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Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne/Night elves Guide


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1-Plan your garden. All the ancient buildings of the Night Elves will be able to attack enemy forces, but only if they're within reach. The best way to prepare for this is to have the ancient buildings reasonably close to each other, so any opponent attacking one has to deal with all of them.
2-Bolstering defense with nature's blessing or ancient protectors can be useful, but your best bet is probably troops. Build moon wells behind your ancients to support your troops with food and regeneration, and then build an ancient of war and get some ranged attackers behind the line that can benefit from the wells while supporting your front-line ancients.
3-Enjoy your wisps! Unlike orcs and humans, wisps can gather gold or lumber simply by being on a tree or entangled gold mine. Your archers in town will have less traffic in the way with wisps staying put. However, this doesn't mean the wisps should be ignored. A wisp on a mid-forest tree is an excellent forward scout and if things start going poorly, you can always detonate wisps on the opponent to make sure your losses are not one-sided.
4-Bring the big guns. Mountain giants are pricey, but they make up for it with their resilience, especially if you max out the armor resistance upgrades. Having a pair of giants at the front of your army to absorb most of the damage will make it easier for your spellcasters and ranged attackers to keep on casting spells and attacking. The chimera may require its own building, but once you research corrosive breath, you can easily topple an enemy town not prepared for an air assault.
5-The forest moves! Night elves are the kings of the moving forest. If your town has exhausted its current location and the goldmine is depleted, simply uproot your Tree of Life/Eternity, and walk it over to the next gold mine. All your ancients can ambulate, but be sure to put down roots when fighting. If any trees are in your way, don't forget that you can eat them. Carving out a section surrounded by forest often makes for a nicely defensible position.
☼Tips & Warnings☼
Keepers of the Grove can convert trees into powerful attacking treants. This is just one more reason to be sure your Night Elves are always surrounded by trees.
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Siege engines actually deal more damage to rooted than unrooted trees, so if you are attacked by a squad of them, do not put down roots.
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