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Hotkeys Tutorial for Beginners


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Posted 17 November 2014 - 9:16 am
Hotkeys Tutorial for Beginners



This article is one of the most important part of gaming. It is useful any game or ladder you play and it is one of my best articles ^.^ Alright for the players who dont know what hotkeys are ,then for their info hotkeys are just use of keys of keyboard to perform certain actions in game apart from mouse. Using both keyboard and mouse increases the speed of ur actions by a huge margin and here I am to make you better in use of hotkeys. Unlike other guides this guide is applicable for all the sections of AoC ie. RM,DM,and CS. Before that I would like to thank my friend DMer KinGsLanDing_ who taught me hotkeys very well months back and now i have somehow managed to become damn good in that and want to all of you to become good as well ;biggrin Personally I also think that DMers are the best hotkeys user. Anyway let me move into my article.

What difference hotkeys make?

As i said earlier , using keyboard and mouse at same time will boost your speed. This effect can be directly felt in DM games where initial start is like a building boom . There only hotkeys can help you otherwise you are not any position to win the first war even. ^^ It takes a lot of time to manually click on a villagers then clicking on buildings below on screen. These things can be done in seconds using hotkeys. Use of hotkeys decreases the walk distance of villagers to build any building to zero. Apart form this u can easily create units in any buildings by just pressing few keys. So now you know the importance of hotkeys let us move to the topic how to chose your hotkeys.

How to Choose My hotkeys?

The choice of hotkeys depends completely upon the players playing style and the type of map he plays. Many people use the default aoc hotkeys and learn them but many others completely change their hotkeys according to themselves. I prefer to change the hotkeys on what suits you. For a DM player the most important hotkeys will be of villagers build, miliatry buildings and houses and units. For a CSers it might change a bit n main priority will be miliatry buildings. While for an RMer the initial start always begins with house so they might pick hotkeys so that they can easily select TC , queue vili and directly make 2 houses in a flash. So what are you waiting for think about your priority and set hotkeys.

How to use hotkeys?

The thing that you should know that you can only get hold of your hotkeys by practice . In this section i will put some scenario how hotkeys makes work easy. For a CS gamer, suppose he is playing CBA and need to take build in a hurry . While fighting he gets villagers he quickly clicks the idle villi hotkey , it takes him to his villi then click on villi build hotkey than on any building hotkey in this way he can take build in fraction of seconds. While if you will scroll down screen to select villi then doing things it will take you damn number of seconds. Similar is the case of producing units. Just select any building and press shift+ Unit hotkey thrice and it will fill the building production . Now for a DMer , as game starts he quickly does H then shift+c it will queue his villi. Then he clicks idle villi hotkey and build miliatry buildings. These things can only be understood only if you are practicing otherwise it will take you hard to understand just from this article. For a RMer selecting tcand queing villi and then making two houses will be priority. Also sending scout to sccout lol.

My Hotkeys ::

Just to make you aware of the use of hotkeys i am writing this section on how i use my hotkeys.
My Idle villager Hotkey is .
Villager build hotkey is B
B+B tells a villi to make a house (My HK for house is B)
B+Spacebar Tells vili to build Stable (My stable HK is Space)
Similarly B+N will make a rax
B+V will make archery range
B+H will make siege.
On what bases i picked Above Hotkeys?
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Since I am a DM and CS player my main priority is to make miliatry buildings. So I have given the hotkey of villager to ask build B while the building hotkeys are surrounding B letter so that it will be easy to click simultaneously on other adjacent letters. ;biggrin
Unit Hotkeys ::
I have used my unit hotkeys on basis of order of unit it comes in any building. Ex- In stable the first option remains of hussar then paladin and at last camel. In the same manner i have used the letters of the lower row ie : ZXCV...... for hotkeys of the units in smae orderas they come in buildings.
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Archery range:
Arbalest :: Z
Skir:: X
CA:: C
HC :: V
Hussar ::Z
Pala:: X
Camel :: C
Helberder:: X

TC :: Villi Production is given by Z

Economy and other buildings HK
These hotkeys are not used much but yet i assign the 2nd row of letters as they come in build orders ie ASDFG.....
LC::A (selecting a villi and pressing B+Z make LC.
MIll:: S
MC:: D
Farm:: F
Rest of ther depends on you.....


I hope you would have knew the importance of hotkeys and know how to assign them.
Thanks ;flowers
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Posted 17 November 2014 - 9:20 am
I would have missed some points as this is a vast topic but i will again go through it and will make it noob friendly. Also i dont know where it should be posted as it is useful for all.
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Posted 17 November 2014 - 9:28 am
good job :)
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Posted 17 November 2014 - 9:30 am
good job :)
Thanks Mighty Slash but i think it need more edits :S :S
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Posted 17 November 2014 - 9:31 am
When i have time i might be able to share how i used my hotkeys back when i played RM 4 yrs ago. Its very nice tho that you took your time !
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Posted 17 November 2014 - 10:58 am
important tip: don't over customize hotkeys because you'll get lost and it will become pointless
keep it simple
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Posted 4 December 2014 - 11:08 am
thanks dear

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