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Sheep vs Wolf

by Gallas - 3029 downloads


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Technical informations

Version log

Current version 1.9.2:
1.9.2-The critical save-crash bug has been fixed! (huge thanks to scripter16)
1.9.1-Thanks to SvsW2 the tribute bug is finally fixed
1.9.1-Fixed slp files to make them compatible with the updated Small Trees mod
1.9.1-If Oasis is a random map it won't show map name
1.9.1-Shark no longer have minimap dot, but visible in fog
1.9.0-This is the last major patch
1.9.0-Added an editor version to the mappack, please read this guide first before making own map
1.9.0-Reversed the Stormy Dog's requirement and research's price reduced to 2000 from 3000 gold
1.9.0-Shark have +5% swimming speed
1.9.0-Wolf Skull now should spawn correctly at Skull hunt game mode
1.8.4-Fixed the Wolf's hunting and fishing graphics
1.8.4-Added the Nostalgia version as a separated mod
1.8.3-Fixed one funny bug (thanks to Seconds for report)
1.8.2-Viatelma map got some major changes to prevent abuses
1.8.2-Wolf color (and icons) now will show the estimated level too (thanks to remmy1983 for idea)
1.8.2-Few civ changed a bit
1.8.2-Added a new animal: Shark
1.8.2-Cub/Young/Elder Wolf base speed increased by +5%
1.8.2-Stormy dog research available from Veteran Wolf
1.8.2-Stormy dog can be made without research from Imperial age
1.8.2-Predator units can garrison into TC
1.8.1-Minor bugfixes and some new fishes at the Viatelma map
1.8.1-Herbal medicine cost changed to 2000W/4000G from 3000G
1.8.0-Added a new community made map: Sheep vs Wolf - the viatelma (by:
1.8.0-A lot of Civilization got rework (check this for changes).
1.8.0-Added one CBA map... for fun
1.8.0-New file structure as a test! (it may reduce game lag if players have slow HDD)
1.8.0-Watcher team bonus fixed for Greater fruit tree
1.8.0-Stone mines +10 melee armor
1.8.0-Wonder armor increased to 100/100
1.8.0-Wolf killer armor increased by +10/15
1.8.0-Mega Lightning tower now cost same as normal L. T.
1.8.0-New technology for Super Wolves in yurt: Herbal medicine (-1 range)
1.8.0-Shadow Wolves are less visible
1.8.0-Some older map may spawn more deers
1.8.0-Wolf skull now should not stuck into objects
1.7.6-Fixed important bugs
1.7.5-Wolf leveling race have been removed, replaced with a new game mode: Deathmatch
1.7.5-Wonder race have been removed, replaced with a new game mode: Skull hunt
1.7.5-Macaw/Hawk no longer should hide in forest (thanks to Your_momma for report)
1.7.5-Macaw/Hawk can go inside Raft (thanks to Your_momma for report)
1.7.5-Eaglewatch civ now able to research bracers (thanks to Your_momma for report)
1.7.5-In King of the Cave game mode Wolf skulls will disappear
1.7.5-Crock's gold price reduced from 1250 to 800
1.7.5-Warg's gold price reduced from 2000 to 1500
1.7.5-Wolf kill rewards gives 50 food instead of 100
1.7.5-Capturing a Sheep bonus food increased to 150 from 100
1.7.5-Added more tooltips
1.7.5-Respawn blocking now taken more serious
1.7.5-Animal packs are reworked, "bugged boar map" no longer should happen
1.7.5-New sounds for deers
1.7.4-Some civ and team bonus changes
1.7.4-Iron Bear's default armor is fixed
1.7.4-Iron Bear / Boar place no longer buildable
1.7.4-Audio reworks for few units
1.7.4-Lion's cost reduced from 8888 to 7777
1.7.4-Macaw and Hawk now should float if standing
1.7.4-Some animal may not behave as before
1.7.3-A lot of Civilization balances (check this for changes).
1.7.3-Increased Crock's price (but reduced train time) to prevent an abuse.
1.7.3-Wolf Cave healing rate increased by 50%
1.7.3-Guardian Wolf civ bonus should work only for wolves
1.7.3-Small Fruit Tree build time reduced by 5 sec
1.7.3-Greater Fruit Tree build time reduced by 5 sec
1.7.3-Large Fruit Tree build time reduced by 10 sec
1.7.3-Fixed one map abuse on the taiga map
1.7.3-Trading fish should no longer have Cataphract dieing graphics
1.7.3-Fixed Ironguard team bonus vs built trees
1.7.3-Horse price now same as it planed in previous update
1.7.2-Fixed Fortified Rock upgrading bug (thanks to deepan_raj for report)
1.7.2-Fixed p1->gaia building LoS bug (thanks to Agnious_Krukov for report)
1.7.2-Edited a bit the taiga map
1.7.1-Fixed all known 1.7.0 bugs
1.7.0-Reworked all Civilizations from scratch! Now it's able to play with random civs.
Check forum post for details. (Thanks to
Your_momma, [TheJedi]SparK for tips and AgniousPrime for civ name ideas)
1.7.0-Added one new map: Sheep vs Wolf - the taiga
1.7.0-WK accuracy tech cost +500 stone and research time increased by +30 sec
1.7.0-Fletching, Bodkin arrow and Bracers cost +100 gold and research time increased by +10 sec
1.7.0-Non Elite Warg +5 pierce base armor
1.7.0-Flying dog cost reduced by 1000 gold
1.7.0-New technology for Wolves in yurt: Atheism (Huns UT)
1.7.0-Mansory and Architecture give +10 armor instead of 1 for buildings but cost increased
1.7.0-Some animal cost change reversed
1.6.9-April 1 is over
1.6.9-TC now shows if something garrisoned
1.6.9-Added 4 Small fish on Oasis map
1.6.9-Sheep creating time increased by 30 sec
1.6.9-Horse and Boar creating time increased by 5 sec
1.6.9-Horse cost increased by 100 gold
1.6.9-Boar cost increased by 200 gold
1.6.8-April 1 - Wolf vs Sheep
1.6.7-Terrain balance on Oasis map
1.6.6-Quick fix
1.6.5-Added one new map: Sheep vs Wolf - the oasis (map idea from Claw and Spark)
1.6.5-Builder now not slower than regular Sheep (thanks to Spark for report and Justtesting1234 for Extended info patch)
1.6.5-Bison no longer make Wolf background sounds
1.6.5-Deers only start moving when all player placed on map (to avoid spawn block)
1.6.5-Some minor visual fix
1.6.4-Ho ho ho is over
1.6.3-Holiday Event is over
1.6.3-Fixed +2 tower range bug
1.6.2-Special Holiday Gift
1.6.1-Some animal path changed in Tisza map
1.6.1-Fixed trees in Tisza map at mountains
1.6.1-Perhaps no more "no spies or mega wolf" bug
1.6.1-Reduced map's loading time
1.6.0-Reworked the normal game's difficults:
1.6.0-Sheep have -25% building and unit cost, instead of -50% for easy difficult
1.6.0-Sheep starts with -200 wood, -500 stone and -200 gold for easy difficult
1.6.0-Sheep starts with -200 stone and -100 gold but got FREE cartography for normal difficult
1.6.0-Sheep have +25% building and unit cost, instead of +50% for hard difficult
1.6.0-Wolves have +20% more wood and gold bonus from food, instead of +50% for easy difficult
1.6.0-Wolves have -20% wood and gold bonus from food, instead of -50% for hard difficult
1.6.0-New feature: Disable! Host can disable Mega Wolves, Wonders or/and M. L. Towers in normal game
1.6.0-In Wolf vs Wolf game mode skulls will disappears
1.6.0-Now it's more visible: in mixed game mode no birds and spies allowed
1.6-0-Blocking Wolf spawning at Cave will result penalty
1.6.0-Bison moving 2x faster and cost -100 gold, but carry less gold (to avoid market abuse)
1.6.0-Lighting Towers cost -500 gold and -500 stone
1.6.0-+20% Tower attack speed civ no longer have effects on Lightning Towers
1.6.0-+10 Tower attack civ increase Wolf killer's attack too
1.6.0-Sheep no longer should destroy TC by one hit
1.6.0-TC now able to shot arrows if Sheep garrisoned (only effective at early game)
1.6.0-TC's healing rate increased
1.6.0-Mills no longer should block wolves path and moving them front of it
1.6.0-Horse's cost decreased by 200 gold, but Boar's increased by 200
1.6.0-Minor terrain edits on Tisza map to let Sheep unload on land from Raft
1.6.0-Animals should less often turns back on Tisza map at some locations
1.6.0-Fixed all known and unknown spawning locations (thanks to Mantis's new aokTS)
1.6.0-Fixed one Gazelle's path on Cliffs map (thanks to NuklearM for report)
1.6.0-Fixed the Gazelle's rotting graphics
1.6.0-Fixed M. L. Tower message, if player have "Cheaper upgrades" civ
1.5.3-Updated the Tisza map's animal paths and terrain
1.5.3-Added basic editor map (see below)
1.5.2-Added one new map: Sheep vs Wolf - the tisza
1.5.2-The glade and cliff map reworked
1.5.2-Random map won't show map's name in welcoming message
1.5.2-Wonder build time increased from 2100 to 2400
1.5.2-Fixed one terrain bug in canyons map (thanks to chicken2000 for report)
1.5.1-New visual mod: Small Trees!
1.5.1-Fixed some texts (thanks to NuklearM for report)
1.5.1-Crocodile size radius reduced from 0.25 to 0.2
1.5.0-New feature: Random maps! Start one map randomly from the five known
1.5.0-Fixed terrain abuse in Canyons map
1.5.0-New Stable eye-candy
1.5.0-Trading Fish work rate increased from 0.6 to 1.0 and size reduced
1.5.0-Instant Research civ no longer effective on Age up technologies (finishing at 50% but with original research time)
1.5.0-Fixed a rare deer in Canyons map
1.5.0-Shadow wolf will be invisible too while running
1.5.0-New level for Wolves: Mega Wolf! (8000 wood need for it)
1.5.0--20% Unit price civ working with all new unit
1.5.0-Claw fish now stronger but...
1.5.0-Animal King technology have no effect on Claw fish
1.5.0-Claw fish's attack sound is less annoying
1.4.4-Fixed p8's bug with Iron Boar
1.4.4-Fixed "cliff stucking bug" on canyons map
1.4.4-If a Sheep captured while Wolves were not born no extra food for them
1.4.4-Furious cost 2500 gold instead of 2000
1.4.4-Domestic animals cost a bit less gold
1.4.4-Wonder building time increased from 1800 to 2100 sec
1.4.4-Wolf killer technologies research time increased by +30 sec
1.4.4-Wolf killer projectile accuracy tech cost +500 wood
1.4.4-The welcome message will shows the actual map
1.4.3-Updated the Canyons map's picture
1.4.3-Fixed one terrain bug(thanks to MulanFa for report)
1.4.3-Balanced Claw Fish
1.4.2-If a Sheep quit/drop from game and get captured Wolves won't get gold from it (suggested by Ajex1234)
1.4.2-New unit for Sheep in Reeds: Claw fish! (the Crocodile hunter)
1.4.2-Trading units cost wood too, but less gold
1.4.2-Fixed one rare bear on Canyons map
1.4.2-Fixed walkable cliffs bug (thanks to Detencion for report)
1.4.2-New icon for skull dropping (suggested by Orca)
1.4.2-New keybind for Lion
1.4.1-Fixed Hole bug and restored the original Tree researching
1.4.0-New feature: Wolf skulls! When a Wolf die, he left his skull on ground
1.4.0-Wolf skull: Sheep able to pick it up and deposit it inside the TC and it's generate gold (like relics)
1.4.0-Some new tooltip
1.4.0-Fixed p3's 23. bush
1.4.0-Fixed rare animal bug (boar+bear same time at same location)
1.4.0-When a Captured Sheep escaped it's auto moving a bit to avoid bug
1.4.0-Reduced a bit the Lightning tower's projectile speed to avoid missed attacks
1.4.0-Wolf killers and Lightning towers no longer can target gaia trees
1.4.0-Bison's movement speed slowed by 2.5x but increased gold incoming by 6x
1.4.0-Caravan's cost increased by 400 wood and 200 gold
1.4.0-Loom no longer increase sheep's blast and reduced cost by 50
1.4.0-New tech between Loom and Battle Ram (+1 blast)
1.4.0-Treadmill Crane researchable 3x (different costs and age request)
1.4.0-Market upgrade II and Guilds +5% effective
1.4.0-Increased Guild's cost by +100 w/g/s
1.4.0-Increased Wonder's cost by +1000 w/g/s and building time by 5 min
1.3.7-Hole contain 3x more stone and -50% build time but cost 2x more wood
1.3.7-Stone gathering speed increased by 2x
1.3.7-Sheep speed increasing stone carrying by +3 and +7
1.3.7-Market upgrading have new prices
1.3.7-Trading fee restored to original
1.3.6-Fixed some animal pack and one gazelle on canyon map
1.3.6-Fixed terrain abuses (stop it seriously, I'm getting tired of fixing these bugs)
1.3.6-Changed a little the first and canyons map
1.3.6-If a Sheep get captured, then the Wolf get bonus 100 food
1.3.6-Loom increasing the Sheep's blast radius too by 1
1.3.6-Market is an upgradeable building
1.3.6-Two new technology in market
1.3.6-Coinages changed to fit for new Market
1.3.5-Added one new map: Sheep vs Wolf - the canyons
1.3.5-All trading units works 30-40% better
1.3.5-Forage bushes cost reduced from 30 to 20, but Forage trees' increase by +10, +10 and +20
1.3.5-Age up now cost a small wood and stone too
1.3.5-Lightning tower cost now 2k stone and 2.5k gold (removed wood)
1.3.5-Mega Lightning tower cost now 3k stone and 4.5k gold (removed wood and increased)
1.3.5-Sheep's predator animals need more population (1-2-3-3-5)
1.3.5-Wolf killer and lighting towers need population (2-5-10)
1.3.5-Outpost tower now always gives extra LoS
1.3.5-A bit edited animal's moving path on first map
1.3.5-Sling mechanism reworked, from now the number of Sheep decide how much Coinage researchable (check market for details)
1.3.5-In mixed game if Sheep can ally with Wolf spies not allowed for both (suggested by johngirgis)
1.3.4-Lion is a hero unit (self healing)
1.3.4-Coinages' cost and research time increased
1.3.4-Trees no longer buildable on grass like walls (looking for a permanently solution to remove animal blocking)
1.3.4-Imperial age's cost increased by 200
1.3.3-Fixed new forages' bug (thanks to _Orca_ for report)
1.3.3-Increased all Sheep's predator animals' eating speed by 0.5
1.3.3-Elite Jaguar research cost increased by 500
1.3.3-Lion's cost reduced by 1111
1.3.3-Stormy dog need research if the wolf is not an Elite Wolf but cost reduced by 1000
1.3.2-All map got rework (check new pictures for changes)
1.3.2-Stone mines and Rocks no longer buildable on grass due to massive abuse by animal blocking
1.3.2-+2 Tower and +2 Wolf killer range civ bonus from now counts as one civ
1.3.2-New civilisation: Instant research
1.3.2-Eating speed civ reduced from 2x to 1.5x
1.3.2-New feature: Sheep's predator animals can hunt gaia animals
1.3.2-Eating speed civ affecting on Sheep's predators too
1.3.2-Walls and Trees has been restored to its original state
1.3.2-The maximal number of Bushes/Forages increased from 20 to 25
1.3.2-Gazelle's speed increased by 0.2
1.3.2-University available from Dark age instead of Feudal age
1.3.2-Loom's cost reduced from 500 to 200
1.3.2-In Wolf vs Wolf, Eating race and King of the Cave game mode kills no longer gives food
1.3.2-Stormy dog's cost increased from 5000 to 6000
1.3.1-Fixed Quick Mind
1.3.0-New feature: 3 Hunter Mode (can't be random so need teaming before game start)
1.3.0-Hard and Easy difficults for Sheep have new function
1.3.0-New technologies for Wolves in Yurt
1.3.0-Rare animals are more rare
1.3.0-New Sheep's cost reduced from 4000 to 3000
1.3.0-If a wolf die, then won't spawn more gaia animal
1.3.0-Gazelle's idle graphics fixed and -0.3 running speed
1.3.0-Wolves armor have been adjusted (Elite and Super not changed) more info in "Tips for Wolves"
1.3.0-Wolf spawning time changed from real time to game time
1.3.0-Fixed one (not public) abuse (thanks to DeadEmpire for report)
1.3.0-Lightning towers' research slowed down a bit
1.3.0-If sbody have Mega L. T. wolves will know it
1.3.0-Wall need research (feudal age) to build
1.3.0-Walls and Trees clickable behind other buildings
1.3.0-Fixed floating ice abuse on Cliff map (thanks to _Orca_ for report)
1.3.0-Fixed one Deer bug on Cliff map
1.3.0-Age settings gives fair benefits for Wolves too
1.3.0-Some grammar fixes
1.2.7-Lion now cost 9999 gold and increased creating speed
1.2.6-Gazelle now should running instead of walking
1.2.6-Added some tips if helps not activated to Forages
1.2.6-First map's east corner edited (to avoid hidden walls)
1.2.6-Lion's attack speed slowed a bit and request Elite Jaguars too
1.2.6-Some minor graphics fixing
1.2.6-New pictures on forum
1.2.5-New sounds effects for some animals
1.2.5-New unit for Sheep in TC: Lion (stronger than Jaguars)
1.2.5-New graphics: lion, boar, bear, deer, elephant, gazelle and a chicken!
1.2.5-New feature: Rare animals (read Wolf tips for more info)
1.2.5-In mixed game if Sheep can ally with Wolf birds not allowed
1.2.5-Fixed terrain abuses on first map
1.2.5-Ornlu the Wolf replaced with an Iron Bear (not boar)
1.2.5-50% buildings hp civ no longer raze gaia buildings
1.2.4-Crocodile armor reduced to 0/10
1.2.4-If Sheep captured, Rafts and Bisons also die
1.2.4-New Wolf units no longer get damage near cave while Wolf resurrecting
1.2.3-Quick bug fix
1.2.3-Crocodile LoS reduced from 4 to 2
1.2.3-Crocodile can be created from Castle age instead of Feudal
1.2.3-Crocodile and Warg cost 2x more gold
1.2.2-New unit for Sheep in Reeds: Raft (transport ship)
1.2.2-New unit for Sheep in Market: Bison (land trading unit)
1.2.2-New unit for Wolf in Mill: Crocodile (land+water unit)
1.2.2-New unit for Wolf in Mill: Warg and Elite Warg (dmg bonus vs Rocks and Stones)
1.2.2-Reduced the number of fishes near cave on the Cliff map
1.2.2-Renamed the "-50% house upgr" civ to "-50% Fruit upgr"
1.2.2-In the left corner no longer possible to make "invisible walls"
1.2.2-Fixed gaia buildings attackable bug
1.2.2-Cheaper upgrade civ no longer affect on Mega Lightning Tower upgrade
1.2.2-New sounds for Lightning Towers
1.2.1-Sheep no longer build snowed pine trees if reaching Imperial age
1.2.0-Added one new map: Sheep vs Wolf - the cliff
1.2.0-New graphics for forests, fishes, stones and rocks
1.2.0-Stones and Rocks shows visually the hp decreasing (like normal walls)
1.2.0-New custom building icons
1.2.0-Fixed one bug on the bog map
1.2.0-Fixed one bug on the glade map
1.1.3-Fixed bugs on the glade map, and minor terrain editing
1.1.2-One new technology for sheep's Wolf killer
1.1.2-Shallow bug fixed on the bog map
1.1.2-Added one new map: Sheep vs Wolf - the glade
1.1.1-Deers won't stop moving on new map
1.1.0-Expert wolf in normal game now get original wood and gold
1.1.0-Fixed p7 wolf spawning bug
1.1.0-Added one new map: Sheep vs Wolf - the bog
1.1.0-Iron boar and Ornlu +100 armor vs arrows
1.0.9-Area designation cost 2x and only gives 2 Los, instead of 4
1.0.9-Battle ram cost +1k gold, and gives -40 attack
1.0.9-All running animal -5% movement speed
1.0.9-Loom cost 500 gold from 50
1.0.9-+10 Tower attack, instead of +20
1.0.9-Normal tower's Hp decreased a little
1.0.9-Some terrain fixing
1.0.8-Fixed hill glitch (thanks to badboylilbituf and darkarrow for report)
1.0.8-Fixed Captured sheep abuse
1.0.8-New technology for wolves in yurt (only in normal and king of the hill game mode)
1.0.7-Deers are fixed
1.0.7-All wolf mov. speed +10%
1.0.7-No cartography for normal sheep (only for beginners)
1.0.6-The hole now 2x bigger and have new sound
1.0.6-Mongol civ bonus decreased from 50% to 20%
1.0.6-Dirt 2 non-buildable (road to gaia buildings)
1.0.6-Added some anti-edit stuff*
1.0.5-Trading fishes gathering 2x gold
1.0.5-Sheep's predator units will get damage in the middle of map, if any wolf dead (not resigned)
1.0.5-Sheep can dig Hole!
1.0.5-Hole: New building from castle age (need research) you can dig stone (like farm)
1.0.5-All wolf now hero unit
1.0.5-Jaguar a bit slower and +500 gold elite research
1.0.5-Spies for wolves decreased from 10k to 6k wood
1.0.5-Random animals spawn points now unblockable
1.0.5-Wonder now cost +2k wood and +1k gold
1.0.5-All wolf +10% eating speed
1.0.5-All non-military building's Hp dramatically decreased, due to massive deleting
1.0.5-Huns civ bonus deceased from 100% to 50%
1.0.4-p8's predator units will die too, if he got captured by Wolves
1.0.4-Slinging a bit edited
1.0.3-Murder holes now affect on Lightning Towers too
1.0.3-Lot of civ bonus reworked:
1.0.3-+20 Wolf attack instead of 40
1.0.3-+20 Wolf armor instead of 10
1.0.3-+20 tower attack instead of 10
1.0.3-Free tower upgrade now will upgrade Wolf killers too, if Chemistry is researched
1.0.3-+50% buildings hp, instead of 20%
1.0.3-+2x eating speed, instead of 20%
1.0.3-+50% Sheep speed instead of 20%
1.0.3-+50% building speed instead of 20%
1.0.2-Small Trees visual mod no longer affect on Bushes and Wonder
1.0.2-Tree Stumps removed
1.0.1-Screen moving for others when p1 choose difficult
1.0.1-Resources for sheep fixed in normal mode
1.0.0-Maya civ bonus also affects trading fishes, and birds
1.0.0-Slinging now normalized
1.0.0-Ornlu now dangerous to sheep
1.0.0-Wolf cave now healing 10 hp / sec from 5
1.0.0-Animal king decreased from 2x to 1.5x
1.0.0-Jaguar cost +500 gold and need castle age
1.0.0-Poo thrower cost -500 gold and need feudal age
0.9.9-Macaw bugging fixed
0.9.9-If player resign Cave won't jump away
0.9.9-If sheep captured, fishes will die too
0.9.9-Herbal medicine removed
0.9.9-Lightning tower cost increased
0.9.9-Poo thrower now hit faster, minimal range removed, +500 gold cost and able to escape captured sheep
0.9.9-Jaguars -500 gold
0.9.9-Furious the monkey boy -33% hp, armor, attack
0.9.9-New technology for sheep - all predator animal 2x armor, hp, attack, LoS, a. speed, mov speed, range
0.9.8-All building got player's color
0.9.8-New buildings for Sheep:
0.9.8-Reeds: (dock) birds no longer trading units, instead you can create trading units here
0.9.8-Birds-300 gold and can't trade anymore
0.9.8-2 new super tower for Sheep! (both really expensive, but stronger than Wolf killers)
0.9.8-All wolf tech -5sec
0.9.8-Outposts +2 LoS
0.9.8-Some deer fixed
0.9.8-p5 wolf spawn fixed
0.9.8-Hp bar for cave flags
0.9.8-p1 no longer get raze from host box
0.9.8-aztec/maya macaw fixed
0.9.8-If sbody quit game he won't be food for others
0.9.8-Battle ram no longer destroys cliffs
0.9.8-Sheep move +10% faster
0.9.8-Yurt now easier captureable
0.9.8-Normal towers price fixed
0.9.8-Walls got extra armors
0.9.8-All building got some armor too
0.9.8-Market -100 stone
0.9.8-Wolf killer +100 gold and stone
0.9.8-All monkey units -1000 gold
0.9.8-Normal towers got +5 attack
0.9.8-MORE FISH!!! Nearly 2x more fish on map
0.9.8-LoS bugging fixed
0.9.7-Poo thrower no longer destroys mountains
0.9.7-Spies cost -15000 gold
0.9.7-Sheep cost -1000 gold
0.9.7-Sometimes animals will move middle
0.9.7-Ornlu and Iron boar fixed
0.9.7-"p4 wolf dead" trigger fixed
0.9.7-Blacksmith all tech -10 sec
0.9.6-Some visual effect fixed
0.9.6-Green Cave Timer fixed
0.9.6-Shadow walking fixed
0.9.5-Fixed data corruption
0.9.5-Fixed game mod bug if room not full
0.9.0-First public version

Total triggers: 1 472
Conditions: 2 506
Effects: 7 018
Map size: 144x144



This mod not compatible with the following Visual mods:
- Blue Berries
- HD Units re-skin
- Pumpkin Patch
If you will use these Visual mods, you will get the "black box bug".

You don't want to see gaia chat messages as spectator? Use the Silent Tribute!

Sheep vs Wolf - small trees


Sheep vs Wolf - RATED

You can play it rated in CAL - Sheep vs Wolf II at CS - Arcade lobby!

Rated rules

Due to Sheep vs Wolf 2 is being a .rms based map, the map list needs to remain open in order for it to be rated. Any type of abuse related to this ladder will result in point deductions and/or an account ban.

Since this ladder is the first of it's kind in the CS lobby we have set specific rules related to this map. I will not tolerate abuse of any kind related to this League/Ladder.
  1. Playing any other maps on this ladder other than SvW will result in a temporary account ban. No exceptions. Don't like this rule? Then go play on the Madness ladder please.
  2. Only SvW 1 & 2 Mods may be used.
  3. Using any other mod with the map is not allowed.
  4. Abuse of unreachable terrains as islands and full cliffed areas is forbidden
  5. Sheep noCrashAi uses allowed for Sheep to gain team bonuses.
It's your duty to keep play with fair settings. Once you click the "Start the game!" button you are agree with Host rules!

To report a player, please post in the CS Complaints section.

Sheep vs Wolf Nostalgia

If you wanna try how was the game many update ago, download and try the 1.1.3 version.

Want to make own map?

Then read this guide first and if your ideas are great, people will play it, and maybe it can be next to the official maps!

Special thanks

- Matt LiVecchi and Pulkit Karwal's LoRD mod - trees and Warg graphics
- Khan Ivayl's Age of Vampires - yurt + wolf graphics
- Cysion's AoFE - Wolf icon
- WBC3 for nest graphics
- Keisari Tapsa's and DiGiT's aoe tools
- JustTesting1234 and Mantis for new aokTS
- Rambit - for some help
- Sudipta for sheep dieing sound
- everyone who helped and played to make this mod awesome


How to avoid unofficial maps:
If you join a room, and need to download the map, it's 100% made by the community, but it can be fake or cheated map too (if map's name similar to official's). Ask host to choose original map!
How to check your unofficial maps:
Turn off mod and if you have any similar map in scenario folder (in map editor), thats 100% not original. If you played with bugged or cheated map and don't remember it's name Delete all! As I said, the mod contains the maps, so you won't lose originals if you delete from editor.

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