

Note: No prize money involved, this tournament is for absolute fun and to encourage new players.
Game Settings: random civ
Game : Random Map
Map : Arabia
Size : 2 player map
Difficulty : Standard
Resources : Standard
Population : 200
Game Speed : Normal
Reveal Map : Normal
Starting Age : Standard
Victory Condition : Conquest
Games must be played be checking the below options
Team Together : [X]
All techs : [ ]
Allow Cheats : [ ]
Lock Teams : [X]
Lock Speed : [X]
Record Game : [X]

Optional: MQ
Optional: WK- the Final decision is up to the players if they have access to WK.

Seeding process: Based on the rating of the registered players the brackets will be generated.
If you would like to know more information on seeding process or any other information please contact me at [You must login to view link].

Scheduling: Once the seeding process is done within 2 days time final brackets will be announced and the players are requested to fill their availability within 5 days time.