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Mangonel Range Mod

by GorLeon - 1646 downloads

Here we go. After towers, castles and town centers, let's do it with mangonels!

This mod will show the standard range of moving mangonels, onagers and siege onagers. Why moving? Because of three reasons:

1) This mod will make the entire area enclosed by the range line clickable. If this were the case for immobile mangonels/onagers, then it would be a mess to manage the units near them. But when they're moving, it shouldn't be an issue (by the way, you can always select an unit "behind" another by holding Ctrl).
2) Mangonels micro involves keeping them always moving anyway. Knowing the range of an immobile mangonel is not that useful.
3) This mod was inspired by a similar one on DE. And that one too works only with moving mangonels.


A few explanations:
- The line is so thick in order to "emulate" the blast damage. It should be even thicker to be more precise, but this should be a good compromise between precision and ugliness.
- The range line won't ever update with any tech. It'll be always the standard one only (7 tiles for mangonels, 8 tiles for onagers and siege onagers).
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