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You start as a villager on a big island. There are weapons on the ground somewhere around. Go and pick them up before other players and be the last survivor!



  • A custom random map, which shrinks by doing damage more and more closer to the mid
  • Custom civs (classes) with unique bonuses
  • 11 pick-or-drop weapons randomly placed on the island with own stats
  • Collectable resources (only as unarmed) to upgrade your villager
  • An unique "battle royale" gameplay experience

Example random map

(a tiny map with 4 players)

About the map

The island can have varied terrain and shape, but mostly the same amount of forests, hills and elevations. Weapons, food and gold appears at random locations in random amount. While the starting location can be anywhere, the pavilion for upgrades always at botton corner for all players.

Custom civs as classes


Each class has own bonuses with a team bonus too. There are lot of type of bonuses and it's suggested to focus to find the weapon what your class use in a better way than others.

How to Host

Important settings

  • After you downloaded the dataset, make sure you select it from your list.
  • Map always should be a Custom random map, named as VUBG

Optional settings
  • Map size is not just make the map bigger, but will increase the number of the resources.
  • Starting resources makes the early game much faster, with lot of quick upgrading.
  • Explored map helps find resources faster, but it ruins the surprise-effects.
  • Player's colors don't have to be in numeric order as it's not a scenario.
  • Players can pick civs or just go random, up to host.
  • Rest of the options are either irrelevant, or not have any special affect on the game.

Other game types

While Turbo, Regicide and Deathmatch is supported, other game types are not suggested to use.

Guide for beginners

How does the map work

  • The map shrink 10 tiles by every 5 minutes from the water. Unevenly, so be aware!
  • You will take 3 damage (or more) every 5 seconds if you are in the "storm", so run to the mid!
  • There is no visible effect of the shrink, you can only see it by your health drop when you are in it.
  • Try not to run blindly into the darkness. With lag you may can't react enough fast to return from the storm.

  • You can only regen hp while you are unarmed.
  • You can pick and drop weapons same with relics.
  • Weapons not change your base hp, but they gives varied other stats.
  • Green = better than as unarmed
  • Orange = same as unarmed
  • Red = worse than as unarmed


LoS: 4
Range: 0
Movement speed: 0.9
Attack: 3 (melee)
Accuracy: 95% (0 error radius)
Attack speed: 3.0
Armor: 0/0 (-1 hidden vs all weapon)


LoS: 4
Range: 2
Movement speed: 0.75
Attack: 5 (melee)
Accuracy: 75% (0.2 error radius)
Attack speed: 3.0
Armor: 0/1


LoS: 6
Range: 6 (1 minimal)
Movement speed: 0.6
Attack: 12 (pierce and penetrating)
Accuracy: 60% (0.4 error radius)
Attack speed: 5.0
Armor: 0/2


LoS: 4
Range: 3
Movement speed: 0.85
Attack: 4 (pierce)
Accuracy: 85% (0.33 error radius)
Attack speed: 2.2
Armor: 0/0


LoS: 8
Range: 8 (3 minimal)
Movement speed: 0.5
Attack: 20 (melee)
Accuracy: 50% (0.5 error radius)
Attack speed: 8.0
Armor: 0/1


LoS: 4
Range: 4
Movement speed: 0.75
Attack: 4 (pierce)
Accuracy: 90% (0.33 error radius)
Attack speed: 3.0
Armor: 0/1

Hand cannon

LoS: 4
Range: 4 (0.5 minimum)
Movement speed: 0.7
Attack: 6 (pierce)
Accuracy: 65% (0.75 error radius)
Attack speed: 4.0
Armor: 1/0


LoS: 4
Range: 0
Movement speed: 1.2
Attack: 3 (melee)
Accuracy: 85% (0 error radius)
Attack speed: 2.1
Armor: 0/0

Long pike

LoS: 4
Range: 0.4
Movement speed: 0.85
Attack: 3 (melee)
Accuracy: 95% (0 error radius)
Attack speed: 1.8
Armor: 0/0

Short sword and shield

LoS: 4
Range: 0
Movement speed: 0.7
Attack: 4 (melee)
Accuracy: 100% (0 error radius)
Attack speed: 2.2
Armor: 2/1

Spear and shield

LoS: 4
Range: 3 (1 minimal)
Movement speed: 0.7
Attack: 4 (pierce)
Accuracy: 80% (0.33 error radius)
Attack speed: 3.0
Armor: 1/3

Two-handed sword

LoS: 4
Range: 0.2
Movement speed: 0.8
Attack: 5 (melee)
Accuracy: 85% (0 error radius)
Attack speed: 2.5
Armor: 1/0

  • You can gather food and gold only as unarmed! But dropping your weapon makes you vulnerable...
  • Food sources: Fish(5), Berries(10), Deer(15), Boar(30)
  • Gold sources: Gold Stockpile(5), Gold Mine(10), Pile of Gold(15)


  • You can upgrade your villager in your Pavilion at botton corner of the map.
  • You can shortcut to it by ctrl+S (go-to blacksmith)


Special thanks/credits

- Keisari Tapsa, Ruralist and DiGiT for modding tools
- ApAdams for ideas and some graphics
[sQad]HenkDeSuperNerd's BattleRoyaleMaps for map shrink fix
- Ozhara for fancy goldmine
- xViRuS for mod suggestion

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Fun map and I liked it. Drop weapon before collecting resources seems little buggy.
And please need an indication for storm or delay the storm for a bit prolonged game :)
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Posted 4 December 2018 - 9:17 am
Amazing map, rlly, the best map i play recently..

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