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Voobly Balance Patch Preview

by The Voobly Balance Team - 40 downloads

Voobly Balance Patch Preview

Currently Testing VBP 5.0

Hi there,

Thanks for taking part in the beta testing of the upcoming new Voobly Balance Patch 5.0. The changes listed below are the currently planned changes for the new patch. Mind you that all of these may change during the testing period. Every time this mod is updated all the recorded games for the old versions of this mod will become invalid. So don't bother saving those please.

01.03.21 - Map Update
• Various improvements and bugfixes.

26.02.21 - Map Update
• Re-added the reworked versions of Painted Desert and Frozen Wastes. Both maps should now spawn a lot better for 1v1 and teamgames alike.
• The changelog below has been updated accordingly. Feedback is still appreciated and may be used for further adjustments.

22.02.21 - Map Update
• Maps were readjusted based on their 4.0 versions and the received feedback.
• The changelog below has been updated accordingly. Feedback is still appreciated and may be used for further adjustments.

Map Changes:

• Maps in 5.0 remain very similar to 4.0, but have received various improvements as mentioned below.
• Fixed a large amount (!) of cases where key resources like gold, hunt, or fish did not spawn properly or at all in both 1v1 and teamgames.
• All maps in the fast random set now always warn after loading if any important objects such as settlements, gold, or sources of food failed to spawn.
• All maps in the fast random set now support new observer commands as described here:
• All maps in the fast random set still support additional observers (team 3) and also support Merge Mode as described in the mod linked above.
• Starting hunt should now always spawn either in starting line of sight for all players or out of starting line of sight for all players.
• Starting gold should now always spawn within tower line of sight (but may barely be in tower range).
• Adjusted forward settlements to reduce the frequency of two settlements spawning very close to each other (note that this does not imply that settlements now spawn closer to the players).
• Removed the decorative elevation on most maps.
• Midgard should now always spawn the first group of 3 fish directly behind the player (seen from the center).
• Mediterranean should now always spawn the first group of 3 fish directly in front of the player (seen from the center).
• Frozen Wastes now properly spawns gold mines in 1v1 and teamgames alike.
• Painted Desert now properly spawns gold mines in 1v1, preventing cases where one player could end up with a majority of mines on their side.

Balance Changes:

• Egyptian - Hands of the Pharaoh upgrade now becomes available in the Archaic Age instead of the Classical Age. (undoing of a previous nerf)
• Ra - Skin of the Rhino is no longer available in the Temple. (undoing of a previous buff)
• Ptah - Wadjet's damage vs non-Atlantean Villagers is no longer reduced by 50%. (undoing of a previous nerf)
• Anubis - Feet of the Jackal's research time increased from 40s to 50s.
• Bast - Eclipse's damage bonus for Minions increased from +37% to +50%. (undoing of a previous nerf)
• Hathor - Roc's hack armor reduced from 30% to 10%.
• Thor - Dwarfen Mine's gold amounts increased: Archaic Age from 500 to 750 and Classical Age from 1000 to 1500.
• Odin - Lone Wanderer's research time increased from 25s to 35s.
• Freyja - Thundering Hooves' food cost reduced from 300 to 250.
• Forseti - Troll's movement speed increased from 3.6 to 4.0 and track rating increased from 5.0 to 10.0 (which means units with high movement speed can't dodge his rocks by running around).
• Atlantean - Fire Siphon's maximum range reduced from 13 to 11.
• Hyperion - Chaos now always converts 3 Human units instead of always 4 (undoing of a previous buff), recharge time increased from 240s to 260s.
• Hyperion - Satyr's population cost increased from 3 to 4.

Things that Previous Patches Got Wrong and Needed Fixing:

• Heimdall - When Undermine was changed to affect all buildings it was supposed to damage buildings to 50% hitpoints at full effect.
This went wrong for the longhouse resulting in longhouses taking about 50% more damage than they should have.
Now longhouses take the appropriate amount of damage which is 50% of their hitpoints at full effect.

Balance Related Bug Fixes:

• General - Town Centers under construction will now receive damage from Earthquake and Tornado.
• Egyptian - Laborers now build wall medium pieces at the same speed as other wall pieces (previously they built them a little slower).
• Anubis - Sea Snakes no longer show up as idle military, Sea Snakes can now attack all units instead of only naval units.
• Sekhmet - Slings of the Sun now properly increases the damage Slingers deal vs Hypaspists & Throwing Axemen & Axemen (+30%).
• Atlantean - Hero Citizens now get their damage bonus vs Set Animals properly applied to their ranged attack instead of their melee attack (they can't use their melee attack versus the animals thus it did nothing previously).
• Hyperion & Hekate - Chaos and Lampades Special Attack no longer work on Pegasus & Hippocampus & Raven & Oracle Scout.
• Hyperion & Hekate - Chaos and Lampades Special Attack now work on Hades Shade & Serpent & Sea Snake & Sentinel.

Bug & Consistency Error Fixes:

• General - Transport Ships can now carry Caravans.
• Ptah - Shifting Sands' visual indicator reduced from 12 to 10 range, the real range of the god power is also 10 so this is done to match the visual indication to the actual effect.
• Hathor - Locust Swarm now shows up on the minimap.
• Horus - Tornado will not longer show up for 60 seconds on the minimap as an active god power, it will now show up for 20 seconds which is its actual duration.
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