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This will basically be a supplementary guide to the map creator's thread found here:

The hope is to help players with rtd and hopefully get more playing the map as it is extremely fun. I will be explaining my own approach to games and why i do what i do. This guide assumes you know the basics and is aimed primarily at 5+ player free for alls. Apologies in advance for the text wall. :P

Early game:

First things first. Theres a delay at the start before units begin spawning. Use that time to apply your number shortcuts to the panics and reroll. Then go to the food store.


Note the top half of the foodstore. Theres 12 upgrades not including the spells in the middle. You can have 1 of these 12 upgrades active at any time. I used to get fury sword almost always. But that upgrade is only good if youre spawning strong units that can notch up a few kills which doesnt always happen. These days I find i have more consistently strong early games when i buy ring of fury even with bad unit rolls. Then i switch to fury sword once ive the blacksmith upgrades sorted. Then finally i switch to boots of speed post ultimate power in the lategame. Heavy slicer might be worth trying with celts due to their speed bonuses. The mix booster is viable but i never get it. The armour upgrades are useless. I also recommend applying a number shortcut to the food store and stone store vdmls.

There are also different starting events which can decide your strategy. Store upgrade discounts will be announced in the beginning so watch for those. If you miss the notifications just take a quick scan of the store for anything of significance. You should also check tower hp as that varies every game. Low hp starts can mean players seeking to use -200/-2k plays and you dont want to be caught off guard. Your civ can also help decide your strategy as they all get different advantages. I'll expand upon this later in the guide.

A core rtd strategy which I find i use in 50% of games is buying bank, food and stone generator and then heading straight for final power. In ffa games establishing an income is essential. Your very first goal should be to get to 25 kills asap for that 1 gold/min. If you spawn a strong unit it is often worth your while to use 30 food in the food store to buy it ap. I wouldnt advise doing this though if everyone still has their panic. Otherwise that unit wont last long.

If your early game is going very well you can go for bank X3 before blacksmith upgrades. Usually though i get bank X3 after final power. In 6+ player games where most players are going for ulti and mega, bank X3 is almost essential. It'll pay for itself in 15 mins and allows you to buy tower defences, panics, wood etc. In <6 player games it can often hurt your game to buy it.


After final power and bank X3(if you bought it) you've some decisions to make. hp/min for your tower is often a must buy. If you think you can handle all the other players ganging up on you you can buy wood and rush ultimate. If youre neck in neck with 1 or more other players you can divert resources to upgrades in the superstore that will strengthen your lategame like tower hp rate multiplier or the random upgrade. In games where youve 5 players or less bbt towers can be a good purchase to accelerate your kill gains. If there are more players the odds of them spawning anti building units are higher so do so at your own risk. I dont recommend bbts when other players are ulti but you can use garrison to try to dodge panics.

Lategame(post ultimate power):

Up your stone contract to tier 2 or 3 for wood. This depends on your ability to fill them. If other players are ulti and competent you will struggle to fill a tier 1 contract. Keep on top of your panics and prevent the other main wood leader from getting streaks. As soon as youre mega you can focus on killing the remaining players towers. At that point you should also change your stone contract for gold gains.

Camping Strategy:

This is an uncommon strategy but good for 6+ player games particularly since the introduction of spells. If you have a weak start or have a civ like aztecs, koreans or huns then this can be a strong play. Basically you get bank, food then bank X3 and camp. Your units will be weak so just try to collect broken carts and get any kills you can. Buy the hp/min upgrades, hp/min multiplier then save carts and buy negative. The idea is to keep everyone elses hp down while stockpiling carts. Make sure youve enough carts for outpost resistance if you need it. The idea is to survive until the end and pick off the last player with either snipers or spells. Or both. Saving enough food to bypass unit exchanger immunity in combination with the silencer spell can kill mega players. Ive seen power 4 players kill players with mega powerup using this strategy. Be careful though. If a players lead is too strong they can buy defences. Ideally you hope multiple players are playing for mega and will be too distracted to focus on you.

General Tips:
    If you have the carts always leave 3 of them sitting outside the outpost resistance purchase and hotkey those carts so you can use them quickly if needed. This is essential once players start reaching ultimate power.

    Always have a panic. At the very least have carts sitting outside the purchase if needed. There are units while extremely rare that can do heavy outpost damage very quickly.

    Always monitor what others are doing with their carts and keep an eye on the stores. Players rarely stockpile carts for no reason. Especially if youre the leader since people could buy snipers.

    Keep an eye on income as well as power level. The player with the highest power level and score is often not necessarily the most dangerous.

Notes on certain upgrades:

- I am not a big fan of the random upgrade as it is a bit of a diceroll. Sometimes it can give you amazing game winning upgrades other times it can be useless. If you do buy it always have a panic ready for antibuildings units. I have seen players spawn double bbts only to lose them an instant later to some player who has spawned a sab. If its discounted though its definitely worth buying. The upgrades that actually penalise you are extremely rare.

- The free reroll purchase is only worthwhile with mongols. I would actually call it a core purchase for that civ. It might be worthwhile if you buy random upgrade and get gold dice or lucky enchantment.

- The stone generator is core for koreans and persians. Ive been trying it out with other civs in general recently but im ambivalent towards it. I don't know how other good rtd players feel about it. I might update this point

- The mid bonuses in the superstore are only worthwhile with franks imo or if theyve been discounted which actually occurs quite often. Personally though i prefer global powerups.

- I only ever buy the medium powerup if its discounted. I used to combo it with final power for a stronger midgame but im not sure if its worth it over bankX3 or the hp powerup.

Civilisation bonuses and comments:

Civ Bonus:

AZTECS (Gold Civ)___________________________
- First Lotery Jackpot Gives +20 Gold
- Bank x3 +33% Efficient
- Start With 5 Gold

Excellent civ if you can get bank X3 as you practically **** gold.

BRITONS (Archers Civ)___________________________
- 12% Chance/Sec To Auto Micro Panic Vs Rams
- Archers +3 Range / +3 AP / +0.15 MS
- Thumb Ring Researched At Start

Archer spawns become lethal once you get your first powerup. One of my favourite civs for rushing ulti/mega

BYZANTINES (Architect Civ)___________________________
- +300 HPs / +3000 HPs Are 66% More Efficient
- Damages Resistance Lasts 20 More Seconds
- Each Power Reached Gives +300 HPs

Great defensive civ. A real lifesaver in low hp games.

CELTS (Runner Civ)___________________________
- Each Power Reached Gives +0.02 Infantry MS
- Ultimate Power Gives +0.10 Infantry MS
- Mega Power Gives +0.40 Infantry MS
- +0.12 MS To All Units

The only viable candidate for the heavy slicer purchase in the food store

CHINESE (Food Civ)___________________________
- Each Micro Panic Kill Gives +25 Food
- Food Help Is 100% More Efficient
- Start With +30 Food

the food bonuses give you a large number of micropanics for defence. Micropanic kills also add to your kill count

FRANKS (Pyrotechnic Civ)___________________________
- At Middle: +0.40 MS / Die When Converted (Disabled With Monks)
- Game Explosions Do Not Kill You And Middle Ones Heal You 40 HPs
- Middle Explosions Happen 5x More Often When You Are At Middle
- Random Upgrade +760% Chance To Get Outpost Burning Immunity

The only viable civ for non discounted middle powerups.

GOTHS (Wood Civ)___________________________
- Random Upgrade Wood Machine +230% Chance
- Ultimate Power At 110 Kills
- Mega Power At 220 Kills

HUNS (Knacker Civ)___________________________
- Sniper Minimum Damages: 2k / Chance: +100% For 5k / +100% For 6k
- Sniper Has 50% Chance To Bypass 90% Damages Resistance
- -200 HPs / -2000 HPs Are 25% More Efficient
- Spells Does Not Require Wood

Great civ for camping strats due to the power of its snipers.

JAPANESE (Ninja Civ)___________________________
- Each Kill Gives To Infantry 6 Seconds Rage Time
- Rage Time: 14 AP / Die When Converted
- Infantry +33% Attack Speed And +0.10 MS

KOREANS (Defence Civ)___________________________
- Micro Panic 33% Chance To Convert Unit Instead Kill
- Micro Panic Radius Is Higher
- Micro Panic Auto Rebuy For 20 Stone
- Malus: Kill Streaks Contracts Disabled

The lack of stone contracts makes going ulti and mega extremely difficult. Camping strats are often the best play. Stone generator is a must for the micropanics that can convert.

MAYANS (Economy Civ)___________________________
- Micro Panic / Exchanger Half Price
- 3 Gold / 3 Wood Cost 20 Food
- Reroll Costs 2 Food

MONGOLS (Mangudai Civ)___________________________
- 33% Chance To Get Mangudai On Reroll
- Cavalry Archers Fire 20% Faster / +3 AP
- Partians Tactics Researched At Start

Mangudai are lethal once you have powerups. The reroll chance makes this the only civ where free rerolls is a worthwhile purchase. i usually get it after blacksmith upgrades.

PERSIANS (Kill Streaks Civ)___________________________
- Elephants Killed By Panic Have 50% Chance Of Respawning
- Cavalry +10% MS / War Elephants +30% MS
- Stone Generator +100% Efficient
- Haste Potion Costs 20 Food

Amazing civ for completing stone contracts and and fastest civ at achieving ulti/mega.

SARACENS (Military Civ)___________________________
- All Units Get Stats Depending Of Your Food Stock
- For Each 30 Food (Max 1000): 1 AP / 5 HP / 0.01 MS
- Start With 7 More Free Rerolls
- Malus: Start With -25 Food

SPANISH (Holy Guns Civ)___________________________
- Each Conversion Gives +2 Gold / +3 Stone / +2 Armor To Units
- Imam +40 HP / Missionary +0.35 MS / Gunners +20 AP
- Each Kill Gives +2 Armor To Priests And Gunners
- Priests Faith Regain +50% / Conversion Range +3

TEUTONS (Armored Civ)___________________________
- Units +2/+1 Armor / +2 AP / Immune To Conversion
- Outpost +10/+10 Armor Vs Units
- Malus: Units -0.10 MS

TURKS (Bombard Tower Civ)___________________________
- You Retrieve 3 Gold Tax For Each Bombard Tower Bought By Enemies
- Random Upgrade Double Bombard Towers +170% Chance
- Bombard Towers +250 HP / +40 AP
- Free Ballistics + Chemistry

VIKINGS (Regeneration Civ)___________________________
- Middle Base Heal Rate +50% / Berserk Faster Regeneration
- Relics Provide +30 HP / Garrisoned Units +1 HP/Sec
- Bombard Towers Regenerate 2 HP Per Sec
- Monks +12 Heal Range / x5 Heal Rate

Please do not do the following(Noob plays):

1. Rush other players towers for no reason.

Don't do this. Please. In the early game its all about kills. If you spend all your time trying to raze towers, others will be buying kills and getting upgrades meaning youll have almost 0 chance of winning. Also you ruin the game for the poor **** who you arbitrarily decided to target. Youre often better off rerolling antibuilding units in the early game. The only exception is if someone has gained a lead and you want them to burn resources on defence.

2. Hoard panics.

In a game with good players, its a delicate balance of power until eventually 1 player manages to outwit/outplay the others. The players prevent any of the others from gaining too strong a lead. These games are the most fun and get the full potential out of the map. In games with bad players, people hoard panics and leave a random player rampage with some op overpowered unit. If you think hoarding your panic while some player goes on a rampage and reaches final before everyone else gets blacksmith will help you win you are dead wrong. I was appalled the other day in a game to be allowed to keep a final power archer long enough to get 50 kills. This is how you know youre playing noobs.

Overall rtd is meant to be fun. Out of all the the scenarios ive played it is by far my favourite. Feel free to post any questions or additions below.

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Good guide keep it up ;1thumbup

So true about rushing and hoarding panics, most seen weak points, also targeting wrong players thinking it will helps to win the game...
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The only thing you need to know is.

"Appear weak, when you are strong."

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