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by Gallas - 67 downloads

The name of this mod says what you need to know.
You start as a villager on a big island. There are weapons on the ground somewhere around. Go and pick them up before other players and be the last survivor!

This mod is not done yet! The work on it will be determined by the interest of the public test version and overall feedbacks.

Missing features from final version:
  • Loots for upgrading units and stats
  • Health increasing and restoring
  • Stealth system and camo
  • Balance is not polished
  • Map is kinda boring look, but working
  • Map is not shrinking by time - at now this is my biggest bottleneck, as I not found yet a way to do it
  • Mod guide and detailed unit stats
  • Civs are badly adjusted now

Not possible features:
  • Showing unit stats on yours and target
  • Adding more weapons, only can have 11 total

(important game settings)

All player has free carto and after 10 minutes everyoner gets spies.

Special thanks to:
- Keisari Tapsa, Ruralist and DiGiT for modding tools
- ApAdams for ideas and some graphics
- xViRuS for mod suggestion

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