Repeated Error 10000005


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For the last three days at around 7.30pm Australia time I have dropped out of games and then not been able to connect back to Voobly until around 11.00pm. I cannot log in to Voobly client whatsoever and error 10000005 keeps popping up everytime I try again. I have read that this error takes some time to fix but I have been having this error for the last three days at the same time and dropping from current games. Can anyone please help??
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Posted 2 August 2016 - 2:14 pm
Now it is working again. So confused
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Please try to contact your ISP 'cause your issue was within their DNS server side. and yeah as you said it will recover by itself after some downtime so obviously it's NOT a Voobly related fault.

Optional: Try clear your system DNS cache and see. To do that:
Open your system command prompt as administrator and type in the following command lines one by one:
  1. ipconfig /flushdns and hit [Enter] key.
  2. ipconfig /release and hit [Enter] key.
  3. ipconfig /renew and hit [Enter] key.
  4. ipconfig /registerdns and hit [Enter] key.

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