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Topiary Trees

by HafniumOxide, GorLeon - 15 downloads

This tree mod is an attempt to address the same necessities as the Age of Cube mod, but without using those ugly light green cubes for trees. Instead, it uses "[You must login to view link]" trees (and, by the way, it doesn't change any other resources).
The original idea and the graphics belong to HafniumOxide, who released this mod [You must login to view link]; I've only ported it to Voobly by converting the files. Big thanks to him/her!


- The bamboo, baobab, felled trees and stumps graphics will be the ones from DE Small Trees. It's in order to copy 1:1 the original DE mod.
- This mod may turn you into a Finnish guy/gal without you realizing it.
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