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v1.6 RC

by AOK Heavengames, FE Team, WK Team, UP Team, AI Team, WK DE Team, DE Balance Team, Voobly Community - 1181 downloads

Important Notes
Community Patch 1.6 will replace the original User Patch 1.5 in future and become the new official patch on Voobly. Unlike User Patch 1.3, 1.4 and 1.5, this patch was not created by AIScripters and is not affiliated with the User Patch project. To avoid any confusions, this patch will be called Community Patch 1.6 instead. Our goal is to keep up with the changes of the official DE release of the game. The new patch is using the original UP 1.5 RC + our own changes for AoE II DE. More than 50 community members have contributed so far!

Wololo Kingdoms DE and Community Patch v1.6
Community Patch v1.6 reuses most of the code from the existing Wololo Kingdoms DE, adding the balance and functionalities. However there are some important differences:
  • Community Patch v1.6 is free to use by everyone, without the need of a license check. Wololo Kingdoms DE requires passing a license check.
  • Community Patch v1.6 doesn't include all the civilizations that Wololo Kingdoms DE has, as for those you need to own AoE II Definitive Edition. In future updates, when the new license check of WK DE that adds Lords of the West is implemented, new civilizations will be added to Community Patch v1.6.

How to Play, read more [You must login to view link]:
In order to play, you need the Community Patch v1.6 RC and the Data Mod v1.6 Game Data. Both, the Patch and the User Mod must be selected in your game room settings, else you will experience game crashes.


Enable Overlay
The patch has the overlay disabled by default. Since version 1.0.3, to have the patch with overlay, set it in the patch options.

"Select all" hotkeys
The new "select all" hotkeys are disabled by default. Depending on wether you use the overlay or not, you have to do a different process to configurate them:
Manual installation
If you are experiencing an error where the download gets to 99% and then crashes, you can try to do a manual installation for the mod:
  • Download the mod from
  • Navigate to the folder "Voobly Mods/AOC/Patches", located in your AoE II folder.
  • Create the folder "v1.6 RC", exactly that name
  • Extract the contents of the zip file you downloaded into the new folder.

New features, read more [You must login to view link]:
  • New graphics Implemented
  • Mediterranean and East European sets reworked Implemented
  • Byzantines and Spanish now use the Mediterranean set Implemented
  • Vietnamese now use the East Asian set Implemented
  • Adaptative Age of Mandala (requires aditional mod) Implemented
  • Crest symbols for each civilization Implemented
  • Global queue display Implemented
  • Mixed technology and unit queue Implemented
  • Hotkeys for technologies Implemented
  • Customizable interface that displays the number of villagers working on each resource Implemented
  • "Select all" hotkeys Implemented
  • Toggles for automatic Farm reseeding Implemented
  • Fishermen drop food at Docks Implemented
  • Improved AI Implemented
  • Empire Wars game mode TO DO. Help us achieve it.
  • Battle Royale game mode Won't Add (Can't Figure Out)
  • Zoom functionality Won't Add (Can't Figure Out)

  • 1 The Age of Kings
    • 1.1 Britons Implemented
    • 1.2 Byzantines Implemented
    • 1.3 Celts Implemented
    • 1.4 Chinese Implemented
    • 1.5 Franks Implemented
    • 1.6 Goths Implemented
    • 1.7 Japanese Implemented
    • 1.8 Mongols Implemented
    • 1.9 Persians Implemented
    • 1.10 Saracens Implemented
    • 1.11 Teutons Implemented
    • 1.12 Turks Implemented
    • 1.13 Vikings Implemented
  • 2 The Conquerors
    • 2.1 Aztecs Implemented
    • 2.2 Huns Implemented
    • 2.3 Koreans Implemented
    • 2.4 Mayans Implemented
    • 2.5 Spanish Implemented
  • 3 The Forgotten
    • 3.1 Incas Implemented
    • 3.2 Indians Implemented
    • 3.3 Italians Implemented
    • 3.4 Magyars Implemented
    • 3.5 Slavs Implemented
  • 4 The African Kingdoms
    • 4.1 Berbers Implemented
    • 4.2 Ethiopians Implemented
    • 4.3 Malians Implemented
    • 4.4 Portuguese Implemented
  • 5 Rise of the Rajas
    • 5.1 Burmese Implemented
    • 5.2 Khmer Implemented
    • 5.3 Malay Implemented
    • 5.4 Vietnamese Implemented
  • 6 Definitive Edition
    • 6.1 Bulgarians Pending (License Check)
    • 6.2 Cumans Pending (License Check)
    • 6.3 Lithuanians Pending (License Check)
    • 6.4 Tatars Pending (License Check)
  • 7 Lords of the West
    • 7.1 Burgundians Pending (License Check)
    • 7.2 Sicilians Pending (License Check)
  • 8 Dawn of the Dukes
    • 8.1 Bohemians TO DO
    • 8.2 Poles TO DO

  • Maps with Allied Vision Implemented
  • Maps with Fixed Positions Implemented
  • [You must login to view link] (requires aditional mod) Implemented
  • New map: Golden Swamp Implemented
  • New map: Big Freeze Implemented
  • New map: Glades TO DO
  • New map: Gold Volcano (Eruption) TO DO

  • Steppe Lancer and Elite Steppe Lancer Implemented
  • Xolotl Warrior: Mesoamerican cavalry equivalent to the KnightImplemented
  • Konnik: Unique unit of the Bulgarians Implemented
  • Kipchak: Unique unit of the Cumans, multi-shot cavalry archer. Implemented
  • Leitis: Unique unit of the Lithuanians, heavy cavalry with an attack that ignores armor. Implemented
  • Keshik: Unique unit of the Tatars, medium cavalry that generates gold while attacking other units. Implemented
  • Flaming Camel: Second unique unit of the Tatars, fast suicide unit with bonus attack against cavalry that is only available in the Imperial Age. Implemented
  • Coustillier: Unique unit of the Burgundians Implemented
  • Serjeant: Unique unit of the Sicilians Implemented
  • Flemish Militia: Second unique unit of the Burgundians. Upgrade of the villagers after researching Flemish Revolution Implemented
  • Pig (herdable) Implemented
  • Goose (herdable) Implemented
  • Cow (herdable) Implemented
  • Ibex (huntable) Implemented
  • Horse TO DO
  • Bactrian Camel TO DO
  • Wild Bactrian Camel TO DO
  • Snow Leopard (hostile) TO DO
  • Alaric the Goth TO DO
  • Ataulf TO DO
  • Cuman Chief TO DO
  • Cusi Yupanqui TO DO
  • Girgen Khan TO DO
  • Henry the Lion TO DO
  • Ivaylo TO DO
  • King Bela IV TO DO
  • Kotyan Khan TO DO
  • Leif Erikson TO DO
  • Mounted Samurai TO DO
  • Sosso Guard TO DO
  • The Middlebrook TO DO
  • Tokhtamysh Khan TO DO
  • Tsar Konstantin TO DO
  • Topa Yupanqui TO DO
  • Urus Khan TO DO
  • Vasco da Gama TO DO
  • Vytautas the Great TO DO
  • Bandit TO DO
  • Iroquois Warrior TO DO
  • Khan TO DO
  • Merchant TO DO
  • Ninja TO DO
  • Ox Wagon TO DO
  • Ox Cart TO DO

  • Krepost: Unique building of the Bulgarians Implemented
  • Donjon: Unique building of the Sicilians Implemented
  • Shrine TO DO
  • Tower of London TO DO
  • Dormition Cathedral TO DO
  • Sankore Madrasah TO DO
  • Aachen Cathedral TO DO
  • Rock Church TO DO

  • Supplies: Militia line units cost Implemented
  • Kamandaran (Persians): Archer-line gold cost is replaced by an additional 35 wood cost. Implemented
  • Eupseong (Koreans): Watch Tower line +2 Range (Replaces Panokseon). Implemented
  • Silk Armor (Tatars): Scout Cavalry line, Steppe Lancers and all Cavalry Archers Pending (License Check)
  • Timurid Siegecraft (Tatars): Trebuchets +2 range, unlocks Flaming Camel. Pending (License Check)
  • Stirrups (Bulgarians): Cavalry +33% attack speed. Pending (License Check)
  • Bagains (Bulgarians): Militia line +5 armor. Pending (License Check)
  • Steppe Husbandry (Cumans): Steppe Lancer line, Scout Cavalry line, and Cavalry Archer line train 100% faster. Pending (License Check)
  • Cuman Mercenaries (Cumans): All team members can train up to 10 Elite Kipchaks for free at the Castle in the Imperial Age. Pending (License Check)
  • Hill Forts (Lithuanians): Town Centers have +3 range. Pending (License Check)
  • Tower Shields (Lithuanians): Spearman and Skirmisher lines +2 pierce armor. Pending (License Check)
  • Burgundian Vineyards (Burgundians): Convert half of all food into gold at a 2:1 ratio; Farmers slowly generate gold in addition to food. Pending (License Check)
  • Flemish Revolution (Burgundians): Upgrades all existing Villagers to Flemish Militia, and allows the training of Flemish Militia at Town Centers. Pending (License Check)
  • First Crusade (Sicilians): Upon researching, each Town Center (up to 5) spawns a one-time group of 7 Serjeants; also increases resistance against conversion. Pending (License Check)
  • Scutage (Sicilians): Upon researching, each team member receives a one-time payment of 15 gold for each military unit that they own. Pending (License Check)
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