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Fan Patch 1.5

by _Nakamura - 3729 downloads

AoT DeathMatch is rather imbalanced - this is what the fan patch project is trying to address. It's also fixing the main bugs, and we provide the already accepted DM balance changese (these do not influence supremacy). The patch also adds new maps and balances them.

Bug Fixes:
  • Hunt delete on animals being gathered from is no longer possible
  • Disabled the usage of the console for multiple instances
  • Fixed an exploit involving the spawning of Ajax SPC units.
  • Trees and gold mines no longer provide one less wood than they're supposed to.
  • Hippolyta minion conversion bug fixed
  • Healing spring decontruction bug fixed
  • Undermine now works on mirror towers
  • Walking woods now is castable on gaia trees
  • Fixed a bug regarding docks being unable to shoot at certain water myth units
  • Changed the basic unit stance of Leviathans from defensive to aggressive
  • Fixed the Satyr accurate shot special
  • Atlanteans can research draft horses now (the upgrade was accidentally not inserted)
  • Changed the caravan unit stance to aggressive to avoid the caravan bug
  • Oracle scouts can now garrison, and all myth unit special attacks work on them
  • Bast upgrade bugs fixed
  • Titan gates are now delete-able.
  • Changed the basic unit stance of oracle heroes from passive to aggressive.
  • All huntable and herdable animals (including set animals) are now affected by frost
  • Caladria can now auto-heal.
  • Caribous of Set now convert nearby herdables & Traitor now affects Caribous of Set.
  • The kraken special attack now works on fireships.
  • Changed the initial stance of fishing ships to aggressive.
  • Atlantean citadel centers now provide favor
  • Fixed a bug regarding fire siphons being unable to hit gates on higher/lower ground from their maximal range

See the entire change log on the home page of the Fan Patch.
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