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Blind Pick

by WarriorMario - 106 downloads

- You can not see your opponent's major god until you start the game.
- You can not select a god in the multiplayer room. So, counterpicking is not possible ingame :P
- You can not cancel the game because the cancel button is disabled. This is because otherwise you could still change your major god. To leave the room use Alt+F4.
-Allow cheats option is disabled.
Download the MajorGodPicker on RTS Sanctuary
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How to use the MajorGodPicker:
1. Run the program
2. Choose a god or culture or just random
3. Host a game with the blindpick mod and you should have a god or a culture or just random selected.

Make sure that you do this before hosting a game because while ingame with the blindpick mod you won't be able to switch your god.
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