I haven't been here in a while, but yeah I do miss this game time and time again. Especially the late nineties where if you were mediocre in the game it was hard to evolve just by playing newbies and other mediocre players. I'm glad to get in TC when savior really gave me a chance and that's when my gaming took a turn in 1999. then moving onto TR with two of the very best KillA (BEaM) and Ninja (TheGame) who combined their clans Total Annihilation (TA) and Rampage (R) to form The Repercussion. i took it to new heights when i went from KuNiVa in TC to CuBe and nobody really knew who i was and they thought i was like PiTcHBLaCK lol. i truly believed that i have surpassed everyone especially AnTMaN, XilArAtiNG, and aMiNo when i beat both of them 1v1 i was really that great, i never needed any powerups for my advantage i let my opponents grab all fires and combat n still beat that ass. but people who truly knew knos that i try to get thieves powerup n use that against me. that was my biggest downfall, but i learn to just depend on my thieves but just on my fighting. people accused me speeding because of the impossible hitbacks when i was in being beat to deth. but people fail to realize how hard i try to not to ever give up, not one single ant ever! never give up and never abandoned a single ant because it can really cost u the game. anyway i just want to share a link to everyone for good old time sakes. There are a lot of videos me and DyNo made. Also wit ACT (Ants Championship Tournament) that so many has contributed in the tournament. Some really good stuff there I just got dAwGy to get this up, check it out. [You must login to view link]