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Age Of Empires Revisited

by Age Of Empires Old Timer Community - 84 downloads

Patch Mod Includes
- Data based bugs fixed
- LOS Bug/exploit fixed
- Civilisation Balances
- Unit balances
- Resource balances
- Fast Villager re-balanced
- Writing available in stone age granary
- New unit called look out (still prototyped) for LOS
- Jihad renamed to Martyrdom and re-balanced
- New land trade unit available to allow trade between markets (low level gold income)
- Includes a small Map pack and an RPG map.

This patch represents the ideas of over 100 people over a period of 19 years. As a community we present you with this patch.

For a full list of changes please see the Age Of Empires Revisited Patch [You must login to view link] It comes with an MS Excel sheet with a full list of changes including new technologies and other tweaks.
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