Vampire Reincarnation (with guide)


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Are you bored of playing with those maps though always already? Would you like to try something new?

Here's the next-generation hunter / prey Map:


Download as Visual mod:

Download link from aok.heaven:
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Direct link:

This map not supporting perfectly the Userpatch (unload human spells for p1)!

Game settings:
- Map explored (or not for experts)
- Lock speed
- UNLOCK TEAMS (lock it only, if the vampires are in an other team)

Whats news in this map? -->

- Total new terrain, shop, castle, and game mechanism.
- Selectable the numbers of vampires.
- Selectable vampire(s)
- 100% randomable vampire(s)
- Settable 9 different difficult for humans, and vampires.
- New resources system.
- Unloadable buildings from female villagers.
- New spells inside the main villager and vampires.
- The Vampires are able to collect souls.
- The Vampires' spirits are invisible, it is not possible to destroy them while they do not appear.
- The game have a finite time, but eventually the vampires become more developed over time.
- There are more than 30 possible base.

_v1,1 updated!
- The rest of the players see the start.
- The earthquake does not cause more problems already with the sheep.
- Lilith's spell4 isn't wrong.
- If p2 and p4 the vampire, p4 won't attack p2.
- All text messages were removed, (exception some important ones), since this caused being frozen off in most cases unfortunately.

_v1,2 updated!
- Saboteur 4x cheaper now.
- +50% more gold from wonders, but max 3.
- + attack to archers.
- +125 wood when preys are beginners.
- + one new thing in vampire shop. (gold rush)
- Pile of stone instead of stone mine.
- New temples hay stack bug fixed.
- p5 granite wall spell fixed.
- Plague spell send message when used.
- When vampires win, Lilith is not only going to win.
- Some minor terrain edited.

_v1,3 updated!
- Pile of stone was a bad idea... now normal stone mines
- p5 vampire raze fixed
- Archers attack -5 / -10
- Minor terrain edit (with new photo)

_v1,4 updated!
- p1 archer hp no more kill the sheep
- Vampire (with cheating) no more able to leave middle before game started (spirits too)
- Gold rush rewritten totally (see scouts)
- If vampires get towers (by stupid prey's unloading) those will disappear
- No more cheating with Stone wall->Fortified wall
- Fortified wall free to preys.
- Vampires get +20% extra gold from relics in easy, and 10% in normal mode
- Monk with relics spawn later at start (10 sec before vampires are free)
- p1 mongol monk fixed (was only visual bug)

_v1,5 updated!
- Lagg slightly reduced thanks to my BoTH map

_v1,6 updated!
- Greatly reduced the map-lag and should not crash if used with UserPatch (still not work 100%)

Technical informations:

Size = 200x200
Triggers = 1744
Conditions = 3147
Effects = 7527
Units on map = 3634 (2978 gaia)

(If you unload a building from your female villager, when other player can see it, it can be converted to their color)


Yellow: Recommended walling point
Red: Recommended towering point
Blue: Secret exits
Numbers: How many players can be in base.

This picture shows it how to use the secret passages.

You may see that it is not possible to go over on the first small picture. The rest of the pictures show it, how you can do it.

But how the spells work?

Now the third spell is not ready. You can see the HP bar isn't 100%

When the spell is ready (now fourth), you can see the Hp bar is 100%

If you wanna use it, just click on it.

But what happened?

In hints you can read this (vampire spell 4): Earthquake (Ornlu The Wolf or Hunting wolf): Causes an earthquake at a RANDOM human. All building lost 750 health. (30 min cooldown)

Example: p1 vampire, p2 dead, p3 alive prey, p4 alive prey, p5-6-7-8 non played

This spell does not affect you if you are a vampire. The preys have an equal chance to endure it. 3 preys were from it now one fell out of the game. The other two now have 50-50% chance , that affects him.


You have to read this if you never played with this map yet.

If you are a human you have the nexts:

A caravan, in it with 4 villages. It be allowed to put them out similarly to the transport ship unload it you have to click. Two male and two female villagers. The first man village (who have unique name) carries the spells (from this direction will be later weaves). If this village dies, you will lose the game. He has to survive anyway. The other male villager hold another spell, but you will not lose the game if he dies. One of the female village hold 3 buildings at herself (1-1-1 Mill, Lumber mill and Mining camp). You can put these out if you click on them. Another holding one Accurased tower (icon=teuton knight) and 3 Keeps (icon=relic).
The shop is on the lower part of the map where you can be shopping with a king a lot of things.

If you are a vampire you have the nexts:

You start with a rider unit (named Dracula or Lilith) who is hidden. You have to wait for it while the time is over (5 minutes), you will summon then. The spells are in your rider unit (from this direction will in later weaves). In the castles you cannot create units, do not make an attempt. You can be putting in relics only into the church, you cannot make something else with them. You can't leave your castle with your monks. If your rider unit died, 5 minutes later he will resurrect inside your castle, but if the resurrected vampire die again, you will lose the game.
The shop is on the lower part of the map where you can be shopping with a merchant a lot of things.

What is your task on the map:

Humans: To escape from the vampire's castle, to look for a protected base, build up a protection, survive the vampire's siege.

VAMPIRES: To look up and to kill all people.

Another helps:

Hints ==
1. List of human's and vampire's spells. You can activate your spell if you click his icon (you may read it below we-onto what it do). The spell is active if the green stripe caught an end in the act of it's icon. If red, then yet cannot be used.

2. Game settings == The different difficulty what is reported in detail.

3. Vampire upgrade == What the vampires receive as a bonus after a time.

Scouts == Since there are not raw materials on the map, because of this it, that secure raw material you have to build buildings. The list of these can be found here.

Vampire Reincarnation_v16.scx (file size: 90.05 KB)
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Posted 2 April 2012 - 4:31 pm
Seems fun ^^
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Posted 2 April 2012 - 4:46 pm
+1 11. Adding Vampire Ressurection 5.3 wont be a bad idea will it since no >FooW< hackers here in voobly ^^
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Vampire resurrection.... When I built the first one (yeah, it's me, I did the first one, it was my idea). I did not conceal the triggers yet. This was the result. All kinds of came rebuilt it. (Cheating yet was put into it sometimes, or they simply made unambitious work). example: 5.3
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Posted 2 April 2012 - 5:13 pm
u can try to edit it or sth 11 :P
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Posted 2 April 2012 - 5:16 pm
Gllas_HU Rules =D amazing map
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Posted 2 April 2012 - 5:46 pm
Gllas_HU Rules =D amazing map

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Posted 2 April 2012 - 7:22 pm
It is !
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 [ TD ]BF_BlackSpirit

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Posted 2 April 2012 - 11:47 pm
Final version or continue in tests?
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Posted 3 April 2012 - 9:31 am
Final version or continue in tests?

I started it in a September and finished in December. For months after I'm tested it lots of entirely until April. Now, you can see my final edition. I fixed the terrible lag, balanced the map and removed lots of crash-maker. I know it, it's not perfect, but I did it what I knew. I am open if anybody has an actual idea possibly onto him. Maybe I'll send the editable version in private 8)
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 [ TD ]BF_BlackSpirit

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Posted 3 April 2012 - 9:57 am
I hope this one is better than the 5.3 because it was very easy for Preys :S
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Posted 4 April 2012 - 10:28 pm
Nice write up.
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Posted 7 April 2012 - 1:19 pm
Great job. There is no other map like this. The spells specially are original and neat.
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Posted 7 April 2012 - 3:50 pm
look good but never played i think

(how to download ?)
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Posted 7 April 2012 - 4:36 pm
rance wrote:
look good but never played i think

(how to download ?)

You may find the download link on top of the topic.

I did a direct link yet to it.

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