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Roll The Dice (RTD) is a scenario with an unique gameplay concept. The main idea is to surprise players with different and ever changing gameplay situations. No two RTD games are identical or predictable. The many events and situations in the map are randomly generated, and players have to adjust their strategy and playstyle accordingly.

Gameplay: RTD is a moba-like scenario, playable in FFA or teams, supporting a maximum of 8 players. Each player spawns at the edge of the arena with a random unit. Should that unit die, another random unit is spawned for you. There is no respawn limit and you can re-roll unfavourable units for another one at a small fee. Getting kills earn you gold that you can use to buy various upgrades. Attack and gold bonus appear randomly on the map as relics and broken carts that you can collect. There are a maximum of 8 outposts in the center of the arena, one for each player. Players lose when their outpost is destroyed. Last player remaining wins.

Luck factor: In some ways, RTD is similar to playing poker. On the surface, the game seems to be all about luck. In reality, there are many strategic elements and many different paths to victory. Gameplay is dynamic and fluid, and the best RTD players do not stubbornly stick to one strategy throughout the match. Flexibility and cunning are important skills in RTD. Players who are unable to recognise subtle changes in the arena will pay the price later on. That said, you would be a fool to ignore Lady Luck. Experts can lose because of bad luck, and noobs can sometimes win because of a lucky streak. This is part of the beauty of RTD, game leaders are not guaranteed victory and losers can unexpectedly win. Nothing is for certain, and players who let down their guard because they have a big lead sometimes pay the ultimate price. The reverse is also true, do not give up even if you are way behind ! Lady Luck might be smiling on you ! However, in the long run, players who are experienced and are able to adapt accurately and quickly will win most of the time, I would say the game is 90% Skills / 10% Luck.

Skills: Needed skills are to get kills with any unit, maximising good situations and minimising bad situations for yourself. Being alert and reacting fast to situations. Knowing what to buy in the store, depending on the current situation. Knowing which player is leading and which players are potentially dangerous. (Remember that because there are many ways to win, there can be different types of game leaders). Knowing which player to target and prevent from getting too strong. In another scenarios, these are very straightforward and easy. But in RTD, it takes some experience to accurately decide. A common mistake among players is reading the game wrongly and hence making poor decisions. Fighting amongst themselves when another player has taken a clear lead, or perhaps targeting a particular player too early in the game. The randomness of the arena means that there isn't a constant best strategy, flexibility is needed and rewarded.

8 players preferred. Typically played FFA, team games have a different dynamic from FFA games and are best if played with people of equal skill.

Since v14 Roll The Dice is only playable with 1.4 RC patch.

Roll The Dice ! v14.9d [1.4 RC] (Stable):
Download => Here ([You must login to view link])

Roll The Dice ! v13.7 Final [1.0c] (Stable):
Download => Here

Online Changelog: [You must login to view link]

Online Matchs Stats / Records: [You must login to view link] (Only CS - Roll The Dice: [You must login to view link])

Map Screen => [You must login to view link]

All Tech: DISABLE (Needed for stability)
Age: STANDARD (Needed for stability)
Map: All Visible
Victory: Standard
Lock teams: Yes
Lock speed: Yes
Team together: Yes

Triggers statistics:
16 663 Triggers
54 169 Conditions
95 564 Effects


Game Full Hints:

How to win:

You have to be the last player alive, a player dies when he loses his outpost. Prioritise getting kills. Kills earn you resources that allow you to upgrade, making kills easier and faster. Try your best to stay high up in the food chain. Players at the bottom of the food chain have to find other creative ways to win. Teaming up vs the game leader is often a bad idea. From early to mid game, the game leader changes often and events can suddenly surge another player into the lead. Remember that depending on the situation, there are many types of game leaders too. Don't forget that you help other players to kill you, if you weaken the player that can kill them. Its a constant balance of power. The exception is when a player has gotten a clear and substantial lead and might win the game soon. Then it is crucial to quickly stop fighting amongst yourselves and quickly get rid of him. You have to survive and always check if you can handle the final 1v1 against the last player alive. During the game you shouldn't attack any player weaker than you, because if they are the last to survive, you will win easily. So keeping weaker players alive will increase your odds of survival too. This is a very sneaky strategy and important point which has the most impact on your winning chances. It is also very important to protect your outpost, having a low outpost HP is a big handicap, as anybody can kill you easily.

Game random alterations:

Start messages: Every RTD match has different starting conditions, so pay attention to the game messages at the start which will alert you to the game alterations. Outpost starting HP, store prices, and outpost burning start time change from game to game. All prices alterations are listed after your civ bonuses. Green indicates a discounted price and Orange indicates a raised price.

Outpost burning start time: This is the in-game time where outposts begin to be damaged by random explosions. This is indicated, at the start of the game, by explosions forming a dice pattern in the middle of the arena. (EG: 6 = 60 min, 3 = 30 min, etc.). The frequency of the outpost burning explosions are increased every 10 minutes until 30 minutes has elapsed. For example, if the first step begins at 30 min, then the second step will begin at 40 min.

An outpost burning explosion do 89 damages to your outpost.

Average damage per seconde:
- First step (0 => 10 minutes) => 0.7/sec
- Second step (10 => 20 minutes) => 1.4/sec
- Third step (20 => 30 minutes) => 2.8/sec
- Fourth step (30 => 60 minutes) => 5.6/sec
- Final step (60+ minutes) => 11.2/sec

Example: Here it will start at 50 minutes (number 5):
You must login into Voobly to view image


Wood: Total Kills
Food: +1/Kill (Usable at food island or by deleting fish trap to get new units)
Gold: +1/Kill, +3/Convert, +5/Raze (You get a cart every 5 Gold)
Stone: Kill Streak (You can get bonus with it that you choose at stone island)
Actual Pop: Carts counter
Max Pop: 90% damage resistance timer
Fish Trap Food Amount: Free rerolls stock (Displayed at hundreds)
Relics: Get 1 to 10 AP
Broken carts: Get 1 to 3 Gold

Kills / Wood Rewards:

It doesn't matter if you earned the wood by kills, or bought the wood in the store. In fact wood isn't really a kills counter, it's just a resource with which you can unlock bonus.

10: 5 Gold and 10 Food
20: +750 HP
25: 1 Gold/min and 20 Food
30: 5 Gold
40: +750 HP
50: 10 Gold
75: +1000 HP
100: +1000 HP and 10 Gold
125: Ultimate Power (+1 AP / +3 HP per seconde)
250: Mega Power (+5 AP / +15 HP per seconde)
300: 100 Food And 10 Free Rerolls

You can see approximate wood levels of enemy players by their outpost name. (EG: Power 1 = +10 Wood, Power 2 = +20 Wood, etc.)

Useful Things:

=> You get a cart in the store for 5 gold.
=> You have a panic to kill all units in the arena. (by deleting burning palisade at top)
=> You have a micro panic to kill all units around your outpost. (by deleting pavilion under burning)
=> You have a fish trap that you can delete to change current unit. (under micro panic pavillon)
=> You have a shortcuts system to use panic / micro panic / reroll faster. (top of map)
=> You have a food trader at food island to buy bonus with your food. (left of map)
=> You have a stone reward selector at stone island to buy bonus with your stone. (left top of map)
=> You can see damage resistance timer at the right of map (Moving petard).
=> You can disable / enable auto change view when spawn with the 4th shortcut.
=> You can also know free rerolls remaining at VDML shortcut AP.
=> There is a heal bonus at middle.
=> Deleting an arena military unit manually is an illegal move and will result in an auto boot. Reroll using the fish trap instead.


There are 3 mains store:
The Classic Store: You will get a cart each 5 gold.
The Super Store: You can buy super carts in the classic store for 3 carts.
The Food Store: This store is composed of 3 different kind of bonus, the main difference with classic store is most of these upgrade are temporary. You buy them with food.

Food store details:
Bonus (Left): It's just various bonus that you can buy when you want.
Items (Right): It affects units stats, you can have only one item in same time, if you buy a new one you lose the previous one.
Spells (Middle): To cast a spell you need a specific amount of wood, but it costs only food.

If a player have an item he will have a torch with his color on it.

Any unit stats upgrade persist forever, except haste / rage / healing potions in food store and +25 AP from noob store, they act only on current unit. As well items bonus can be lost if you buy new ones.

Spells details:
Last Word: Outpost +1M HP but you will die in 210 sec (Requires 100 Wood - Costs 125 Food - Kill VLDM - Locked after first purchase)
Silencer: Players can't panic / Micro panic for 50 seconds (Requires 75 Wood - Costs 125 Food)
Time Accelerator: All damages resistances in progress will end very quickly (Requires 50 Wood - Costs 125 Food)

Units Power Up:

There are much possibles power up that give HP and AP each X secondes to your unit, below you can see all of them, what they do and where to get it:

- Medium Power (+8HP | +1AP / 10 sec) (Buy in super store)
- Final Power (+4HP | +1AP / 5 sec) (Buy in classic store)
- Ultimate Power (+3HP | +1AP / 1 sec) (Researched at 125 kills)
- Mega Power (+15HP | +5AP / 1 sec) (Researched at 250 kills)
- Dysfunctional Power (Randomly lot of AP) (Get it in random upgrade)
- Middle Power (+6HP | +1AP / 1 sec at middle) (Buy it in super store, two upgrades)

Frequently asked questions:

=> What's the island with relics at top ?
At this island you can choose your streak kills bonus. When you reach the stone amount needed then you get the bonus, stone is streak kills counter.

=> How to use shortcuts ?
Sortcuts are really easy to use and are usefull gameplay tricks: Assign a number to them, and during the game for panic or reroll press the assigned number and right click anywhere in map. VLDM will go down and activate reroll or panic, then go back.

=> What are upgrades at bottom in store ?
These upgrades are technologies to have better units.

=> How to unlock Final Power ?
You must buy all blacksmith upgrades (right) and units tech (bottom). It need 12 carts.

=> What means sniper ?
When you buy a sniper you can choose a player that you want damage. But damages aren't constant ! You can do, randomly, 1k, 2k, 3k, 4k or 5k damage.

=> Where can from outpost HP decrease/increase ? (They are adding together)
- +6/sec max from store
- -6/sec max from a player (-42 max from all players)

=> What "HP Decrease Divided by 2" upgrade means ?
This upgrade cuts all HP decrease from players in half. Example: 2 players bought -3HP/sec, then you lose -6HP/sec, if you buy "HP Decrease Divided by 2" you will lose only -3HP/sec.

=> What are rate multiplicators in super store ?
These upgrades multiplies the speed of your bank income, HP increase/decrease or middle bonus. E.G: If you buy Bank Rate x3 your bank will gives 1 gold/20 sec instead 1 gold/min.

=> What's this old stone head in super store ?
This is the random upgrade, it gives you an upgrade randomly, see "Random Upgrade Details" section to know them.

=> I don't understand how work some upgrades from the random upgrade.
See "Random Upgrade Details" section.

=> Teams are detected ?
Yes all possibilities are detected: Panic and HP decrease don't touch your ally.

=> What's the Noob Store ?
Last player under 10 kills get a cart in the noob store to get help. Opened only in 6p, 7p or 8p game.

I really don't know what to buy, there are too much things !

It's not a problem, you will get used to all upgrades with time. Try to add, progressively, new upgrades to your strategy. Basically you can follow this buy order which is not bad and easy to handle:
Food Store:
1/ Get one item (things with torchs), it boosts your units and it's very cheap. Ring Of Fury is always nice.
2/ Get Exchanger Resistance (70 food) to prevent people steal your unit.
3/ Just exchange all your food against gold, and try to use exchanger to steal enemies units.
Stone Island:
1/ Do not touch it, this "store" has a very minor impact on your game.
Gold Store:
1/ Food Bonus (+1Food/30Sec) -> Good for economy always, except in 1v1 or low HP games.
2/ Bank (+1Gold/Min) -> You will get more gold to buy new upgrades faster.
3/ Blacksmith upgrades -> It will help you to get kills, each kill gives +1 of each ressources so it's very important.
4/ Units upgrades -> You need it to have stronger units, and btw unlock final power.
5/ Final power (+1AP/+4HP/5Sec) -> Your core upgrade, you can get lot of kills.
6/ Ballistics + Chemistry -> ...
7/ HP Increase (+3HP/Sec) -> To have a stronger outpost to resist to attacks and snipers.
8/ Medium Power (+1AP/+8HP/10Sec) -> Good HPs extension for final power.
9/ Then three possible ways:
=> Just get kills and try save enough gold to fight when you will go ultimate and mega.
=> Buy wood to rush ultimate and mega, but you will have no gold so it could be harder.
=> Just survive and save your gold to kill the last remaining player (Getting bank x3 is good in this case).

If much players target or try snipe your outpost, you have to get 90% damages resistance to prevent losing outpost HPs, it is the most important upgrade of the game to survive.

Achievements match informations:

=> Feudal time -> Final power time
=> Castle time -> Ultimate power time
=> Imperial time -> Mega power time
=> Food -> Outposts starting HP
=> Wood [Units] -> Outpost burning starting time in minute tens
=> Wood [Tens] -> Sniped received count
=> Wood [Thousands] -> Sniper used count
=> Stone -> Inflicted damages with -200HP, -2kHP and -HP/sec
=> Gold -> Owned HP with +300HP, +3k and +HP/sec
=> Trade Profit -> Total amount of carts owned
=> Total Wonder -> Razes counter (it's not properly shown on Voobly)
=> Total Castle -> Kills counter (does not count bought wood)
=> Relics Captured -> Power reached at player's death
=> Relic Gold -> Maximum gold income per minutes (1 to 4)
=> Society score [Units] -> Mini loto bought count
=> Tribute Received -> Advanced match details

The advanced match details number describe much things about how the player played his game, it's used by me to make stats and balance the map, I may publish a documentation about this if people are interested.

Civ Bonus:

The civ bonus are very specific to RTD, most of classic aoc bonus are deactivated. Your civ bonus is notified at start by chat.

AZTECS (Gold Civ)___________________________
- First Lotery Jackpot Gives +20 Gold
- Bank x3 +33% Efficient
- Start With 5 Gold

BRITONS (Archers Civ)___________________________
- 12% Chance/Sec To Auto Micro Panic Vs Rams
- Archers +3 Range / +3 AP / +0.15 MS
- Thumb Ring Researched At Start

BYZANTINES (Architect Civ)___________________________
- +300 HPs / +3000 HPs Are 66% More Efficient
- Damages Resistance Lasts 20 More Seconds
- Each Power Reached Gives +300 HPs

CELTS (Runner Civ)___________________________
- Each Power Reached Gives +0.02 Infantry MS
- Ultimate Power Gives +0.10 Infantry MS
- Mega Power Gives +0.40 Infantry MS
- +0.12 MS To All Units

CHINESE (Food Civ)___________________________
- Each Micro Panic Kill Gives +25 Food
- Food Help Is 100% More Efficient
- Start With +30 Food

FRANKS (Pyrotechnic Civ)___________________________
- At Middle: +0.40 MS / Die When Converted (Disabled With Monks)
- Game Explosions Do Not Kill You And Middle Ones Heal You 40 HPs
- Middle Explosions Happen 5x More Often When You Are At Middle
- Random Upgrade +760% Chance To Get Outpost Burning Immunity

GOTHS (Wood Civ)___________________________
- Random Upgrade Wood Machine +230% Chance
- Ultimate Power At 110 Kills
- Mega Power At 220 Kills

HUNS (Knacker Civ)___________________________
- Sniper Minimum Damages: 2k / Chance: +100% For 5k / +100% For 6k
- Sniper Has 50% Chance To Bypass 90% Damages Resistance
- -200 HPs / -2000 HPs Are 25% More Efficient
- Spells Does Not Require Wood

JAPANESE (Ninja Civ)___________________________
- Each Kill Gives To Infantry 6 Seconds Rage Time
- Rage Time: 14 AP / Die When Converted
- Infantry +33% Attack Speed And +0.10 MS

KOREANS (Defence Civ)___________________________
- Micro Panic 33% Chance To Convert Unit Instead Kill
- Micro Panic Radius Is Higher
- Micro Panic Auto Rebuy For 20 Stone
- Malus: Kill Streaks Contracts Disabled

MAYANS (Economy Civ)___________________________
- Micro Panic / Exchanger Half Price
- 3 Gold / 3 Wood Cost 20 Food
- Reroll Costs 2 Food

MONGOLS (Mangudai Civ)___________________________
- 33% Chance To Get Mangudai On Reroll
- Cavalry Archers Fire 20% Faster / +3 AP
- Partians Tactics Researched At Start

PERSIANS (Kill Streaks Civ)___________________________
- Elephants Killed By Panic Have 50% Chance Of Respawning
- Cavalry +10% MS / War Elephants +30% MS
- Stone Generator +100% Efficient
- Haste Potion Costs 20 Food

SARACENS (Military Civ)___________________________
- All Units Get Stats Depending Of Your Food Stock
- For Each 30 Food (Max 1000): 1 AP / 5 HP / 0.01 MS
- Start With 7 More Free Rerolls
- Malus: Start With -25 Food

SPANISH (Holy Guns Civ)___________________________
- Each Conversion Gives +2 Gold / +3 Stone / +2 Armor To Units
- Imam +40 HP / Missionary +0.35 MS / Gunners +20 AP
- Each Kill Gives +2 Armor To Priests And Gunners
- Priests Faith Regain +50% / Conversion Range +3

TEUTONS (Armored Civ)___________________________
- Units +2/+1 Armor / +2 AP / Immune To Conversion
- Outpost +10/+10 Armor Vs Units
- Malus: Units -0.10 MS

TURKS (Bombard Tower Civ)___________________________
- You Retrieve 3 Gold Tax For Each Bombard Tower Bought By Enemies
- Random Upgrade Double Bombard Towers +170% Chance
- Bombard Towers +250 HP / +40 AP
- Free Ballistics + Chemistry

VIKINGS (Regeneration Civ)___________________________
- Middle Base Heal Rate +50% / Berserk Faster Regeneration
- Relics Provide +30 HP / Garrisoned Units +1 HP/Sec
- Bombard Towers Regenerate 2 HP Per Sec
- Monks +12 Heal Range / x5 Heal Rate

Other Tricks:

- Micro panic kills are counted / interacts with allies unit like enemies / always kills panic dodger.
- If a player reached the max amount of carts (10), he will cumulate gold. Over 25 gold saved, an explosion will happen on his store flag every 30 sec, over 50 gold two explosions, and over 75 gold three explosions. Be careful to that, players with many gold have a big advantage.
- Huns sniper save its bonus on a reflexion, so it works against himself !
- Turks doesn't get gold if the bombard tower is bought by a Turks player, or if it comes from the random upgrade.
- If you try fill hard streak kills contracts you can block your spawn for prevent lose the stone when death.
- The area where you can buy 90% damage resistance is randomly bombarded to prevent you camp on it.
- Wolf have a random attack power.
- If the statue isn't here nobody can get admiral or crazy women, and attack bonus explosions can't happen.
- The spawn priority is random, for example at start your chance to get your unit in first is 1/8. The maximum time that you can wait is 8 secondes.
- You get gold bonus when you do combo kills, that means when you do several kills in same time, see below.
- All games messages which are not assigned to a player have colors depending of the event probability, see below.

Combo kills bonus:
x2 => 3 Gold
x3 => 5 Gold
x4 => 10 Gold
x5 => 25 Gold
x6 => 50 Gold
x7 => 100 Gold

Messages colors:
White / Aqua: Common event, you will see it in any games.
Green: Rare event, you may see it each ~10 games.
Yellow: Epic event, you may see it each ~100 games.
Purple: Secret event, you may see it each ~1 000 games.
Blue: Almost impossible event, you may never see it, ~10 000 games.

Advanced Probabilities:

Here you can see exact probabilities about some random things.

Units numbers:
85% to get a standard unit
6,25% to get an hero class B
4,16% to get an hero class A
2,78% to get Imam
2,08% to get a double unit spawn
0,69% to get a missionary
0,34% to get the strongest wolf
0,077% to get a cobra car
0,022% to get a double hero spawn
0,016% to get a triple unit spawn
0,0061% to get the monkey boy
0,0027% to get a triple hero spawn
Less than 0,0027% to get epic and secrets spawns
Rarest is 0,00008477% !

Events Numbers:
Each 85 min constant units event happen
Each 170 min an hero time happen
Each 540 min flying wolfs come
Each 660 min hay stacks dissapear
Each 8 games a start event happen
Each 64 games deep game mode is loaded
Over 64 games to see secrets games modes
Rarest is each 1024 games !

Random Upgrade Numbers:
12% to get dysfunctional power up
12% to get dysfunctional gold machine
12% to get dysfunctional wood machine
12% to get double towers
12% to get panic dodger
12% to get lucky enchantment
12% to get lot of food
4% to get outpost burning immunity
4% to get the accursed tower
4% to get the garrison tower
0,69% to get +3000 HPs
0,69% to get -2000 HPs
0,69% to get the merchant
0,69% to get the gold dice
0,26% to get the exterminator
0,26% to get 3000 HPs for enemies
0,26% to get +50 gold to all
0,13% to get the kamikaze power up
0,13% to get the submachine gun
0,13% to get 66 extra wood
Less than 0,13% to get secret upgrades
Rarest is 0,02441% !

Random Upgrade Details:

Dysfunctional power up: Your unit has 1.5% chance per seconde to get +17 AP.
Gold machine: You have 0.4% chance per seconde to get +2 Gold, and 0.4% chance per seconde to get +6 Gold.
Wood machine: You have 1.5% chance per seconde to get +2 Wood.
Double towers: You get 2 bombards tower behind your oupost.
Panic dodger: You have 50% chance to dodge each panic.
Lucky enchantment: Heroes/Double units => +66% , Died Carts => +1000% chance for +3 gold, Relics => +1000% chance for +10 AP.
Lot of food: You get +250 Food.
Outpost burning immunity: Outpost burn won't damage you.
The accursed tower: 1777 HP / 18 AP / +1 AP each 5 secondes.
The garrison tower: 100 HPs / Infinite Armor / Immune to all projectiles / Slow HP Regeneration / +3 HP per sec to garrisoned unit.
+3000 HPs: +3000 HPs to your outpost.
-2000 HPs: -2000 HPs to all enemies' outposts.
The merchant: You can sell 4 wood or 4 food against 1 gold as many times as you want.
The gold dice: +500% chance to get heroes / double units
Exterminator: You get 3 free snipers in sniper area.
Buy 3000 HPs for all: All players get +3000 HPs to their outpost, except you.
+50 gold to all: All players get +50 Gold, including you.
Kamikaze power up: +7 AP/sec and 3% chance to die each second.

Alternative Guides:

Here's other guides wrote by good RTD players:
Laochra guide:
Roll The Dice - Guide V14.txt (file size: 24.76 KB)
Title.png (file size: 25.58 KB)
=V= Roll The Dice (file size: 276.32 KB)
=V= Roll The Dice (file size: 248.78 KB)
Roll The Dice - Guide V14.png (file size: 6.78 MB)

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Join Date: 25 May 2011
Edited 22 July 2012 - 8:32 pm by [MM]Gallas
I like the random box=)

How many chance to get the car with 150 hp?
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Join Date: 27 November 2008
Edited 22 July 2012 - 9:30 pm by [BalaaM_]CaNeK
I liked
But u can add more panics or buy them ?
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Join Date: 20 January 2011
Edited 23 July 2012 - 1:40 pm by syssouffle
Probability for car is 1/1728, no more because there is also 8 others very strong units with same probability, therefore 1/192 for have a big advantage.

Mmmm idk for panic, it's hard to do a good gameplay, more than one can be not fun because players can never enjoy of his super units... I will add in store but probably at a high price.
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Join Date: 21 March 2008
Posted 23 July 2012 - 2:55 pm
you die too easy, maybe wall hp should be increased
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Join Date: 20 January 2011
Edited 24 July 2012 - 5:16 pm by syssouffle
v0.3 uploaded ! Wall replaced by an outpost, and they are no longer damaged by the time so you will die less easily.

- Add panic in store
- Ram have a better probability
- Now noobest units are boosted, for prevent of big disavantage
- Delete Imam is allowed
- Wall replace by outpost with 2000 HP => +raze bonus (5 Gold)
- Add a cool night event,explored map is necessary (approximately 1/2 to come during a game)
- Outpost are no longer damaged by the time
- Cobra begin now with only 150 HP and lose 1 HP/sec unless on middle.
- Now you can't get Imam if it's already on map.
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Join Date: 13 April 2009
Posted 24 July 2012 - 4:59 pm
This map is absolutely awesome! I've had tons of fun playing it on GR, and it seems to be quite popular there to! Good job! ;thumbup
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Join Date: 20 January 2011
Edited 24 July 2012 - 5:21 pm by syssouffle
Cool thanks ! v0.32 uploaded.

This is a beta I'm going to work on events this will be more fun. I could play for test my game and find good improvements only Friday... If you have idea give to me !

v0.32 improvements:
- Fix a bug in store
- Outpost have now 3000 HP
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Join Date: 20 January 2011
Edited 27 July 2012 - 10:03 am by syssouffle
v0.4 uploaded:
- When you die you can still see players fighting.
- Outpost start with 2500 HP
- Outpost lose 1 HP / sec but get +25 HP / Kill
- Store outpost extra HP and damage work also during the night event.
- 2 explosions events added on middle
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Join Date: 27 November 2008
Edited 26 July 2012 - 3:36 am by [BalaaM_]CaNeK
mmm is very expensive buy other panic. (25 kills)
btw use [You must login to view link] u.u
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Join Date: 4 May 2009
Posted 26 July 2012 - 3:46 am
this map is epic , very fun & great job mate :)

totally cool, must of taken you ages, u good with ur triggrrs
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Join Date: 20 January 2011
Edited 27 July 2012 - 10:02 am by syssouffle
v0.5 uploaded:
- Fix a bug with cobra car
- Fun event added
- After 1 hour outpost lose 1,2 or 3 HP / sec
- Extra HP and damage ajusted to -200 / +200
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Join Date: 20 January 2011
Edited 27 July 2012 - 10:25 am by syssouffle
v0.6 uploaded:
- Monkey boy, gods own sling and subo added in random box
- Better event system and one more added

plz report if you see a bug.
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Join Date: 3 June 2008
Edited 27 July 2012 - 10:47 am by DingDongPingPon
i've played it, it's pretty fun
good map ;1thumbup
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Join Date: 20 January 2011
Edited 28 July 2012 - 9:06 pm by syssouffle
v0.8 uploaded.

Really better, now you can see events. (before probabiliy was too small or triggers not work...)

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