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2v2 Choson Deathmatch Tournament


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2v2 Choson Deathmatch Tournament

This is a 2v2 Choson Wars Deathmatch Tournament.
This will take place on Voobly's Esquiline (Patch 1.0A) Age of Empires: The Rise of Rome game room.

Registration Requirements:
1. Your Voobly Username? (Example: KhiemTran aka aoX_Savior)
2. Your partner's Voobly Username? If you don't have a partner yet, we can assign you one once we get a full roster.

Register for the tournament here: [You must login to view link] or post your reply on this thread or contact me in the Voobly game room.

1. This event will be held on Voobly Esquiline (Patch 1.0a) (Age of Empires: The Rise of Rome) game room.

2. Teams must follow this guideline to complete their games on time.
    Round 1 will be week 1, Best of 3 Games
    Round 2 will be week 2, Best of 5 Games
    Round 3 will be week 3, Best of 5 Games
    Semi-Final will be 2 weeks, Best of 7 Games
    Final will be 2 weeks, Best of 9 Games

If teams cannot complete their games within time limits, contact organizers to discuss time extensions.
Note: This is a general time limit guideline, please complete your games as soon as possible so we can complete this tournament and move on to another one.

3. After the registration deadline, a bracket will be posted. Your team will be responsible for the matches and report results to tournament organizers. A list of tournament organizers will be listed.

4. Any players or teams who are disqualified or dropped out will be replaced by others in a waiting list.

5. No cheating, hacks, enhancements, or tournament manipulation of any kind.

    Game: Age of Empires: The Rise of Rome
    Civilization: Choson
    Game Type: Team Deathmatch 2v2
    Map: Reveal Map
    Terrain: Hills Country
    Population: 200
    Game Lobby: Voobly's Esquiline (Patch 1.0a)

Tournament Organizers:
KhiemTran, Rjay, Heaven_xeu, h_bar
Contact us if you have questions.

How to play on Age of Empires: The Rise of Rome on Voobly:
    Go to [You must login to view link] and click on the “Download Voobly Client” button.
    Once you have the client, browse the “Age of Empires: The Rise of Rome Lobbies” or click here:
    Click on the Lobby name: Esquiline (Patch 1.0a)
    Join or host a game room and you should be able to play without any patch downloads. You may have to untick "Force Desktop Resolution in Game" in your room menu. At the top, click on Game > Resolution Tool > Untick "Force Desktop Resolution in Game."
    Any problems can be resolved with Voobly technical staff.
If you have any doubt or an issue with the game or voobly client, Feel free to message one of the vtech members or join our Help room
Thank you

Current Registered Players:
    1. LaZy_AtHlEtE
    2. _Memonsoun & [UPS]__legacy
    3. Sochang & Tigris
    4. dont_choke
    5. Heaven_xeu
    6. h_bar & Battlecry_ (Warcry.)
    7. GongSonRyun
    8. Fiasco__
    9. nikk_
    10. __Son & Voodoof1re


Frequently asked questions:

1. "Do I select my own partner? Or is partners chosen at random?"
Answer: You can select your own partner if you wish. Or you can register for the tournament without a partner and a partner will be selected for you once registration is completed.

2. The other question I get asked is how do we select your partner?
The answer is your partner will be chosen with similar skill level as yours or higher. In other words, you will not be stuck with somebody with a lower skill level. We want to give everybody a fighting chance to win the tournament and things interesting. The current [You must login to view link] will be used to determine skill levels, so to speak. However, the exception is we probably won't pair top four players, so that teams aren't so unbalanced.

3. How are we going to get this tournament finished up? It's difficult to get 4 people on at the same time to play.
We'll just have to communicate better between ourselves. Use Voobly chat, instant messaging, and messaging to get in touch with each other to set up times and get time frame you guys are free. Exchange emails, facebook, or instant messengers (Yahoo, MSN, AOL) to get in touch with other. Most importantly, don't leave each other hanging. Let everybody know you are busy next few days so at least we know what is going on.

Let me know if you have any other questions.
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Posted 26 December 2014 - 7:46 pm
im in
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Posted 6 January 2015 - 9:48 am
I'm in :)
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Posted 8 January 2015 - 7:34 am
I'm in ;yahoo
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Posted 18 January 2015 - 1:45 pm
im, in with some1 ?!?!
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Posted 7 August 2015 - 12:58 am
Cho Tournament going on at [You must login to view link] this weekend. Check it out!! Possibly cash prizes!

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