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Modding Tools and what File what Does
guide written by [MM]Gallas


Important programs

Optional programs

Folder structure

Main folder (named as you want) contains everything that you need. Inside this you can make sub-folders:

Data-modding and graphics


This files can be edited by [You must login to view link]. Most of the information stored here, like Researches, Technologies, Civilizations, Units, Graphics displaying (not the actual graphics), Terrain restrictions, etc. Guide for this program can be found here. .dat files:
empires2.dat - AOK data
empires2_x1.dat - AOC 1.0 data
empires2_x1_p1.dat AOC 1.0c (or further) data
(other .dat files are not explained)


This files can be edited by [You must login to view link]. Storage files for graphics, sounds, icons, terrains. .drs files:
gamedata.drs - aok bina information storage (rm and Ai scripts)
gamedata_x1.drs - aoc 1.0 bina information storage (rm and Ai scripts)
gamedata_x1_p1.drs - aoc 1.0c bina information and the new Turtle ship .slp
graphics.drs - all graphics are stored here in .slp. This files' id number will be important to load the proper file.
interfac.drs - contains lots of bina data, Ui images, icons, buttons and some sound files
sounds.drs - aok sound files
sounds_x1.drs - aoc sound files
terrain.drs - terrains


This files can be edited by [You must login to view link]. "Unzipped" .drs files for images, textures and sounds. It can be just one picture, or gif-like pack. In the .dat file with AGE3 in Graphics menu can set how to play it.

Language and text editing


The game using .dll files for languages in main folder (you can check this strings with 7zip).
language.dll - aok texts
language_x1.dll - aoc 1.0 texts
language_x1_p1.dll - aoc 1.0c texts

The loading order is same as I listed. Here a (not valid numbered) example:
12345ID string in language.dll does not exist (let's say it's added from aoc)
12345ID string in language_x1.dll means "Shinkichon +2 onager range" (as aoc 1.0 file)
12345ID string in language_x1_p1.dll means "Shinkichon +1 onager range" (as aoc 1.0c file)

That's mean in your game if playing you will see +1 range message (not counting if AOK). The loading order IS only important if you are doing off-line mods with .dll files, here at Voobly we have .ini files.


language.ini used as text holder file without editing .dll. For Voobly we have this loading order:
language.dll -> language_x1.dll -> language_x1_p1.dll -> language.ini
The language.ini is NOT overwriting the whole .dll files, just the listed IDs. So if you want to overwrite the previous example, you have to write into the .ini file only the following:
12345=Shinkichon +9 onager range

Sound and music


Used for Taunts, Campaign messages, Civilizations' music, Menu music.


Used for ingame sounds. Mostly stored in /drs folder. MUST BE MONO! If it's stereo it will crash the game!


Background music files can be this type too in /Sound folder. Make sure it have a music.m3u as a music list with proper locations.

Random map and Scenarios


Random map files in /Random folder. (suggested tool: [You must login to view link])


Scenario files for AOK in /Scenario folder. AOC also can play it. (suggested tool: aokTS)


Scenario files for AOC in /Scenario folder. AOK cannot play it. (suggested tool: aokTS)


aoeHD scenario file-type. Only works at Steam, AOC cannot play it!
("modify scenario dependencies" and aokTS may can convert it, but without any new expansion objects)

Other files


Your mod's version. Must have file or it won't be seen in mod list in room settings. Example:
If your version is different than host's, Voobly will warn you about it. If your version is lower than the approved mod's, Voobly will automatic download the update. To avoid "unzip failed" error, it is suggested to enable UAC.
A mod update will clear everything in the mod's directory and ONLY the newly downloaded files will be there! Example, if you have an extra scenario in the mod's Scenario folder (if the mod use age2_x1.xml it's necessary), then that file will be DELETED.


Used to activate Advanced Statistics. It has to contain the following:
[Advanced Statistics] Enabled=1


Extra civilization loader. A must have file if your data mod uses more or less civilizations than 18. Setup the civilizations name, theme music, Unique Units/Techs and scout.
Important note: Using this file makes the data mod more independent. It means it will use own Player.nfz for hotkeys, and interface settings, also has an own and separated SaveGame, Scenario, Screenshots, Script.AI and Script.RM directory. If the directories and Player.nfz is missing the game after first start will create them.

If you have issue with something, you can check how other mods are working :)

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